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  1. a) in what way? b)if you mean due to investing too much money ,you are correct c) never heard him although seems a good bloke to have as an owner if youre not too bothered about building a successful club
  2. Dont think your 3rd para is true at all.Wasnt it about 50% vote for him to quit?
  3. Yes balderdash--What then if they fail fitness test,what will they do,dismiss owners,put club up for sale?put it into liquidation.
  4. Absolutely certain. Yes.I actually saw a protest by a few hundred fans in Whitby and also spoken to a good few in pubs when Newcastle were on tv. Did mention Chansiri to a few but they werent aware of him.Said cant possibly be worse than Ashley whever he is.
  5. Your first paragraph is reasonable but then,dear oh dear you go down hill fast proving that you know nothing about our real fans or Chansiri.Just look at the hate directed at Ashley up to the time Newcastles results improved.
  6. Wait a minute though,dosnt he own St James park.Thats terrible int it ?
  7. I wouldnt be daft enough to speak to any wednesday ?fans on here but ive spoken to a lot of my family who are proper fans and loads of newcastle fans and they are unanimously against Ashley.
  8. but they cant meet their part of the contract can they but are still repaying season ticket money but VERY VERY SLOWLY in some cases
  9. NO NO NO.you obviously have never spoken to any Newcastle fans.
  10. How can anyone want him just to go--SERIOUSLY.!!!?
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