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  1. After what VAR has given this week that’s a penalty all day long. Touched him from behind (ooo errrr) Affected his ability to shoot without contacting the ball.
  2. It wasn't about change in fortune what is becoming clear is that there was bad apples inside the camp. Though we will never know who they were or what the issues were especially after Monk came in. Those players had their chance 3 seasons ago and it didn't happen. Since then they flattered to deceive and the majority of teams go through this. We are in proper transition and there will be ups and downs. We have to see what happens but we have good players coming in and as long as what appears to be unity in the camp is there then that benefits everyteam.
  3. Why is this thread in here its not Owls news player doesn't play for us doesn't want to play for us and frankly not interested. Mods please delete or move.
  4. I've seen a video where JB talks about this and about how few touches the top strikers take. I seem to remember its about instinct and one touch and shoot. Just basically reacting instead of thinking. It was quite interesting.
  5. My god how do some of you get through day to day. Everything is doom and gloom before we have even started. Not a ball kicked in anger yet we are Doomed. No I'm not a happy clapper but by heck I'll support my team to the hilt. I won't criticise players or the manager until they deserve it and at the start of a new season we have no reason for that. And as for all that gumph we need a 20 goal striker rubbish. We need a team that scores goals and we haven't had that for a while. I'll play the game 6th and promoted via play offs. Backs against the wall lets fight our way out of it. lets have it.
  6. Another player some of our so called support have destroyed before we’ve even signed him. Lol.
  7. Why are some people obsessed with former players. Although both talented Fessi had 1 1/2 good seasons then attitude kicked in and Hutch though a good player was a liability and always stupid enough to get booked too early in games. move on close this thread concentrate on what we have.
  8. in all seriousness Rhodes is a box player. He needs to play no wider than the 18 yrd area and not much deeper than that. The problem we have we cant or haven't been able to afford that luxury. He is an instinctive forward not a thinker. Give him enough supply in the box and he will get 15 a season. he iusnt going to outrun a defence but he will get on the end of stuff given that role.
  9. I think we have CB that could potentially be ball players but with the midfield shaping up give it to them to distribute.
  10. We didn't get done for the stadium we got done for P + S. Now I don't understand the Derby case but we appear to have both been cleared of the same thing. No if Derby used it to off set P + S then that becomes an issues. The intricacies of this will be interesting.
  11. The bang average full back we have not good enough for the championship, poor footballer according to some on here yet gets yet another international call up. mmmm It appears some on here don't understand football.
  12. Tin hats on. Conspiracy theories ready. this is going to get daft
  13. Everytime Sterland ran up to hit one. For some reason his approach of blast it as hard as you can scared the heebies out of me.
  14. All player are a risk. Look at some we’ve had in the passed. The difference with the signings so far are that if they perform to their full potential we have some proper scalable assets.
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