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  1. Not many though unfortunately,not even a begrudging "seems he got the tactics right for this match"
  2. Conversely our performance against Cardiff should have earned him at least a full season to get similar performances from his new squad.
  3. I always think of big clubs as those who probably finish in the top half of the top division for a considerable number of years not just for a couple of seasons (never to return)
  4. Must admit i didnt know that.Which big time/clubs has he managed? Hes certainly never managed a club as big as us.
  5. Whats happened to all the "great appointment but will need,and should be given,time"
  6. No one who has ever spoken to any Newcastle fans would EVER want Ashley i assure you!!
  7. Please please please dont sell yo him.
  8. No ,i dont either.Orrible man,orrible tippy tappy side to side to side football.and every "big" signing by him were and still are rubbish.so my utd mates say anyway.
  9. Apart from that game last season when we beat Cardiff was it 5 nil playing the best football from an owls team for years.
  10. Why would anyone who has seen the team they support after a draw which should have been a win except for a comical goal and against a team most on here expected to beet us easily then suggest the manager should go.Its just crazy.
  11. I am sure most of the negative posts on here do not really have Wednesday at heart or supporters of other clubs . For goodness sake any true supporter should be backing Moore till it least the end of the season.Some people even say they dont like his style of football and must have forgotten our demolition of Cardiff last season when sky pundits described our performance as the best they had seen in Championship last season.
  12. That dosnt make sense.If its " routine" for Ipswich its a defeat or draw for them isnt it ?
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