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  1. Yes, I was a student in Manchester at the time and watched it. Remember it vividly, I had to get very drunk whilst watching it. Only for us to be relegated the following weekend!
  2. No, seems to be QPR's decision (I guess we must have agreed) so they have more time to recover for their Tues night game. Could indicate our Wigan game will be on the 28th too??
  3. QPR game will be on the Friday night as per https://www.qpr.co.uk/news/club-news/sheff-wed-cup-date-confirmed-blackburn-rearranged/
  4. For non-standard midweek fixtures it’s up to the home team to decide if they want the game to be on iFollow in the UK / Red button. Stoke must have said no, as have we for Cardiff and Hull looking at Sky schedule. Stoke game is the international pick though so will be plenty of streams.
  5. It's a different app. The Sky Sports App for Android can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bskyb.sportnews&hl=en_GB
  6. Anyone over in Mallorca currently watching the game tomorrow or know where might be good to watch it? Staying around the Palma Nova area.
  7. Doubt it. Sky have the opening premier league game on the Friday. 12.30ko on Saturday or midday Sunday if anything for TV.
  8. Sorry mate, I’ve only just checked the replies. Thanks for letting me know - I should also be able to buy tomorrow if there’s any left I was just worried it wouldn’t make it that far
  9. Sorry for another beggy ticket post but does anyone have a spare ID for Chelsea that they’re not using?
  10. Also in need of some tickets but not holding out much hope for this one
  11. Haha I certainly did! Best dirty chicken I ever had (though that might be something to do with the 10 pints before it). Roddy's bar was awesome yesterday. Had some really good banter after as well with the locals and were pretty much the last to leave!
  12. Mmmm well I also went to collect them today aswell and the lady (who was very helpful btw) just printed them again so I think there is some kind of confunsion going on with the new system
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