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  1. First thing he MUST do is not to take any notice of advice given on Owlstalk.
  2. My abiding memory of him was a player who could certainly shoot and deliver a good cross but he was very slow and had little or no stamina.By the 15th minute he was puffing and blowing and a face like a beetroot.Did like him though.
  3. Palmer wasn't good enough before Bruce came.I have always thought Pelupessy was ok,no more ,no less.If he plays lets see what he can do under a better manager.
  4. Ok,I see what you meant.Sorry.
  5. Don't know what you mean about "almost definitely skint" .Our owner and benefactor is prepared to put as much money in as he can but is not allowed to spend as he would wish because of the stupid P & S rules. The way he is playing at the moment he is definitely worth a new contract.
  6. That's your opinion but not a fact. I bow to your extra sensory perception revealed in your 2nd para.
  7. Hi,im a people and agree with everything you say.
  8. Absolute rubbish.Don't think they had a choice.I was told they did vote against the sky deal though.
  9. That's a disgraceful comment,and totally untrue.If I were Chansiri I would sue you .
  10. I understand that perfectly.Why are there so many dimwits on here?
  11. You think its a disgrace.I think its absolutely brilliant.
  12. I heard rumours that the rumours aren't true but I don't know how true they are.Do you??
  13. Boyd was offered a new contract.Not sure about Abdi but their fans thought he was still good enough! Where did you get the idea that they were considered "has beens" ?
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