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  1. 2 available can no longer go due to work , pm if interested to arrange
  2. 1 Leeds available due to work commitments , face value
  3. Got 1 adult ticket available at face value . Pick up from Sheffield or can meet at ground. PM to arrange
  4. Done very well last few games. Tonight he he was poor in patches. Going to to get that with young lads getting into the 1st team unless there world class
  5. Disagree if anything at 2-0 up it was looking like we was going to get a 3rd. Once they get the goal back with 4mins left we should manage the game. Penney could have took it in the corner and tried running the clock down however when he gets in the box he should do better and pick someone out. Joey should then take a booking on the half way line there players did it 3 or 4 times with FF and jaou
  6. Did excellent to get his self in that position , was poor once he was through , from where I was looked like he could have gone round the keeper or lifted it over the keeper. Absolute pleasure to watch at times reminds me of Carlos teves
  7. Looked like he was sulking when he came on not adthe’s biggest fan but it showed when he went off tonight .
  8. Played well tonight , should have clipped the kids legs and took a booking though known as a good foul
  9. Ive played all my life too including wednesdays youth team and reserve team in mid 2000s and played semi pro for 10 year. This game is about opinions and I disagree massively with you. Reach is a very good championship player who would Walk into most championship sides. At this level his ability is unquestionable. Tbh the last couple of games I’ve seen apart from tonight he’s been poor by his standards but he’s a very good player at this level. Them goals though , wow
  10. Let me put my two penneth in about our academy. I have witnessed for years the academy set up personally. The reason for which everyone says that leeds or the grunters get all the best local players is simple. They dont. It is how the kids are coached right from u8 to u18. Take a look at footage from u18 games against teams like man utd and compare the style of play in which they play. I know people are going to say 'yeah but thats man u' but take a look at lesser teams suck as crewe , leeds, and southampton. Southampton are forever producing tidy footballers that are worth a few bob. Maybe if we took kids at young age and they were coached properly and encouraged to pass the ball around to each other instead of been encouraged to play the balls from back to front into the corners, have the striker chase it down and win a throw in up the pitch, then the players we prodce would not all be 6ft plus centre halfs who can head it and kick it. It seems to me also that any kid with abit of flair and skill is dismissed at a younger age by our academy maybe because hes smaller and not as strong. Almost frowned upon even. Coaches would rather push forward the bigger players who have matured quicker because they fit into the style of play of percentage football. So then the better gifted footballers leave n get signed for another academy. Then what happens when these kids are developed and just as strong as the percentage footballers but can also move the ball around better. It all boils down to one thing at the end of the day. A lack of adequate coaches from u8 right to the u18s. Our academy is coached the whole way through by coaches who wouldn't know a decent footballer if he walked up and smacked him in nose. The only way to change this is a long process, clear all the coaches out and find ones that know the game and encourage it to be played properly. Maybe then our kids might stand a chance of been able to carve themself a decent career out of the game instead of just making the numbers up in the academy league. Maybe the reason why utds kid and ours played the same alfreton side and our got thumped and utds didnt is because utd play better football. If utd played rubbish football and turned the game into more of a physical battle like ours play football theyd have been smashed aswell. My personal opinion of the academy is it needs a complete clearout of the coaching staff and needs higher quality coaches brought in. If there isnt enough funding for this then it might aswell be scrapped because all we will be doing is putting out a side in the academy league to make the numbers up. Maybe producing one centre half everyother year. And for all the people saying it was a complete mismatch is been too nice. Yes it was men against boys but come on 14-0. If an academy side played there own first team you wouldnt expect it to be 14-0.
  11. the problem with our academy is the way the lads are coached. the talents there then there coached in all the wrong ways. Look at how many of the players produced are attacking players! Fact is swfc football club take a shine to 6 foot 3 centre halfs who can head it far and kick it long. take a look at other academey side for example southampton.... They are coached to pass the ball around from the back into midfield, out wide, into strikers feet with freedom to expresss themselves where as our academy are coached to put it into channels for strikers to chase and win throw ins in oppenents half. How can people expect to produce the next rooney or ronaldo when the ball players are constantly watching the ball in the air bypassing them . Fact is our academy is coached in a robotic way by coaches who wouldnt know a footballer is he walked up and smacked them in the nose.
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