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  1. Tudders

    The City Is Theirs

    In my opinion it certainly wasn’t ‘gutless’. Tactically negative but certainly not gutless. Take Dawson for instance. Young keeper, publicly criticised recently, fans chanting for Westwood to replace him during the last match. He’s live on Sky, awful weather conditions for a keeper, added pressure of it being a Sheffield derby etc Lesser men would crumble taking into account all that. What does he do? Steps up to the plate, saves a penalty,doesn’t concede, immaculate handling of the ball, good kicking. Man of the match. Gutless? Yeah right.
  2. Tudders

    The silence from S6

    Half time on the Kop, Gangway B.....
  3. Tudders

    Westwood injured

    Are you free on Friday night??
  4. Tudders

    Adam Reach WINS

    Thought that was S Club 7?
  5. Tudders


    1. Nobody other than those very close to the club know why KW isn’t playing. Jos might want to play him but there may be other factors preventing this. Either way it’s not Dawson’s fault. 2. Have those that accuse Dawson of being a ‘flapper’ ever played in goal? Seriously, have you? It’s the hardest and most scrutinised position on the pitch. Even the great Peter Schmeichel ‘flapped’ at a few, it’s called being human and sometimes mis judging the flight of a football. It happens. Dawson’s saves and excellent handling are taken for granted by a few fans. Such a shame that in the week that we make the top 6, the knives come out for Dawson. Give the lad a bit of support.
  6. Tudders

    Forget promotion

    Looks like assbestos Fixed it for you.....
  7. Tudders

    Forget promotion

    They don’t have a better team than us. It’s been the injuries that’s decimated us.Had they had the same amount of players out injured they’d have practically been relegated. Apparently Balon D’or contender Coutts’ injury dashed their promotion hopes. Try multiplying that by about 10!
  8. Winnall and Nuhiu are two totally different players. In my opinion Nuhiu provides an equally if not more important option from the bench as he can help defend from set pieces and can provide an outlet up front if we are hanging onto a lead.
  9. Tudders


    It’s not Dawson’s fault that Westwood isn’t playing. Nobody on here knows the real reason behind why Westwood isn’t playing so give the young lad a break.
  10. Tudders


    Under huge pressure from Leeds for almost the full 90 minutes. He’s throwing himself on it to take the sting out of the game and give our lads a breather. We were clinging on, why on earth would he want to distribute the ball quickly when we were under almost constant pressure?
  11. Tudders


    I thought he did well. Yes there were occasions when he was a little indecisive but he’s a young keeper who has been thrown in to the first team. His handling was superb. The shots coming at him low are a lot more difficult to deal with than they look. I think some people take it for granted. The lads done well in my opinion. He will improve more and more with age and naturally become more commanding.
  12. Tudders

    New U - 23 recruitment policy

    Can’t we just ask Jos to sign Mark Collis, Ferrah Orosco and Nii Lamptey and play a 1-5-4 formation? Promotion guaranteed!