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  1. Couldn’t hit a garage door from 5yards. Lol. Good times.
  2. Phew a day or so longer than I was told but finally the news came through.
  3. There appears to be some movement on the Embargo. A possible statement will be published either today or tomorrow.
  4. Its been an interesting few weeks to say the least and with very little information coming out of the club or even strong rumours there seems to be a bit of a void as to where we are. Embargo Its still not clear if we are under some sort of embargo. This is and having no manager is fundamentally affecting our recruitment and ability to improve and strengthen. We appear to have dealt with the FFP issue and that should have released the embargo but not even journalists are aware if we are or are not under it. Its odd we have been allowed to recruit and re sign some players. If embargo was being enforced this would not have been allowed the squad is/was big enough to cover. Manager We have been managerless for 2 weeks or so and as we are all aware this is not ideal. But what is interesting is no one including so called ITK journalist have any clue what is a happening. DC has it locked down tighter than a pair of nuns legs. My gut instinct and I know nothing is that we will have a surprise in place by this weekend. Team I am not too unhappy where we are. the 3 new players and the re signings have given us a bit extra. We could do with a CB yes and perhaps get rid of 1 striker (winall) but i have a feeling KH could be a star and this is the bit extra we needed. Recruitment Difficult without a manager, if SB had stayed would we have signed Hector?? We could do with him as a leader. Whats odd is he hasn't gone anywhere else and is training with u23s and still very much in touch with owls players including Bullen. We could do with 2 further players another rapid winger and a CM. We don't even know if Doyen are still about advising (hope no). I think this week will be pivotal but actually think we have a strong squad that under performed last year and with the tweaks that have happened we will finish top 6. If we can add more well I think we can be there or there abouts.
  5. If SB is going and I hope he doesn't. Let it happen quickly. L ets move on. get the next person in and get this league won.
  6. two things. 1. No one apart from those present kn ow what was discussed, not agreed and ultimately why Hirst was banned from the club. It could be any number of reasons and I'm guessing more than just refusing a contract. 2. Why the hell have we got 22 pages on a player that is no longer with us, had no impact on the first team and chose another path which at this stage hasn't worked out. Lets move on he is not important. pegg
  7. Was there ever an official version released of Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday. ??? Also, what other songs have been released I.e Terry Curran singing the blues etc cheers pegg
  8. Some impressive fence kicking going on. Idiot vs. Immovable object.
  9. If he was knocked out or concussed I think the ruling is he can't play for an allotted amount of time (14 days comes to mind) I may be wrong.
  10. If BB is our heart beat. We are struggling. People do realise his stats are not great. of the 21 goals we have scored this season he has only been directly involved in 3. Wow he has 300 passes a game and does bugger all with them. Sorry he can go for me
  11. Do other clubs have the fundamental issues that we have with injuries. We have suffered this problems for the better part of 2 seasons and there seems to be no reason why this happens. It appears that everytime we have a player returning from injury they get injured again which knocks them even further back. You have to question either the medical staff and how they assess what is happening. The training that takes place - is there something basic that we doing wrong as a club that in training or physically, is there something in the boots and the surface the players play on. Surely we need to have a long hard look at our medical regime and re-assess how it operates. Peggy
  12. My concern is the influence Doyen are having on the young lad. My understanding is for a player that's only played a few first team games he was offered a good contract to make him the highest ever paid youngster at the club and would take him on to the lower end of the first team wage structure. His agent wanted more money because of course they make more money out of it. Its a shame but 1 player and his agent cant hold the club to ransom and if the club gives in it sets a precedent that could be difficult in the future.
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