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  1. Is it possible for Wycombe and Sunderland to get battered in the final?
  2. I'm relatively happy, considering we were utter garbage for the bulk of the match. They only managed a gifted goal and we were forcing the issue in the last 20-25 mins. They're certainly beatable at S6.
  3. He reminds me of the resident bore at every music venue, who insists on talking to the sound engineer when he's trying to do his job. That or Les McQueen from Creme Brulee.
  4. Hopefully the ref's car is unrecognisable by now.
  5. I don't hate the players particularly. It's Ainsworth that's telling them to do it. Cheating b*stard.
  6. And nobody else has missed a chance today?
  7. No positives? He's one of our top scorers. Is that any good?
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