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  1. Once had a chat with him when he was Chris Turners assistant, says he got Wednesdays kop roof built, to protect the public on Penistone road.
  2. No trains south of Birmingham until further notice. Currently on Cross Country website as of 5.00am we were booked on 6.50 as well. Decided not to bother
  3. Bit risky, possible SKY game could be Friday night or Sunday lunch
  4. EFL Clubs collectively agree format changes to the Checkatrade Trophy for 2017/18 and 2018/19 League One and League Two clubs have overwhelmingly supported proposals to allow the continued involvement of 16 invited sides in the Checkatrade Trophy. At the outset of the Checkatrade Trophy trial last summer, the EFL committed to giving its Clubs the opportunity to determine the competition’s future format and, following a period of consultation in April, League One and League Two representatives met to share views. During this meeting Clubs were presented with a review of
  5. The bar is right at the Leppings Lane end of the stand. The owner of Chantrey Brewery was there, said they were opening a real ale bar in one of sponsor lounges hopefully for the next Saturday home match, would accommodate approx. 70 people
  6. Real Ale on the North Stand brewed by Chantry Brewery had a Pale Ale and at £3.50 for the pint, it was very good
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