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  1. Via Google Translate: LUMP ON ROWETT
  2. I think for two reasons. Firstly they were in the ascendency, they’d had a few good chances and were building up some momentum. Taking time with his kicks helps to disrupt that momentum. Secondly, we always seem better kicking towards the Kop. I think he was happy to take as long as it took in that first half kicking towards the Leppings Lane end. Once the second half started he sped up.
  3. He has that effect on me too
  4. Speak for yourself mate, I had a torrid time in the 90s- For some reason I used to get pissed then ring up and buy loads of computer parts that I didn’t need, and to make matters worse I used to film myself doing it!!
  5. Our soon to be announced shirt sponsor, done deal apparently....
  6. How do you know this? What do you mean by this?
  7. Why would they have a ‘chip on their shoulders from previous failures’ when a lot of them were still at school when the disaster and Orgreave happened?
  8. I agree. It wouldn’t be different for any other Championship ground. The difference is SYP asked for the report. No other forces have. Why was it asked for? Because of the extra scrutiny of the disaster.
  9. I agree. I think it needs a ground move and an amalgamation of Police Forces to create a Yorkshire Force to escape being judged on incidents of yesteryear.
  10. SYP sought advice and a review from a leading football match safety planner. Since receiving the findings/advice from the expert, they had to adhere to what the expert said. If they didn’t adhere to it and anything went wrong, they’d no doubt be up for the high jump. Nothing to do with not being able to Police derbies. Again i believe its the long shadow of the disaster which made SYP go to the lengths of contacting an expert on these matters. Had they been another force I don’t think they would have done so.
  11. Out of interest what incompetence continues to this day? Theres still a huge amount of bad feeling about from those connected to the Miners at Orgreave. They’ve grown up with a deep rooted hatred of SYP instilled from their forefathers. I think a lot of that clouds the judgement of SYP today.
  12. There are two stains. One on SWFC and one on SYP. I think if any name needs changing it should be ‘SYP’. Just the mention of those three letters provokes an inner response from anyone hearing them. A lot of which is rooted from 30 years ago-The Hillsborough Disaster, Orgreave etc There will have been people at fault from all groups involved, be them employees of SWFC, some of the supporters at the ground, the miners at Orgreave, Police Officers etc A line needs drawing under those unfortunate events from such a long time ago, but until the name of the force is changed, and the name of the ground, both will forever be linked to the disaster and extra scrutiny-sometimes maybe unnecessary and unfair- will be the result until those names change.
  13. You say SWFC fans shouldn’t still suffer from it? Totally agree. On the flip side though why should SYP still be judged from something that happened 30 years ago? The employees are totally different at both SWFC and SYP from the time of the disaster. There were several factors that contributed to the deaths of the innocent 96 supporters RIP. All I can say is that whether it be the SWFC heirarchy at the time, the Police commanders etc I’m sure not one of them went to work that day with the intention of anyone getting injured, never mind killed. If it happened, the alleged changing of statements was wrong and illegal.Those responsible should face repercussions. It was 30 years ago and as I said, the club and SYP have totally different personnel today. So why should either SWFC or SYP continue to be vilified? What you say about it being wrong that SWFC are still suffering, should be the same for SYP also. The world has changed immeasurably from 30 years ago. Not only in Health and Safety, but in policing and everything else. The fall out of this being huge amounts of red tape. Is it over zealous? Yes I believe it is. But it’s because the powers that be are wanting to avoid a repeat of the disaster.
  14. Been having a think about this.. A lot of anti-SYP/SAG posting of late. I take it that it’s in relation to the closure of the Leppings Lane entrance/exits for Home fans on Saturday? Am I right in thinking that SYP admitted to making mistakes during the derby last season? In order to truly learn from this and move forward, they get an independent person who is an expert in match day crowd management to conduct a report. The expert delivers his findings which SYP pass on to SAG and SWFC. Surely this is showing SYP as taking positive action to learn from mistakes and improve upon Policing matches in future? Shouldn’t this be welcomed rather than criticised? Once the report was received from the expert,If they had gone against or ignored the recommendations of the expert wouldn’t that have left them wide open? What evidence do you have that SYP don’t want us around any more? Genuinely interested in people’s views on this? Does it have substance or is it just that some find it enjoyable to criticise SYP?
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