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  1. How did Bothroyd manage 90 minutes. He must have been knackered having walked at least, oooh, 100 yards?
  2. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I think these games are part split on a N/S basis. I think we play Northern teams twice (home and away) and Southern teams just once (half home, half away).
  3. But Gregory didn’t play the full season last season. He’s already missed 1 in 3 league games. I think it’s doubtful that he’ll play enough to beat 15 goals. And we’ll be 10 games into the season before Smith plays a full game (or >75 mins). He might get 20 if he stays fit after his current injury, but he’ll need to score better than 1 in 2. Unlikely. I think Windass might be a better bet for 20 goals if he plays like he did for the last 10 minutes on Saturday. But that probably requires BB being benched. Again, unlikely. So far our forwards have contributed 1 league goal. And that a penalty. 15 goals from each of these three players would be a good return provided that the midfield keep chipping in and the defenders too.
  4. No. We knew we were a bit short of numbers at the back before season kicked off. We now have Famewo out for months and Iorfa low of confidence / form. We are threadbare. Same, albeit not quite as bad, up front. We’ve started the season a bit like last season: unbeaten, few goals conceded, but riding our luck. Could easily be sat of 1/2 points. We need a couple of signings to bolster the squad and to boost my confidence.
  5. Whilst I agree with @Mac_77 that what’s on offer at the Fanzone is a bit limited, you can’t argue that it hasn’t been well used and isn’t, so far, a success that can be built on. In the fortnight since the opening game, the food hut has been relocated and re-opened, perhaps other enhancements will follow, game by game. But the proof of the Fanzone will come when the weather turns. I hope plans are in place for some shelter from the wind, rain, and cold. I’m sceptical that our fans will use an outdoor facility on a cold Tuesday night in January unless the fare is exceptional. Or maybe the whole lot will be dismantled when the clocks go back?
  6. There were a number of factors that changed the dynamics of the game easing the pressure on our back three. Gregory: as has been mentioned, you can’t go long if there’s no one capable of controlling the long ball, holding it up, and bringing in the midfielders. Or no one with pace to chase the channels. To go long is to gift possession to the opposition. That said, there was a point late on when I thought that gifting possession to Charlton in their half was preferable to us fannying around in our defensive third. Byers: the back three need an outlet. If there’s no long option (Hunt and Johnson) rarely offered more than a sideways pass) they need the midfield be available. For 60 minutes it didn’t happen. Byers’ movement between the Charlton forwards/midfielders gave Henegan a short pass option rather than over hitting a panicky long pass out to Johnson. Byers (and Bakinson) created space which also gave Henegan the option to run into with the ball. Even one run well into Charlton’s half. Substitures: our subs improved our team. Charlton’s didn’t. As key players flagged in the heat, we could replace ours, Charlton couldn’t. Charlton’s right back: I’m not sure why, but space opened up in the last 25 minutes in the left channel for us, behind Clare. Stockdale made the most of it: both Gregory and Paterson were fouled chasing into that corner. A player with pace would have been decisive in those situations. Nevertheless, it took the pressure off the back three when we had options to go long. Charlton had to sit back and this opened up the midfield.
  7. I agree. Surely we should be booing our own players. Clare is one of those players that see each club they play at as a stepping stone to better things. And you can’t blame them for that. But there are some that are arrogant about it: they disrespect the club and, more importantly, the fans. Brunt, Ben10, Antonio, if/when they return deserve polite applause for their first touch, then indifference. Clare, like Owen Morrison, Leon Knight, Urhoghide, deserve the boos.
  8. Two good seasons and he’s approaching the end of his career. Good at Reading earned a transfer to Chelsea where he never played. Loaned to Hull, so-so. Loaned to Wednesday: probably his best season. A colossus. Would have got a permanent move but Fulham came in with parachute subsidised wages. 6 months on his backside whilst Fulham and Chelsea argued over a fee then a January move. Three and a half seasons at Fulham (or is it four and a half?)spent almost entirely or out the squad, never mind the first 11. Now looking for a job. Might be the signing of the season if he finds his “Wednesday” form. But that was a while ago and he’s done nothing since: big big risk especially if on big money.
  9. Notts County game is where Scanlon got a hat trick in about three minutes.
  10. Isn’t this just a variation on the various “walls” where fans paid £20/£25 to have their name on a brick? Plenty paid for that, so I suspect a lot will pay to have a bit more in an on-line club document. Can’t fault the club for trying something different to raise a few quid whilst promoting fan engagement.
