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  1. pioowl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Absolute rubbish.Don't think they had a choice.I was told they did vote against the sky deal though.
  2. That's a disgraceful comment,and totally untrue.If I were Chansiri I would sue you .
  3. I understand that perfectly.Why are there so many dimwits on here?
  4. pioowl

    Half season tickets

    You think its a disgrace.I think its absolutely brilliant.
  5. I heard rumours that the rumours aren't true but I don't know how true they are.Do you??
  6. Boyd was offered a new contract.Not sure about Abdi but their fans thought he was still good enough! Where did you get the idea that they were considered "has beens" ?
  7. Which players were they then? Cant remember them?
  8. But hes bought about 45 players hasn't he and only had 1 serious injury which blavdes fans and Wilder said was the reason for their collapse last season.How would they have fared with 10-12 of the 1st team squad suffering long term injuries ?
  9. pioowl

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    If McSue dosnt relinquish control the 10 bob prince may be interested !
  10. pioowl

    We are also guilty.

    Really?So the majority shareholders allowed Allen and Richards to do as they pleased did they?
  11. pioowl

    We are also guilty.

    Struggling to find any truth in that post unless you are splitting hairs about" owner" as apposed to "ownership". What do you call " a few shares" 3 , 300, 3,000,000?
  12. pioowl

    We are also guilty.

    Well,if this is the worst owner weve had whilst you've been a "supporter" you must only be about 3 years old ,correct? , or perhaps you stop being a supporter every time we have a poor year/season.