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  1. do you have any contact details or a social media page for me to get in touch with them?
  2. Hi guys, just wanting to know if anyone could recommend a boozer or fan group that run coaches to away games. I'm trying to get to more away matches this season than ever before but having to travel from Swinton to Hillsborough for the Wednesdayite coach is getting a little pricey. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was thinking the same about a double announcement, seems a bit strange them holding off this long
  4. was always gonna happen once everyone and their mam turned up wanting a ticket for a game they've struggled to sell out, glad those that could get tickets did, wouldnt be surprised if the locals started cashing in using their IDs for desperate wednesdayites.
  5. oh I’m in do doubt this is the football league thinking little old Wednesday couldn’t sell their allocation but you know things are bad when the best solution to fix the problem is a tombola, still got my email sent off for my favourite part timers
  6. nice to see they are trying to get more tickets but we dont have complicate things do we
  7. gonna try and get a request a bet from sky, wanting wedneday win inside 90 minutes, over 1.5 goals in the game, over thirty booking points, and over 10 corners
  8. I prey to god theres no one selling vuvuzelas outside the ground, any parent that buys their kid one deserves a slap
  9. bought four Friday, dispatched Monday, attempted delivery yesterday (needed a signature), collected from the depot this morning. Much better delivery service than when I buy away tickets from the shop but then again it did cost me £6.50.
  10. the tip I'd give you is to try and look up as many photos of the real deal you can online, would hate anyone to buy a fake after travelling all that way, make sure you know what your gonna be buying
  11. Hi guys, just bought two tickets for the coach for the Bolton Game off the official website but unlike when I buy tickets it didn't give me an option (or any info really) for delivery, e-ticket, or collection. Just wondered if this is normal and what you need to do, I received the confirmation email and its all gone through OK, just a little perplexed. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. tbh the game wasn't the best, but nice to see an inside of what the players really think about nickin 2 points off our curly tailed neighbors
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