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  1. Hes Goal for the win. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/38905/Sheffield_Wednesday_vs_Preston.html
  2. Everytime they play on BEIN they block the VPN for iFollow. Its showing on Hesgoal. Great HD feed. http://www.hesgoal.com/
  3. Neon, as you are actually abroad could you ask iFolkow why you can’t watch? Might actually confirm if it’s just being shown on TV in another region. I seem to remember this happening with Villa last year
  4. Yes. Last season. Half way through they updated and blocked a load of VPN providers. Some still worked, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they waited for us all to sign up then block us
  5. Yes, same! Is it blocked as it’s live somewhere else? Or have they cracked down on VPN again?
  6. All the kids were excellent. Solid throughout. Thorniley looked so comfortable and Penney was very composed, quick and skilful. Just shows, round pegs and round holes! Shame preston came off, he ran himself ragged and didn’t really lose the ball. Very positive all in all.
  7. We looked the same, wing backs left so much space behind and they were just running behind them. Lees looked knackered and our front 3 looked way too far apart. Nuhui looked very sluggish as well, unusual for him. Nobody except our keeper really played well
  8. He’s silent, no emotion.. No coaching, nothing. Clearly we can’t play that formation, yet he persists! He’s making us look a lot worse than we are. It’s not all the players fault.
  9. Thorniley and Baker played very well today, why they didn’t start before is another Jos fault. Both look much more capable and solid than anyone else if he persists with wing backs. Pelupessy is that too small/light weight, have to have a physical midfielder there or teams just trounce and over power us.
  10. As it was last week, the tactics and player choices makes no sense. Jos doesn’t seem to have clue right now.. he did better when we had no players!
  11. It is a VPN thing, mine works. PM me if you want know which one. They seem to get shut down when large groups use them and clear they have been on our forum and banned the IP’s.
  12. Nice one! Clear from that there is a lot of work to be done. Our defending at times was poor, wing backs letting everything through.. If they could finish it would have been about 7-1
  13. I have Torguard - it worked intermittently in random locations. But some were very poor quality. We need to find a way to beat this!
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