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  1. Here’s to you Mr Robinson...
  2. Well any low confidence that the Leeds strikers had will have been helped by that comment. Cant see what praising the opposition as individuals achieves?
  3. I was looking forward to the Spice Girls reunion.... not anymore!
  4. Parkinson is praising him as he’s more than likely interested in signing him in the summer. They lost their big target man in Madine.
  5. Preslav Borukov

    His other brother Itora is a pro wrestler in Russia, famed for his vicious streak.....
  6. Policy with Hastings!!The eye-rony!
  7. Will give you the benefit of the doubt that you genuinely were against us signing him and it’s not just hindsight. It was a lot of money, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that he was the piece of the jigsaw that would get us over the line. Looking back, yes it was a waste of money, but personally I can totally see why DC signed him and took a gamble. You dont lose his natural ability as a goalscorer. He’s been too consistent over the years. I believe it’s down to a sheer lack of confidence but he can get that back. Hopefully it’s with us.
  8. So were you against us signing him at the time?
  9. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Not a single fan claimed he was a waste of money when we signed him. But what is it with our club? Why is it only us that has such catastrophic injuries? Can turn possibly the most prolific goalscorer at this level into a player that can’t hit a barn door? Not having a kit on sale to the fans until weeks after the season has started? Its unbelievable. Genuinely unbelievable.
  10. Sean Clare

    10th Avenue?
  11. Yes and he’d pop up with a goal or two aswell.
  12. If I was 100% fit I’d walk into our side right now
  13. The biggest turning point was immediately after Fletcher scored against Huddersfield in the play off semi 2nd leg. CC went ultra defensive and invited Huddersfield on and they got a flukey scrambled goal. Had we held on, we’d have had Reading in the final and every chance of being in the Premier League right now. If that had happened, any issues at the club superseding that, would have been forgotten.
  14. Tell you who we miss

    We could do with a bit of this right now...
  15. I think it’s obvious that Jos wants us to play out from the back. The issue with Joe is that he’s a young lad, and although he’s doing what he’s told, he’s probably not got enough wool on his back to realise that sometimes you have to make the decision to go against what your manager has asked you to do and just get rid, even if it means kicking it long. All goalkeepers make errors, especially the young ones. It’s an awful place for him to make the errors as he’s under so much scrutiny. If he was in the lower leagues in a mid table team, he’d be out of the spotlight but wouldn’t learn as much as he will in the Championship. Hes shown his ability. He’s thick skinned enough to make these errors and not fall apart. I’m not sure many of us could play in goal in the Championship at a young age with the club struggling yet still carrying the same high levels expectation by large sections of the fan base. Id play Dawson next week, give Joe time out of the spotlight. He’s got a bright future in the game, no doubt about it.