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  1. For some reason my one overriding memory of this game was that the puddles filling the pot holes in the car park were massive!
  2. I believe you. Your username made me doubt you somewhat
  3. Not sure whether to believe you or not...?
  4. Tudders

    Adam Reach

    Don’t apologise to such pedantry
  5. Tudders

    Atdhe Nuhiu’s Vest

    Have you got a vested interest?
  6. Tudders

    New Defender?

    Would rather have their Phil
  7. Tudders

    Before the loan deadline.

    Yes! I did the same and it even shows him at home!
  8. Tudders

    Wednesday In One Word

  9. Tudders

    Something changed

    Which has been our strength for the last few years. It’s when our managers start to bottle it and resort to negativity that we start losing games.
  10. Definitely. It looked like you were getting a bit impatient with him Neil....
  11. Tudders

    Howard Wilkinson

    5 year contract minimum
  12. Tudders

    Howard Wilkinson

    Could he do a job??......