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  1. Was there ever an official version released of Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday. ??? Also, what other songs have been released I.e Terry Curran singing the blues etc cheers pegg
  2. Some impressive fence kicking going on. Idiot vs. Immovable object.
  3. If he was knocked out or concussed I think the ruling is he can't play for an allotted amount of time (14 days comes to mind) I may be wrong.
  4. If BB is our heart beat. We are struggling. People do realise his stats are not great. of the 21 goals we have scored this season he has only been directly involved in 3. Wow he has 300 passes a game and does bugger all with them. Sorry he can go for me
  5. Do other clubs have the fundamental issues that we have with injuries. We have suffered this problems for the better part of 2 seasons and there seems to be no reason why this happens. It appears that everytime we have a player returning from injury they get injured again which knocks them even further back. You have to question either the medical staff and how they assess what is happening. The training that takes place - is there something basic that we doing wrong as a club that in training or physically, is there something in the boots and the surface the players play on. Surely we need to have a long hard look at our medical regime and re-assess how it operates. Peggy
  6. My concern is the influence Doyen are having on the young lad. My understanding is for a player that's only played a few first team games he was offered a good contract to make him the highest ever paid youngster at the club and would take him on to the lower end of the first team wage structure. His agent wanted more money because of course they make more money out of it. Its a shame but 1 player and his agent cant hold the club to ransom and if the club gives in it sets a precedent that could be difficult in the future.
  7. The one thing that appears to be missing more than anything is the attacking threat. And this is not a criticism of Rhodes, it appears to me he just doesn't fit the style and system we play. With Hooper playing as the link man doing the donkey work the threat to goal in nullified. You play Fletch with Hooper and it frees Hooper to play further up the pitch because Fletch does the work. That free the space Hooper needs and that how he went on the scoring run with Fletch adding the odd one. Fletch is solid controlsmthe ball well and never misses and header. He battles, it doesn't always work but more often than not it causes a threat. Just a thought
  8. So what we are saying is either winnall or FF has got Dirty Tackle. Thats not something to be proud of.
  9. I used to deliver the newspaper for Lee Chapman. (Nice bloke). Mr Wilkinson (miserable). Brian Marwood ( very funny). Gary Shelton. (Nice bloke).
  10. Ok you can beg me I messed up. I mis read something. I'm off to sit in the naughty corner. Doh.
  11. Yup that's the chap 6'5. If he gets back to form an international beast.
  12. Former Charlton CB until end of season.
  13. I'm not taking credit but I heard this last night We've got Bannan, shoots like a cannon I just don't think you understand, He shoots from anywhere, He's got ginger hair We've got Barry Bannan.
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