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  1. Somebody openly committing fraud and it’s taking money away from our club and yet quite a number on here don’t give a to55. How odd..... I’d grass him right up if I knew who it was
  2. Bored

    The majority of this thread
  3. Does it really "even itself out"?

    The biggest pile of nonsense is when folk defend incompetent decisions by using the “evens out” line when quite clearly it does not
  4. It won’t get better until..

    That is the crux of it, that’s why so many are pi55ed off. The excuses that are trotted out are just a smokescreen because they won’t admit it. To hear some “fans” moaning about it as the worst season ever is downright drama queen-esque and they need to get a grip.
  5. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    You weren’t watching us in 2010 then?
  6. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    You obviously don’t read much of it
  7. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    Have a look at the most popular threads. If you think positivity works on this site then you need to start reading your own site more
  8. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    Posting positives on this site doesn’t work
  9. Is George Boyd still alive?

    He’s dead, Forestieri knelt behind him and Carlos pushed him over then stomped on his head. We can’t sack em so they’re being sent off to Ranby
  10. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    When positive threads are posted they’re drowned out with negativity posts and the negs go into overdrive. Negative posts pop up and it’s like flies around a jam jar. Point out to others . Maybe I have gone negative, sick of reading the drivel on here from alleged fans of SWFC
  11. All about the refs again..

    But when we win, other games get brought up, Is it not allowed the other way ?
  12. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    That sounds like bullying. It’s a good job I’m not “one of those” that reports other posters....
  13. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    “The other members” as you saying that I’m allegedly having pops at do nothing on this site but post negatively at the club and are constantly finding other angles to aim shots. It is tedious . I do discuss football, maybe you should check other posters.... WAWAW.... look at the numerous threads and see if you can find any evidence of that anywhere... I fully support Wednesday and the bitterness on here towards the club is pathetic. Ta
  14. All about the refs again..

    Were you of the same opinion after the Villa result?