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  1. Knowing us we’d end up signing Mr Sheen!......
  2. Tudders

    Matt clark

    We don’t need another keeper mate. Must be getting on a bit too....
  3. Tudders

    Brum in for Bannan?

    So you’d be blaming the ‘part timers’ if we ended up selling Bannan?
  4. Tudders

    Happy birthday Jos

    And they’d each come out one by one like Erika Eleniak in Under Siege....
  5. Tudders


    No, not hiding. He’s actually on his way back from a secret scouting expedition regarding a promising left wing back from Narnia Rovers.
  6. Just moved to Benfica from Vitoria Setubal. Maybe Freddy Venancio has recommended him?
  7. You had me at Wednesday get promoted....
  8. No way are you mates with Pele and I’m pretty sure he was on the pitch that day NOT sat on the kop......
  9. Atdhe’s barber has arrived??
  10. Tudders

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Is it a large seat?
  11. Seriously what do you get out of posting stuff like this and wasting peoples time as well as your own?
  12. Tudders

    We Are Going Up.

    I think the poor start was down to the players not being fit enough and not having a good enough preseason. I totally trust Jos to get the players in peak condition for the first game of the season. I think we will start better next season. Jos has got us playing well and has brought the best out of Atdhe-that in itself has been like signing a multi million pound forward. Add Hooper and Lee to the mix as well as a proper pre season and who knows?Think it’ll be a very tough league next season and top 2 could be very hard to come by, but I genuinely think we could make the play offs.
  13. I was puzzled by the exact same question..but then I realised I was wearing my clogs...I felt very silly!!