  11. It will only work through gradual progression. Take a successful manager at a top league or national team and move her to the men’s game. Where would she go? EPL teams wouldn’t risk it, nor would championship sides. Below that, it’s a big risk for the women as well as the club. As Emma Hayes implied, why take a step back? If she’s not prepared to take a chance at a lower level, she’ll never get a chance to replicate her success in the women’s game in the men’s. For it to work, the trail blazers have to start at the bottom. Any of yesterday’s team that are at the end of their careers (Bright, Scott, White?) could get their coaching badges with their current club (I’m assuming that they all play for the big six clubs) though working in the academy. This, if they’re any good, would allow progression to U23 and 1st team assistant. It would help that some players would progress along side the coach. Having reached assistant level in the men’s game, manager opportunities would open up. Dropping a woman into a top job in the men’s game would calamitous. And I can’t see any club at any level giving a managers job to a female ex-player without previous coaching experience. So it’s the long slow route and another 10 years or more before we’ll see a female first team coach in the top divisions.
  12. Swap James for Palmer or Famewo. For me, we need to address two key issues: …the left of the back three needs to be competent there. Preferably a left footer (Famewo) or Palmer who’s done a reasonably good job there in the past …we need to be able to switch formation to fill the void behind the wing backs. This might be needed at 15-20 minutes, so needs to be achieved without using a sub. (Especially as we might need to switch back again). So, start with Stockdale Ihekwe Heneghan Famewo Hunt Fizz Byers Bannan Johnson Smith Windass If need be, transition to Stockdale Hunt Ihekwe Heneghan Famewo Fizz Byers Bannan Windass Smith Johnson I’d like to see Iorfa given more time to get his form back, but the defence needs sorting. I think DM has decided his best three defenders and slotted them in, but it’s made us unbalanced on the left. So to get a better balance along the back three, one of Saturday’s starters has to go. It has to be Iorfa.
  13. So, On the one hand we have (one of) the best team and best players so should set up for what is best for us to attack, and to let the opposition worry about us; But, for 23 games of the season, we start worrying about the opposition and tinker with the formation. I’m confused. 3-5-2 should be good enough to beat most sides home and away. Start with that, and if we’re struggling to break the opposition down, we can easily switch formation with no more than 2 of our five subs (subject to injuries). Whatever we do, we shouldn’t be thinking negatively just because we are away.
  14. I was just about to write a post praising the often maligned BBC when I read this. The BBC are the biggest factor in promoting women’s football (after the success of the England team). If this competition had been on Sky or hidden away on BBC 4 it wouldn’t be the success that it is. Ticket pricing has helped too. It wouldn’t have grabbed the attention of fans, families, girls, and yes, some men, like it has. The BBC has a licence obligation to represent all sectors of society. In sport, this brings them to televising, and promoting, less well followed sports. Remember, MOTD started on BBC2. Snooker was nothing until BBC ran Pot Black. They gave darts an audience before Sky grabbed it. And now it’s Women’s football’s turn. They’ve been showing the Women’s Premier League and now this competition. I think the Beeb should be lauded for their commitment and their coverage. And if you’re still sick off the excess coverage, just think of the alternative: more Truss and Sunak arguing to see who’s most like the bloke they happily kicked out a fortnight ago.
  15. Its four seasons. And one absence seems a bit iffy. Jan to Jul 2020, 171 days out, only 8 games missed. Should this be 18? Or 28? Or Rangers not play games in winter? Whatever the number, it looks like he’s got a recurring calf issue. Id be cautious about putting too many eggs in this basket.
  16. I wonder if this is a consequence of the recent approach to local businesses “for mutual benefit” and in an attempt to mend bridges burnt when Chansiri upped prices despite agreements being signed a few years ago.
  17. We’ve already had the second coming of both of those two.
  18. I wouldn’t say totally different. From the photo and much of the write up, it’s pretty much the same, but I do acknowledge that “a rooftop stage where local artists will perform” could be transformative. I assume that local artists are already signed up.
  19. Not incorrect. From the club site, as posted by you… …“This is the first outdoor event of its nature at Hillsborough for some time”. They’ve done it before, But for whatever reason, they didn’t keep it going. I suspect lack of support based on the few times I was there. Hopefully it’ll kick on this time. And I’d expand it all the way behind the N stand (once the junk’s been cleared away).
  20. The club has been doing this already. There’s been a little area for kids kick around, and a bar and some food (can’t remember what exactly). Its not a new idea even for Wednesday. Maybe it wasn’t given much support by the fans?
  21. I hope we don’t rely too much on loanees arriving at the end of the window. Any arriving in the last few days will already have missed 5 or 6 matches. Add a few weeks to gain fitness and understanding of the role, style, and team mates, and almost a quarter of the season could be gone before they get started.
  22. You’ve missed out the departure of Brennan. So purely on numbers, we are three down in centre defence and two up top. But some of those arrived in January. Compared to the start (or just after) of last season we need another defender (Dean?) and another forward (Wilks?). Get those two additions sorted, then we’ll have enough for various formations. Any more signing will create the squad depth for Plans C and D.
  23. Just for context, how much is a season ticket in those stands / age groups?
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