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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t tipped em off. You know we were on Look North quite early....
  2. I love Wednesday me, we’re gonna set sail in HMS p!ss the league. “We’re on our way” 1 season ticket please, I love this club me Oooh we’ve signed some experienced ex Prem players. I can’t wait ........ hmmm, this season ain’t going well bugger the pigs are doing a bit better than I thought &*@&&#*# FFS what’s Leon the lump doing there? grumble grumble, we lost again Boooo! Carlos out. i don’t think we’re gonna get promoted and them bloody pigs are turd but they’re way above us I’m not having this I want my money back grumble moan, bloody DC & CC are wasting money on past it players its a grumble Jonathan Yes please I want a refund, I’m not watching anymore of this garbage what do you mean I can’t keep my priority points on a ST I’ve had refunded? its not fair, even though I don’t want to go the club aren’t allowing me to buy any tickets or queue jump folk who are staying loyal That chuffing Chairman should never have offered me money back
  3. If any of that is true, then a fair bet is he’ll spend his refund on beans
  4. Why are folk are giving 2 hoots about rats leaving a ship taking on water ?
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