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  1. Completely agree with you. Never known a player split the fan base so much. A lot judge him because he looks like a big lump and looks clumsy. They don’t seem to be able to see past that. He’s a far better footballer than a lot give him credit for. Not offering him a new contract would be a big mistake in my opinion. Who could we get to replace him?what he offers? I can’t think of a realistic replacement. He’d have put away the chance that Da Cruz missed in the first half and likely the Murphy chance. I’m sure Monk will realise the importance of Nuhiu and offer him a new contract. Just hope he doesn’t get offered better elsewhere and we end up losing him like with Fletcher.
  2. Pains me to say it but that lot over at S2 know how to find them...
  3. Us long suffering Wednesday-ites streaming out of the ground at half time wearing that sponsor would be ironic!! 😆Nice shirt design 👍🏻
  4. Spilled your coffee?? I’ve just choked on my Pharaoh Rocher!!
  5. You judge a keeper by their ability, not by how many they concede. Conceding goals isn’t just down to the keeper.
  6. I agree he shouldn’t have said anything, but maybe he was thinking that the players who believed they were the ones not getting a new contract at the end of the season would shake themselves and put the effort in to get that new contract?If it was me personally itd spur me on. I guess not all personalities are the same though and a few have effectively downed tools.
  7. Any manager would know that the two goalkeepers in the pecking order at Hillsborough are Westwood and Dawson. The only deciding factor would be in which order. If Westwood has been fit for the last few weeks why hasn’t he been named as a sub on the bench? In my opinion that’s simply down to 2 things-either because Westwood has refused to sit on the bench or that Monk suddenly said to Westwood ‘you know what, I can’t see you playing for Wednesday again so I’m not going to even put you on the bench’. I can’t think for a second why Monk would do that? My hunch is that Westwood knows he isn’t getting his contract renewed and doesn’t fancy sitting on the bench. I can’t for the life of me think that Westwood is available to be selected as a substitute but Monk picks Wildsmith ahead of him. Its such a shame as I’m a massive fan of Westwood the goalkeeper. I don’t know him as a person, but as a goalkeeper he’s been excellent, even into this season. Yes he made a few errors and it was right to give Dawson a crack, but now that Dawson has had his dicey spell, it’s a shame that Westwood can’t again come back into the side.
  8. We’ve made mistakes throughout but in those first couple of years we’ve been so close. It papered over a lot of cracks off the field and for us supporters it’s what’s happening on the pitch that really matters. For a gambler, one result letting you down on a big acca is motivation to keep throwing money at it. That’s what he’s been doing since coming so close the first two years. I think we are coming to the a crossroads now with DC. The FFP decision will be the deciding factor in whether he carries on or not. If we lose, I think that DC will find that although he has the money, he can’t buy his way to promotion. Finding the perfect balance to achieve promotion under the constraints of FFP is tough. United found the perfect equilibrium in Wilder. Nobody could have foreseen what he would achieve on so little. Trouble is there aren’t many Wilder’s about. DC is a multi millionaire and in any other walk of life he gets what he wants and he knows that money =progress. Unfortunately for us and him, being in the EFL is one of the only places that isn’t the case.
  9. And we were all happy for him to buy a lottery ticket. But now his numbers didn’t come in, some are on the moral high ground trying to tell him that gambling’s for mugs. ( It is but you know what I mean)
  10. The mistake Carlos made was sitting back against Huddersfield when we went a goal up after 70 mins or whatever it was. I genuinely think that if he hadn’t sat back and invited Huddersfield on, they wouldn’t have scored that scrappy goal and we’d have beaten Reading in the final.
  11. I didn’t hear anyone complain about signing Rhodes at the time. The vast majority were happy and thinking his goals would take us over the line and get us promoted. Lots of people can cast criticism with hindsight, but had we got promoted then Rhodes would have been classed as a ‘shrewd’ £10M spent considering the rewards of the Premier League, the issues with ticket prices, kit being delayed etc etc would all have been forgotten. DC gambled and it didn’t pay off. Simple as that in my eyes.
  12. DC probably thought he’d sacked Monk 6 weeks ago after the Blackburn defeat?!!
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