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  1. Me + 1. Comming from Austria only for the match. 90 minutes of supporting my team. 3 Points for the Owls and a great performance! Believe!
  2. http://www.sportal.bg/news.php?news=530096 Deal done ...
  3. I'm in Vienna mate :) The post will take a week :(
  4. Want to purchase a ticket for saturday. The only Option to buy one is a "paper ticket". Can I print it at home, or only to collect from the ticket office in Sheffield? I'm a member but can not find the Option for loading the ticket to my Card. Thank you for your help!
  5. I want to make this away game. Will be at 9 am at Heathrow and need help. Best way to come to Madejski? Bus or Rail? Thank you for your answers!
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