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  1. You’re obviously entitled to your opinion.Yes I’m loyal and I’m certainly a ‘glass half full’ type. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I don’t think it’s all as doom and gloom as some would believe.
  2. Only if the toilets haven’t been neglected too....
  3. Can totally see where you’re coming from but that same group of players you refer to beat Forest away convincingly, beat Leeds away, beat Brighton away,beat Brentford, battered Boro away, lost to a late goal away at WBA. We’ve thrown points away from winning positions late on in several games, had the home nightmare against Blackburn but we are STILL only 4 points off the play offs and 10 off the automatics. I’m not saying for a minute we’ll get promoted automatically but the play offs are a realistic possibility IF we can get a grip on the mental side of the game.
  4. I agree mate. I don’t think we would be consistent enough to win 3 games in a row to get through the play offs at a canter. We’d have to hope for a Forest or Leeds away performance and hope it’s enough to get us through the likely poor performance in the home fixture. Then hope the ‘good’ Wednesday turns up for the final!!
  5. If you look at the starting 11 I’m not sure I can say that any of them don’t show the right levels of attitude or determination: Dawson-Owl through and through. Been brilliant. Fox- Dont think anyone can doubt the way he’s progressed. Lesser men would have crumbled under all the stick he’s had. Iorfa- Been excellent. Full blooded displays. Borner- Great signing, always looks to give 100% I can go through the team and the above would near enough relate to every player. Certainly not a team lacking effort and commitment. Lacking mental strength maybe, lacking consistency maybe, but nothing that I think can be solved by ‘double training sessions’ and having it ‘beasted’ out of them.
  6. We were awful on Saturday against Blackburn. We went down to 10 men and Blackburn took full advantage. How many times does a team go down to 10 men and the other team don’t take advantage? We were unfortunate with the ball hitting the post and rebounding in off Dawson’s head. How many times does that happen?It seemed like the ‘perfect storm’. Only a week previously we had beaten Leeds away having kept a clean sheet, made it even more frustrating as we know this team has it in them to beat anyone in the league on their day. If you cast your minds back to Forest away, by half time Rhodes had scored a hat trick for the first time in years and we were cruising at 4-0. Forest fans were leaving in droves and likely writing their team off of any chance of the play offs. Look at them now though, a couple of wins and they’re back amongst it. The memory of our victory likely in the shadows. We need to remember that whether you lose by a 90th minute goal or get battered 5-0, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, you still get 0 points, just as a scrappy 1-0 win only gets you 3 points the same as a resounding win. Ok I get the goal difference aspect but it’s rare that comes into play. If Wednesday can bounce back with a couple of wins then we can be right back in the mix. The Blackburn memories will fade like Forests have of their defeat to us. Hopefully GM can focus the lads, put last weekends result behind us and get the best out of us for the forthcoming games. Anyone really can beat anyone in this league-and they do- who’d have backed Stoke winning at WBA last night? It’s about finding that little burst of consistency-teams in this league will only ever string together 3-4 victories at most due to how tight this league is- and remaining balanced both in victory and defeat. Youll always lose games in this division, it’s how you bounce back that matters.
  7. After all the fallout from the Blackburn match, you just know we’ll win at QPR!!
  8. I agree with your mentality but it’s all about hindsight. To sell a player at the top of the game is a gamble as you don’t know if the replacement-if you can find one-will fit in and be equally as good as the player you’re selling. It also sends out the wrong message to a team striving to progress. If Bannan left today how would we feel?Would we be comforted that he’s at the top of his game? I wouldn’t. I’d want him here at Wednesday,with us benefiting from a peak performing BB. If we had a crystal ball and could see that in a couple of weeks he’d be injured or suffer a massive decline in ability then I’m sure we’d be happy enough to sell, but without the benefit of hindsight selling your top players, when you’re pushing for promotion, isn’t the way forward in my opinion. Had we sold FF when the alleged £10M bids were coming in people would have been severely upset, it would have also weakened us considerably, but with hindsight i don’t think there’s a single fan that wouldn’t have sold him even for £5M looking back. Every fan would no doubt have offloaded Fox for £200k 18 months ago, without the benefit of hindsight. Football is so unpredictable. That’s one of its charms.
  9. This FFP is a load of rubbish. I understand clubs not being able to spend beyond their means and risk bankruptcy etc but when the cash is there it should be allowed to be spent. So irritating that for years we had no cash,now we’ve got it, we can’t spend it!! When Blackburn won the Premier League in the 90s, they had gates averaging 17k supporters a week and Jack Walker bank rolling them. They’d have had no chance in the current climate. If an owner wants to spend their own cash they should just be allowed to do it. Football has never been ‘fair’ and never will be. It’s the nature of the beast.
  10. Get another one in to be our 6th winger. Even.
  11. From the fans to the players, I’ve never known a football club with such an entitled, ungracious in defeat, bitter mentality. The fact that the players are showing such lack of professionalism, especially to fellow pro’s is embarrassing. Philips was at it and now White has joined in. I think Leeds are despised as much as they are, not because there’s a rivalry, or because it’s a ‘derby’ but because everyone likes getting one over on that shower. If they had half a brain cell they’d be gracious in defeat and refrain from criticising fellow pro’s as they just make the job harder for themselves as everyone wants to beat them.
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