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  1. Inflatables on the kop

  2. Give SAG a break

    Im talking about normal match day circumstances. Closing off exits that were designed with the stand is causing more issues
  3. Any idea what analogy is going to be used ?
  4. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Made it into Pevsner's Buildings of England
  5. That idiot Kevin Gage

    No harm in that one, it's just generic.
  6. Give SAG a break

    That's part of the inconsistency, "No exit via Leppings Lane" They're so concerned over our safety they bottleneck everybody into the same exits. Same with the netting, getting out of the stands you used to be able to wander along a row of seats to get out through another gangway.
  7. north west corner

    Shh! keep quiet about the harness, SAG will have us all wearing em a with hi-viz
  8. Kop not sold out shocker

    Tempted, send me a pic so I know where you are
  9. Big if but if we win 5-0. New song required.

    Is that a Welsh version?
  10. Kop not sold out shocker

  11. Give SAG a break

    The Kop used to hold 22,000, it now holds less than half that and now we're told the exits aren't good enough... Many grounds have a line of stewards separating fans, we have separate stands and still have to net off rows of seats... Restrictions are fine if they're seen to be even and fair throughout the land and county but our ground restrictions are over zealous. SAG could quite publicly come out and say we've done this due to that etc but we get varying levels of standards from em. Wycombe/ Arsenal / Brighton etc. No consistency whatsoever.
  12. Kop not sold out shocker

    The Kop is fecked now with the rent a band d!cks
  13. Kop not sold out shocker

    Are you a looker Maxine ?