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  1. FM21? Wait til you try and get him to invest in the youth team!
  2. DC isn’t a seller. His first reaction to getting relegated will obviously be getting promoted at the first time of asking. To do that you need Bannan playing regularly. I’m sure there’d be plenty of suitors at 4-5M. Getting promoted would be worth almost double that. I think DC will hold on to him and go for busy getting promoted and risk losing him for nothing at the end of the season. If I were DC I’d do the same.
  3. Does anyone know who scored for the under 18’s against Bristol City?
  4. My personal opinion is that if you understand football, Bannan’s quality and importance is undeniable. Those same fans who don’t appreciate Bannan, wanted shut of Atdhe too. Unbelievable. I’d have them both in a top 6 championship side- never mind the fact we are literally on the brink of League One.
  5. His creativity and control of the tempo in midfield justifies him a place in any midfield in this division.
  6. Exactly. He’s on a different level to most of the others. He constantly wants-and gets- the ball. The law of averages means he gives it away more. But his threaded through balls and the way he switches play, his intelligence, is outstanding.
  7. Genuinely not sure if you’re being serious or not??
  8. Were you watching a different game to me?Bannan was superb, his passing, invention, wanting the ball, he was our only outlet. He’s like that almost every week. He walks into any midfield in this division. Not sure what more you- or anyone who doesn’t rate him on tonight’s performance- want in a championship midfielder? Maybe the same fans who wanted Nuhiu out. My god we’ve missed him and he’d have certainly bagged tonight.
  9. How much did united’s squad cost the year they went up from league one? Not a lot I’m guessing? It’s do-able. Need the right recruiting method though or you end up with journeymen who are on the decline.
  10. The positive from all that is that there ARE decent players about for next to nothing. Look at United, every player they signed was a ‘nobody’. They got the chemistry right and look what happened. They’ve been found out now, but they reached the PL. It’s the recruitment and right manager. I don’t trust DC to put both in place. It can be done though but fear we need either a total shift in approach by DC or a new Chairman.
  11. As fed up as I am with the state of the club, the manner of defeat today, that comment couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the best midfielders in the league. Stats to prove it. Plain obvious to me even without them though.
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