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  1. With or without Rhodes, we need wingers. Whether or not they cost millions is the same if it is Rhodes, or Fletcher, or Nuhiu or anyone else in the middle waiting for crosses to come in.
  2. How do you define "crap at selling"? To me selling on the cheap is just as crap as not selling at all. (I'm thinking of players with some sort of value here, not you're Abdi types). The only player we've sold in recent years is Hunt for £1.6m. That transfer hardly suggests we hold out for stupid money. If Steve Bruce thinks he can get something from Rhodes, then we should hold out until/unless we get a higher amount. If Steve Bruce thinks Rhodes is useless then just getting him off the wage bill will be a positive, but jumping into a deal at the first (possibly ludicrous) offer would, imo, be crap selling.
  3. I know it's in fashion to knock the club, but I suspect that we'd accept something like that but the stumbling block is that Norwich have decided to hoard their Premier League millions for "a premier league return" in 2020-21 season. Stingy Norwich may well have offered less than £2m. And wait a minute, 2 + 2 + 0 < you guessed it. Unacceptable, but... 4+ 2 + maybe 1 more, and a sell on clause = A deal. A deal is there to be made, but we shouldn't just bend over and get spanked by Norwich to get any deal going. Norwich seem to be doing most of the public negotiations; perhaps that's because their position is least defensible.
  4. We should have gone for Ian Rush at the same time. Missed opportunity.
  5. That previous incarnation seems to foresee the Arab takeover at Man City.
  6. I'm sure too. But if what we read is true, he's unhappy at Wednesday. He wants away. He's happy at Norwich. They want him, but can't / won't pay. If Jordan really does want the move, he can help facilitate it by lowering his wage demands. What Norwich save on wages, they can add to the transfer fee. Of course, it all depends on how big the gap is between what we want and what Norwich are prepared to pay. But if Jordan really wants the move, he can help bridge the gap. If he values his £35k per week so much, he might have to stay where he's not happy to get it. If he lowers his demands to £20k pw, that's £1.5m that Norwich can put towards the transfer fee.
  7. Why do Norwich need to match his £35k PW wages (or whatever it is)?
  8. If you knock it down bit by bit and rebuild bit by bit so that eventually you have a completely new ground but built in stages, then using the same logic you should count, for example, Stamford Bridge 1970/80s and 2019 as two separate grounds. Indeed, you could argue that Hillsborough pre-1960s is a different ground to today. But I agree, count them how you like.
  9. Wembley should only count once. Im not see about the new White Hart Lane as its not exactly on the same land as the old one.
  10. "Gunna"? It already is. Fortunately a two week break is around the corner and I'll be returning to next season's fixture list, Hector off to Derby, Rhodes to Norwich and half a new team.
  11. True, but it moves the debate on a little. Who's next? But also, Is the first player going to be first 1 or squad? Is the signing indicative of a certain formation? Does that mean player X is leaving? Etc.
  12. Bored of the made up rumours, the speculation. Want something definitive to discuss. To flip the question, if a deal has been done, why delay?
  13. Callum McManaman at Luton shows that you don't need to wait until July 1st to announce signing new players contracted elsewhere until end June. Even less justification for delayed announcement when re-signing existing players. Can't see why it's taking so long, unless they're waiting for OITP or some other pointless PR exercise.
  14. Iorfa plays short passes. Palmer plays long passes. Not sure how accurate these statements are, but even if correct, you can't use them to argue that Iorfa is a better player. Havent we, virtually all of us, spent most of the last two seasons (pre-Bullen/Bruce) complaining that we do too much short passing: fullback to Lees, to Bannan, to Lees, to fullback, to Hutchinson... Too much short passing gets us nowhere. We need to move the ball forward quicker, even if it has a lower success rate. Palmer does more long passes because he looks for the runner down the channel, be it Reach or Matias or Fletcher. Iorfa is more a variation on Pelupessy: give it Bannan to deal with.
  15. Palmer's positional play, when defending is better than Iorfa, who tends to be all over the place. When Palmer is fullback this often results in the opposition deciding to play a ball inside, rather than to the left wing. When the ball does go to the winger, Palmer shields better, forcing the winger to turn back. Hence Palmer does not make a tackle because he doesn't have the opportunity to make one. Iorfa gives the winger too much space to start with relying on his pace to recover and make a tackle. He wins more tackles than Palmer because he gets more opportunity to make a tackle because his inferior defending encourages more play down that area than when Palmer plays there. And although Palmer doesnt score enough, one reason for this is that at corners and free kicks he's the player stood on the halfway line. If it wasn't for getting forward for corners/free kicks I suspect the total Wednesday goals scored by Iorfa, Lees, Hector and Fox in aggregate would be less than Palmer's career total, I.e. zero.
