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  1. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    I have Torguard - it worked intermittently in random locations. But some were very poor quality. We need to find a way to beat this!
  2. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    So it does :)
  3. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    What changed? It’s worked all season and now it doesn’t.. Seems odd
  4. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    They know you are using a VPN? Where did it say that?
  5. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Is this being shown live anywhere?
  6. ChichesterOwl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    My app doesn’t have a subscription or anything... The app oops different and I can’t sign in or out!??
  7. ChichesterOwl

    FA Cup Replays on TV

    Amazing! Wigan have pulled it off. Looks like we will get our slot on TV :)
  8. ChichesterOwl

    Sean Clare first league start

    He was excellent - physical, calm and composed with an edge of quality.. Where have they been hiding him??
  9. ChichesterOwl

    Over To You Mr Chansiri

    If we don’t do something soon we could end up in a real relegation battle after Christmas. We have been dog bad against the worst teams this league has to offer, and we have to play the best teams in our league in the next month. I’ve supported and hoped that Carlos can pull it around, I have no faith anymore.
  10. ChichesterOwl

    We want the same things

    I thought it looked pretty genuine. They are footballers, not actors.. I think getting a group together like this was never going to come together like Saturday night live. They all admit it’s not easy and Barry Bannan in particular looks keen to show they haven’t always been at their best and they understand the fans feelings.
  11. ChichesterOwl

    iFollow match day commentary

    Lol, I know it can be fiddly. Follow the instructions on the video if you can. It's step by step. I live in chichester and and from the UK. I'm sacking Sky off, it's too expensive just to watch the Massive :)
  12. ChichesterOwl

    iFollow match day commentary

    I had the normal sub then I used the below Torguard VPN,setup a basic account worth about 7.99 dollars a month and downloaded the app to my account phone. https://torguard.net/aff.php?aff=986 Then, I chose the country of origin that I required, in this case Australia. This video explains exactly what VPN is and how to set it up for your phone/tablet/laptop. https://youtu.be/hv4R7bd3Heo Once it's setup you keep it active and can view the out of region subs, in my case an Australian yearly pass of 180 (£112) dingo dollars which I purchased. This then gave me full access to all games. It is purely a stream right now, and the camera is shakey.. but if you can't get to games it's a great way to support the club and keep up. Hope that helps.
  13. ChichesterOwl

    iFollow match day commentary

    That's a shame, it would make the game much better to watch. We can all subscribe with a VPN like Torguard. If you can't make the games I would recommend it.
  14. ChichesterOwl

    iFollow match day commentary

    Is that commentary on the video feed?
  15. ChichesterOwl

    iFollow SWFC Annual pass.

    Just use the VPN I recommended, use a fresh email and cancel existing account. They will refund anything you paid (if you paid monthly). Once you have a VPN you can see the foreign iFollow subs and can add those to your account, then use the VPN whenever logging into the app.