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  1. Tudders

    John Marquis

    He’s a good player. Would be very happy if we signed him. Right age, ability. It’s the likes of him we need to take a gamble on.
  2. Tudders

    No one coming in....

    It’s legit. He’s at Montys Motors. No players names on the cars=No incomings
  3. Tudders


    I used to have a dog called Minton. Every time he was naughty I’d shout “bad Minton, bad Minton....”
  4. I heard a rumour that Robert De Niro’s waiting...
  5. Tudders

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    I agree unfortunately......
  6. Tudders

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    I think United are that worried about their fans not taking to him after the Sharp video and his Owls past, that they are doing all they can to get fans onside.
  7. Tudders

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Is it me, or do the Star seem to be trying to put massive spin on the Madine to United transfer? Making out that Madine wanted to play for United while he was still an Owl, Owls fans so disgusted by Madine’s ‘defection’ in choosing to go on loan to United,that they burn his shirt etc I personally don’t know any Owls fans who are even the slightest bit angry!! It’s funny more than anything! Its as though United have spoken to The Star and asked them to assist with pro Madine propaganda.
  8. Tudders

    Imre Varadi

    Barl Cradshaw
  9. Exactly!!! I’m quite enjoying this current continuum of ours!
  10. If we had won on Saturday, the time/space continuum would have been different,so we more likely than not, wouldn’t have drawn Chelsea. Could have ended up with Swansea away or something!!
  11. If that was the case, and SYP made a profit from policing the Derby, wouldn’t SYP want it kept on a Friday or Saturday to ensure more officers were required to make more ‘profit’? Can’t see that being the case.
  12. I agree with what you’re saying. If there were more officers ie if the government hadn’t cut Police numbers and budgets, then there would be more officers to cover Sheffield, thus meaning that there would be enough officers to work the match, and the aftermath in town and the general Policing the following day. That way Steel city football fans would get the game Policed and Joe Public would get the policing resilience in the hours after the Derby policing has finished. Everyone would be happy. As it is now, even if the club said that they would happily fund every officer SYP could muster and deemed required for a Steel City Derby, it would leave the force even shorter than usual the next day. Playing it on a Monday make sense from a Policing perspective, i think it affects it from an atmospheric perspective as Friday and Saturday matches seem to have more of a buzz about them as the majority of fans don’t have to work the next day etc
  13. It all boils down to money and money talks. If the government hadn’t cut Police budgets and numbers I’m sure it could remain on a Friday night or a Saturday. The issue is that if a large percentage of officers have their shifts swapped to work the match and then be kept on to cover the city centre where there are inevitable issues after a Sheffield Derby plus the usual Friday/Saturday night economy, then it has a huge impact on day to day Policing as the officers working the football aren’t then available for the next day. A Monday night game means that the least possible number of officers can be used, thus ensuring the rest of Sheffield can be policed as fully as possible in the 24 hours after the match. In my opinion it’s just simple facts. I’m sure it’s not SYP being ‘awkward’. It’s all about teeming and ladelling a limited number of officers to cover Sheffield and to ensure the tax payer gets as much value out of the police as possible. Im sure if SYP said the game could go ahead on a Friday or Saturday utilising a large percentage of officers in Sheffield, and people were victims of crime in the 24 hours following the game and there was a lack of police response, then they would be criticised. No win scenario for SYP in my opinion. Less officers, less money, less policing coverage. Simple as that.
  14. Deals may be done at CEO level, however you’re going to meet your potential manager before agreeing a deal and if I had Jos or Bruce trying to convince me to play for them, I know who I’d choose to play under.