  16. So Westwood... We've activated the option for another year. And offered a deal over two years. Barnsley, with the mega rich new owners come sniffing around. (I'm not convinced the rumours are accurate, but let's run with it). Do we sell? Sell now whilst is value is [relatively] high, or keep him and see him depart next season for nowt? Or worse still, he gets a two year deal and spends most of the time injured? Personally, I'd keep him, and get Wildsmith out on loan, unless someone offers an outrageous amount. But reading the mega thread, I'm thinking maybe we should sell: we never sell when the player has value. Always hang on too long. FF should have gone after the Norwich no show. He's been so-so at best since. Jones should have been sold (given?) to Bolton last summer. Who were Wolves after? Joao? Whoever, we should have sold. Or is it that we should only sell when we have the benefit of hindsight and can see that keeping a certain player is a mistake? If you're arguing for a "better" transfer policy that generates income/profit by selling players whilst they still have a value, then by definition, that relates to our saleable assets and Westwood should be top of the list to depart, if Barnsley are serious. So if he does go, the majority on here will be congratulating the club on good business, won't they?
  17. It is isn't it. Meanwhile down in the bar, Liam is wondering where all the lads are. "They did say meet up for a game of pool didn't they?"
  18. A lot on here saying we should sell for £3-4m and that our £7m valuation is outrageous. But how much have Norwich offered? Have we turned down £4m? Or have Norwich offered an amount as outrageously low as ours is supposed to be high? Until some factual evidence comes to light everything is reported is just posturing. I've seen nothing to suggest we've rejected a fair offer. Then there's Jordan Rhodes himself. If he's desperate to move, and to move to Norwich he can always help the deal by taking a pay cut to help finance the move.
  19. True, but I doubt that Villa paid anywhere near what Terry was on at Chelsea, even if that was the second highest ever salary for a championship player. Similarly, wherever Hutton and similar "veterans" end up, they will be on much less than they are used to (moves to China and Qatar being possible exceptions). Being multi millionaire ex-premier league players, they are not desperate for work so can hold out for the previous salary, but if they do they'll be waiting a long time.
  20. I don't get these "will be on too much money" comments. Hutton is being released. In a few days he will be out of contract and on ZERO money. Being on a fat contract at Villa for years, he might aspire to another big contract, but he won't get it. Not from us, not anywhere. Same for Downing. Even so, even at sensible wages, I hope we go for neither.
  21. I guess you're right, but would we lose much by alternating home one year, away the next? Firstly, with a two year lifetime we'd sell more of each kit. Not double, but more, especially the away kit. Then we'd have a Christmas boost. How many shirts are sold as Christmas presents when the season is half over. If a shirt has 18 months to go, surely sales would increase vastly. And then the design and set up costs would be halved. I doubt this would be trivial.
  22. Why are people getting agitated over whether or not Tom Lees is captain material or not? What is the role of a captain? To me, nowadays, it's not much more than ceremonial: lead the team out, coin throw, photo. Add primary contact for the ref and you're down to non-match stuff, again, a communication channel between players and coaches when players feel they can't go direct (a sign that things are amiss). Not much really. You might add that the captain should be a leader on the pitch. Tom Lees certainly leads by example in that he gives his all, but he's limited in organising the back line, let alone the rest of the team, and limited in his motivational skills. Whilst motivation takes much more than ranting and raving, especially with inexperienced players, in the heat of a match a quick chastisement and forceful directing is often essential. Lees seems too timid, too nice, to do this. Other than Westwood, and occassionally Bannan and Hutchinson, we don't have enough of the Sergeant Mayor or "future coach" type of leader on the pitch. We need more. Ideally we need two or three outfield players plus Westwood able to do this. But they don't have to be captain to do it. Indeed, it's probably better if they aren't. I'm all for bringing in more players with leadership qualities, as long as they bring other talents as well, but whilst he keeps playing well, there is no reason to take the captaincy from Tom Lees.
  23. If there's any confirming to be done on the 1st, it'll be Westwood, Palmer and Lee.
  24. To be fair to Downing, and to balance the point made in your last sentence, Downing was playing in a Tony Pulis side for the whole year. And just to be clear, I'm not in favour.
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