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  1. pioowl

    Potential new signing...

    Yes.No.Dont know what a skepti thingy is and don't know what an "evey" post is.I rest my case.
  2. pioowl

    Potential new signing...

    1st sentence not true.2nd and 3rd sentences not true.Fourth sentence not true.There should be at least some element of truth in every post.
  3. pioowl

    Van Aken

  4. pioowl

    Van Aken

    No but what about all the words in your sentence or can you blame it all on predictive whateveritis?
  5. pioowl

    Team v Fulham?

  6. pioowl

    Van Aken

    Well I think every word in that sentence is complete bull.!
  7. That's Carlos fault,no sorry Chanseri,or is it that new woman and anyway hes crap (don't mean that Matias).Should stop his wages though for ????? being there?
  8. pioowl

    Whose going Tuesday

    And its a 2 from me (mind you we are both seniors so only £10 for us both)
  9. Looks like a good offer from the best chairman I can remember in the last 20 to 50 years who must be getting a little annoyed to say the least about the incessant criticism of him and everything else Sheffield Wednesday.
  10. What ? Who are those quotes attributed to?
  11. So listening to fans wanting a refund and actually doing something about it is wrong?
  12. So? Don't get your point.It wasn't a threat but one of conditions of the deal.
  13. Absolute rubbish.Some fans asked for money back and he responded by making it possible.Cant believe that anyone could possibly criticise that?
  14. pioowl


  15. pioowl


    Sorry,dont know y I missed that. Sounds a reasonable suggestion .A good lawyer who could beat the FFP regs would be a good start.