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  1. Coverage on Radio Porcine has gone to sh*t. Today needs to f*** off.
  2. For their second goal, he took about five seconds to actually say they'd scored. Utterly woeful for a radio commentator.
  3. Seems kind of unimportant now, but how long did it take that absolute f***cking jebend commentating on ifollow to say what had actually f***cking happened? Useless tw***t. Season over but Villa have been flattered by that score.
  4. Chris Turner sounds like the tortoise off Pipkins (a cracking cultural reference for anybody over 50!)
  7. I remember Bruce being in charge of Brum for a pre-season friendly at S6. The ground was like a library and somebody in the South shouted, clear as a bell, "Get back in yer technical area, you ugly c**t!" Happy days!
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