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  1. Not quite but at a match a few seasons ago I walking along the front of the KOP whilst warm up was underway. My friend and I both with cups of tea in hand walking line astern with about 3 feet between us. As normal before the netting went up, and our strikers been as accurate as ever are balls were pinging into the lower rows of the KOP. One of said balls, travelling at what felt like warp speed somehow passed between my friend and I before smacking a women right between the eyes. Didn't spill a drop of tea laughing.
  2. People need to understand that managers have consistently picked Palmer over the last 10 years. He is a steady player that does his job. Is it time for him to move on. Only if we have a better replacement. There should be no sentiment. As an aside, I remember sitting behind the dug out in a cup game early in Palmers career with Megson as the manager. Megson gave him hell for the whole of the game even though Palmer for me didn't do much wrong. An interesting watch at the game.
  3. Interesting, so the point that the evidence came from a journalist, without being confirmed, and that it relates directly to the EFL and Club and pointing out that it is rumour and stateing the obvious isn't directly about the EFL and Club situation. I apologise for calling him a person who is not the greatest but my point still stands. This is not a hijack but using the evidence that has been presented not adding additional your honour.
  4. Do people honestly believe that all the clubs that are struggling are not in regular contact with the EFL, that there is regular dialogue especially those that have been in trouble in the previous years. Also, on ******** Nixon. His tweet says bugger all. EFL going in hard could mean with signing problems. Well we are under an embargo so hell, good guess idiot. Also, If Nixon is party to any information he shouldn't be someone could be in trouble under the Data Protection act. EFL need to tread very carefully because that opens a whole heap of crap. We are in trouble, we have broken "the rules" thats a fact but so have at least 1/2 the EFL because no one has had income. This will be interesting why name us and Derby not the whole list. Nixon is click bait.
  5. Antonio last minute goal when the Kop went nuts. Can't find the footage
  6. key passes what a load of codswallop. I'm sorry Bannan in ineffectual. He passes backwards and side ways more than forwards. He isn't the solution to our problem. yes he needs the players around him but he has been the problem for a lomng time. His delivery from set pieces is shocking. Corners awful and his goal return for a midfielder is pants.
  7. Monday 25th August 1997 Blackburn 7 - 2 Sheff Wed. Why does it stick in mind. On the Saturday I took my family in our new car (well new to us owned for less than 2 weeks) to Blackpool. Lovely day, got back to car park no car. Nicked. had a nitemare trying to get back to Sheffield with no car and a young child of 4. On the Monday got phone call from the police car found in Old Swann, Liverpool can I collect it in the next 4 hours before it goes missing again. The gits had nicked all the kids toys and car seat. Smash the side window and barreled the car. It had done 57 miles. They also wrecked the steering I dint find that out till later. Got back thought I'll go pub and watch owls that will cheer me up. FFS. That went well. What a weekend
  8. Its a great goal. High quick press put defense under pressure and their decision making becomes erratic. If you watch it closely Paterson knew what he was doing he'd had a quick look to see where keeper was and it was a deliberate prod across the goal. Give credit where its due sloppy by them well worked by us
  9. We are in a particularly perilous position as we stand. There are some fundamental questions that will never be answered and the running of the club feels very much like we are being lined up for League 1, which I find odd because the value would drop immensely. MR C feels like he has no obligation to the supporters it is his club to run as he wishes no matter if he thinks the supporters forums satisfy everyone. He forgets that we will, no matter what happens, be here for ever. This is our club. So thoughts 1) Where is the business plan, risk assumptions etc and who is actually running the business. It frankly has been very amateur since day 1 of Mr C. You do have to wonder how his other businesses run. 2) Why does it take Mr C so long to appoint any manager. That shows a lack of planning and forethought. Always on the back foot. 3) What hold does this so called agent have over Mr C. Where did he come from and why is it that Mr C cannot see that this is detrimental to how a business runs. The so called advisor does not have the best interests of the club to hand its just a matter of lining their and their clients pockets. 4) where is the structure in the club, You need to trust your departmental heads to know their areas and run the business or is it a case of bad recruitment. 5) Is there a point where Mr C and family will cut their losses and we enter administration. Honestly if that is the case do it now. lets take the 12 points this year get relegated and start afresh in league 1. 6) Player recruitment is a joke. How can we recruit players without a perm manager. The new manager of we ever get one is foisted with players that may not fit a style and if I'm honest for what ever reason the players have been found out this year and this is the culmination of 2 years or so poor recruitment. 7) I'm sure a number of us who run businesses, and we could separate out blue and whiteness, could go in and do a rank and file review and alter the business model to make it more effective. I know that I could. You don't need to be associated with football. It is a bushiness thats it. That is it really. I have lots more questions but Mr C won't listen to our advice, constructive criticism . we just want the best for our club.
  10. I can't help but like him. tells it like it is. Has a style of football that is fast direct. We so have have become solid and hard to beat and thats what we needed.
  11. The if question comes to mind. If we hadn't had the sending off they wouldn't have looked as good 11 v 10 gives you space. With 11 you fill the space and they can play tippy tappy in front of you all day long looks good but ineffective as hell. Don't get me wrong got some good players that young lad won't be there after January. But in reality Wildsmith made 2 save I think all when we were down to 10 men.
  12. 3 - 1 win lets be optimistic and positive, hell why not. I love my club, I love how it sets off my depression and my miserable middle aged cynical look at life and the misery it causes me week and week after week. Come on boys give us a Christmas present, a big bloody home win. I'm going for a lie down in a dark room with a cold towel over my head. I'll be better soon.
  13. I'm of an age where I saw virtually all of Mr Palmers games 18 times. So you would say That Paul Warhurst wouldn't be a great striker because he never played there yet was a bit of a revelation. Iorfa has the same attributes than Carlton but i genuinely think he would be a better ball player.
  14. Just to be different I would use Iorfa in midfield. Think Carlton Palmer but with a bit more skill. He is the beast we have been begging for. That allows Bannan to push up the pitch and have better input. I would play 4 3 2 1. Play Iorfa and luongo and let Bannan push up, I'd play Patterson and Kerching the 2 and we need a new striker at the top.
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