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  1. Unfortunately my solar-powered money machine is broken.....
  2. Outstanding. Needs a new contract. And those pigs go on about how good Henderson is....
  3. Definite summer signing that lad. We should bring in French talent Filipe Filop to play alongside him.
  4. Our players won’t go out to lose the game deliberately. They don’t have a hatred of United like the fans. They’re professionals and will do their best to win the game. From a fans perspective,of course I want us to win every match, however if by beating or drawing with Leeds it means it enables United to go up, get the £150-200M cash boost, which could see them have the power balance for several years-then I’d take the defeat. Some will say that I can’t be a ‘Truefan’ because I would be happy with us to lose a game, but it’s because I care so much about the club that I’d take short term pain for long term gain.
  5. I thought Aaron’s was our only creative spark. I thought his pace and delivery was threatening in both halves, not just the second half.
  6. I can see why DC went for Jos, he had a history of getting teams promoted from the second division to the top division. Obviously it didn’t work out. Thankfully DC got rid and has now gone with a proven Championship manager in Bruce. Like a breath of fresh air since he came in. Finally a manager who seems to realise what our strengths and weaknesses are and addressing them accordingly.
  7. How do you mean it’s not like him to stretch the truth a little?
  8. Im sure Kyle McFazdean left United and played for Frecheville in the Meadowhall League for a bit before signing for Crawley and then Burton?
  9. They won’t go up. They’ll make the play offs but lose in the semis. Wilder will leave. Downward spiral will commence. Mark my words.
  10. Hope and belief is great, don’t get me wrong, but as long as failing to achieve the play offs doesn’t constitute failure in some supporters eyes. I’d love us to put a run together and make it, but I’d see it as a huge bonus rather than expectation.
  11. Steve Bruce coming in has been like a breath of fresh air. I completely trust him to do what’s in the best interest of the club. This summer will see us shed a lot of the dead wood which has been holding us back and restricting us financially for a long time, without getting anything in return. It will be then that Bruce can start making his mark and hopefully bring some new players in. To mould the squad into a group of players that he’s happy with will take time. Everyone seems to have felt the ‘Bruce Effect’ which is great, however this has fuelled some over ambitious targets. By this I mean mention of the play offs is,in my opinion, is a step too far. Although the number of points behind 6th place isn’t that many, there’s too many teams between us and the play off spots in my opinion, for us to mount a serious challenge. If as a fan base we build up the expectations, fuelled by the new found feel good factor, we could have egg on our faces. What I really don’t want is for us to miss out on the play offs, despite making improvements on the pitch, and there be a sense of disappointment and negativity due to missing out on an unrealistic target. We just need to enjoy the fact that Bruce has come in, and DC-who has got the best interest of the club at heart-has hopefully learned from mistakes previously made, Bruce can get now get on with shaping and building this squad as he deems fit.He knows what it takes to achieve promotion. We just need to keep our feet on the ground,remain patient and let things unfold. We are heading in the right direction.
  12. Complete non event. Yes he can run, but so can a lot of folk. Offers nothing.
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