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  1. So far I think there's two sides to it. The players heads haven't dropped after going a goal down or making a mistake...there hasn't been that negativity from the stands. "Garbage Wednesday, come an sit up eer wi me" etc. On the other hand I think the team have missed that feeling of the Kop 'sucking' the ball in. That roar that goes up when we put pressure on, win a corner etc.
  2. Yeah...you can see how that evolved eventually into 442.
  3. Not that it matters at all but this is the traditional way.... 1. 2. 5. 6. 3. 7. 4. 8. 11. 9. 10. Anyway no one really cares these days.
  4. It's one way for Abdi to earn his wage. Who's with him?
  5. No wonder we got a clean sheet. We had plenty of defenders in the box
  6. He just put on instagram a picture of a pack of beer left on his door step by a neighbour with a note saying 'you bossed it'. Nice touch
  7. Wednesday will cost Wednesday a playoff place. Play well enough and it doesn't matter what Derby do.
  8. He does look like his legs have gone. He looks stiff....almost wooden in his movement.
  9. Imagine if that'd have mattered....
  10. I have to admit I'm sad enough to be happy that Wildsmith isn't 2 any more. Surprised Bannan isn't his usual 41
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