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  1. pioowl

    Best boss?

    1)Harry Catterick 2)Ron Atkinson 3)Trevor Francis 4) Carlos based on style with some success.
  2. Youre dead right there.
  3. pioowl

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Now that is a pretty good post.Apart from perhaps "losses growing year on year" .No one knows yet and if we don't buy any new players we may break even or possibly make a profit in next couple of years.
  4. pioowl

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    That's all nonsense apart from the Lottery bit and possibly the bit about someone on the Internet unless it was you who did that?
  5. You mean he once made a mistake?
  6. pioowl


    Sorry,i thought the Membership thingy offered certain freebys or reductions.I apologise,my mistake.
  7. pioowl


    What about Spurs in Prem?
  8. pioowl


    But all Radio Sheffield do is consistently criticise our club.Better for us if they concentrate on pigs and minny pigs.Wonder though if Wednesday could offer FREE coverage for season ticket holders or Membership holders.Could someone put this to Chansiri?
  9. Or a season card?
  10. Well I will offer 1 explanation ( and await others) .What about cos its a card not a ticket ?
  11. Totally untrue/totally misguided posts should not be acceptable on this forum.Wonder where room 0035 is?Just so I can keep as far away as possible.
  12. pioowl

    Sad but true

    Well that's almost sensible,then, good grief, you go absolutely crackers with your last 2 sentences which is quite unusual for a 49 year old.
  13. pioowl

    Adam Reach

  14. pioowl

    Adam Reach

    What ???
  15. pioowl

    Villareal CF