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  1. Please excuse my ignorance ,i didnt realise that,who are they ?
  2. Or -IF you break a certain law it will happen but if you dont,it wont .Thats completely different! DUH.
  3. Perhaps because if he said nothing to worry about,will be paid on time etc he,d be called a liar ? Its not an official sanction untill or unless its activated.Dont worry about it .it wont happen.
  4. Oh come on,would anybody connected with the club think it necessary or adviseable to comment on such nonsense.
  5. Dont know if its true but someone told me that little winger is a first team player now and another Jimmy Johnstone ? and the 1 who scored the 3rd goal was their record signing ?eduardo.
  6. sorry i was thinking most on here were adults.Sorry,my mistake.
  7. Wouldnt say that exactly but we certainly have had worse.
  8. I take it that you are not actually aware of the rule/law.
  9. Didnt know there was such a rule/law.Can you advise me where to find it please?
  10. Oh i didnt realise we cheated. What rule/law did we break?
  11. To be fair why would anyone listen to a failed manager albeit 1 of the best players ive ever seen at Hillsborough who has never run a football club and for monetary reasons gives extremely critical opinions and interviews about our club. Never heard a word from him in Chansiris first 2 years did we?
  12. To be fair most of us are glad we didnt give in to hirst and clare extortionate demands arent we? Lets see what shaw and urhoghide turn out like .
  13. its just trying to find a club that is paying wages in full and promptly .Many arent apparently
  14. a) in what way? b)if you mean due to investing too much money ,you are correct c) never heard him although seems a good bloke to have as an owner if youre not too bothered about building a successful club
  15. Dont think your 3rd para is true at all.Wasnt it about 50% vote for him to quit?
  16. Yes balderdash--What then if they fail fitness test,what will they do,dismiss owners,put club up for sale?put it into liquidation.
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