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  1. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision. At the time Jonk was one of the best midfielders in the world. Playing regularly for a good Holland side. Comes to Wednesday, becomes a different player. Klas Ingesson, very good international midfielder for Sweden, had a brilliant World Cup (94?) that we signed him off the back of. Comes to Wednesday, becomes a different player. Same can be said about Jordan Rhodes, scored consistently and prolifically at every club he’s played at. The player to offer the goals to push us over the line. Comes to Wednesday, becomes a different
  2. Correction.... he USED to know how to get them riled up for a derby match. He’s lost his spark and can’t get them riled up for ANY match anymore!! They relied on Wilders man management and drive to make up for lack of ability but Wilders magic is spent. They’re now being exposed for the poor footballers that they are. I’m enjoying their downfall. The downfall that they always set themselves up for because of their bitter, little brother past. Cast your mind back....5 points clear and two games in hand, a derby they could afford to lose they said. We beat them to
  3. This evening John Pearson has Tweeted a drawing he received of Hillsborough by a young owls fan called Niall. Niall is an avid Owl and is part of the GB special olympics team. If you get a moment to pop onto Twitter and give it a ‘like’ im sure it would mean the world to Niall.
  4. We should have been in for Neil Etheridge who went from Cardiff to Brum. Experienced international keeper. Exactly the keeper we need.
  5. I think they’d bulk at the thought of that idea.....
  6. So we offered him a new contract on equal or better terms and he turned it down?
  7. It makes it all the more unbelievable that we let Nuhiu leave. I’m a big fan of Atdhe’s and in my opinion there’s no way he should have been allowed to leave, but when you’re down to the bare bones, it’s ridiculous.
  8. Completely agree with you. Never known a player split the fan base so much. A lot judge him because he looks like a big lump and looks clumsy. They don’t seem to be able to see past that. He’s a far better footballer than a lot give him credit for. Not offering him a new contract would be a big mistake in my opinion. Who could we get to replace him?what he offers? I can’t think of a realistic replacement. He’d have put away the chance that Da Cruz missed in the first half and likely the Murphy chance. I’m sure Monk will realise the
  9. Pains me to say it but that lot over at S2 know how to find them...
  10. Us long suffering Wednesday-ites streaming out of the ground at half time wearing that sponsor would be ironic!! Nice shirt design
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