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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t tipped em off. You know we were on Look North quite early....
  2. I love Wednesday me, we’re gonna set sail in HMS p!ss the league. “We’re on our way” 1 season ticket please, I love this club me Oooh we’ve signed some experienced ex Prem players. I can’t wait ........ hmmm, this season ain’t going well bugger the pigs are doing a bit better than I thought &*@&&#*# FFS what’s Leon the lump doing there? grumble grumble, we lost again Boooo! Carlos out. i don’t think we’re gonna get promoted and them bloody pigs are turd but they’re way above us I’m not having this I want my money back grumble
  3. If any of that is true, then a fair bet is he’ll spend his refund on beans
  4. Why are folk are giving 2 hoots about rats leaving a ship taking on water ?
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