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  1. Don't think anyone was before they became a manager for the 1st time.
  2. Depends on what you mean by mis-management.He took a gamble which failed but WITH HIS OWN MONEY.Did nothing wrong or illegal.Feel sorry for him but the only other person/chairman to spend loads of money was Dave Richards but he didn't have lots of money himself so couldn't get us out of the financial mire thereby putting the club at risk,unlike Chansiri who has backed all his decisions with his own money.Should he really be criticised so much.Those who do so should be very careful what they wish for. Wednesday ( and whoever owns them or plays for them ) will always get my backing.Thats what true fans do,dont they?
  3. I don't know.My laptop is acting up!
  4. Exactly.Well said that man and we really should be very grateful
  5. Well he did save us for which I will be forever grateful but what massive inroads are you on about?
  6. No not that we shouldn't.That we are not allowed to under stupid and unfair rules,which surely will change in the not too distant future.
  7. Its for real.I wonder what your long term plan would be? Why would it be a pisstake ?
  8. To be fair the vast majority of us wanted Rhodes and our wonderful owner bought him for us.With hindsight it looks like we were wrong and was silly listening to our fans.Sorry Delphon,our fault.
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