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  1. A cynic might think they like putting these ‘requests’ in so that if they get turned down they can play the victim card....
  2. Any reason why you’re ‘confused’ about this act of kindness Torres? I thought even you could have found it within yourself to show a bit of compassion?
  3. What’s nice is having a manager again that I feel we can trust with transfers, team selection, handling players etc the aforementioned goes a long way towards getting a side together with the right ingredients to get promoted. Once again it’ll be wide open as to who gets promoted. United showed last season it’s not about quality on paper but the right manager,the right blend of player and team spirit. I’m hoping SB can emulate that with us. He knows what’s needed.
  4. Bear-ni Carbone Marc De-Grizzly Brian Beary-Murphy Chris ‘do-bears-crapin-the’ Woods
  5. Neither has Westwood but I’d still sign him up..... I didn’t rate Palmer but he’s come on leaps and bounds. He’s a current international based on his performances over the last season. No brainer to sign him up.
  6. That would depend if he trusts that the poster had got Margot Robbie’s name the right way around??
  7. Plus he looks the wrong side of 30. Journeyman looking for a final payday....stay well clear...
  8. I seem to recall Lachmann having 3 legs...
  9. Signings like that would take some licking....
  10. Adam Matthews? Would rather we signed their Bernard!
  11. Players getting injured doesn’t mean they are on their way down though? If it was a 2 year contract or nothing, then I’d give him the 2 years he wants. How much is he going to be on?30k? That’s 1.5M in wages for the second year. I think it’s worth a 1.5M gamble incase he does manage to play games in his second year too. Even if he only played a full season of games over 2 years, I feel he’s worth the £3M outlay of wages.
  12. I can see you’re point of view, but with a keeper i just think it’s such an important position that we should try and keep hi at all costs. If we can’t we need to replace him with an experienced ,quality goalkeeper. Not sure where we’d find a replacement who’s at his level though.
  13. Westwood has been a revelation since he came back into the side. He’s showing no signs of being on the way down. A goalkeeper is a position where youth and ambition is not always the ideal combination unless they are special young keepers like Buffon,Casillas etc It’s imperative that we keep him. Two questions: Who would you bring in in his place? What makes you think he is on the way down?
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