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  1. Not if SYP have their way. I understand that they're looking to get a postponement due to Islamic terrorists planning a recruitment drive on Leppings Lane.
  2. Stewards standing at the top of the stairwell on the North making it difficult to pass at FT. At away games: stewards insisting on checking your ticket to make sure you're entering the correct area. I can read the block/row/seat number, FFS, it's on the ticket!
  3. Being unable to retain possession from our own throw in. Been going on for years.
  4. Bullen needs an experienced assistant. A wise head. We need to get the academy coaches back to the academy. But on the face of it, do we need additional coaches? We head eight "coaches" on the pitch before the Millwall game. Bullen was stood observing. Weaver was with the keepers I think NS (Strudwick?) was doing warm ups. There was another with the keeper and four others I didn't recognise.
  5. Westwood Odubajo, Lees, Borner, Palmer Hutch Bannan, Reach Murphy, Fletcher, Harris. Dawson, Iorfa, Lee, Luongo, Forestieri, Nuhiu, Winnall.
  6. Agree with this. If he could somehow apologise and convince Chansiri that he'd been a fool and win him over. Then that would be enough for me. But I'd definitely leave Agnew and Clemence on the dole. But you can't take the emotion out of the situation. Much like the talk of Milan appointing Colin a few years ago: without the Blades link, he would have been perfect for us, but when half (or more) of the fan base is against the manager from the start, it's an impossible task. So it's a no from me.
  7. In isolation, the first sub did seem a bit strange. But actually all three made sense. With hindsight, Nuhiu instead of Rhodes, but Rhodes for Lee was a sensible substitution. Most of the second half we played 2-5-3. With Rhodes it was more 2-4-4. The much maligned Fox, and much improved Palmer, are oft critised for their poor crosses and attacking play. Reach and Hutchinson offered more in the opponents half. Had we made a straightforward Bannan for Hutch (instead of Iorfa) I think we'd have lost a lot of the control that we had.
  8. What's with this Fernando secretly serving his ban malarkey? Wasnt he named on the bench last week? You can't serve a suspension and be on the bench. You can't pick and chose when to serve a ban. He appealed. If he loses, the ban will start after the appeal decision. I dare say, he could drop his appeal at a convenient time, but that would be followed by an FA announcement confirming the ban. If FF isn't injured, he was dropped. Probably dropped because he'd get kicked to pieces by Millwall. Omitting FF from the starting 11 was beyond argument and the subs covered as many bases as feasible. Nuhiu as like for like replacement for Fletcher and Rhodes for any knock downs, and low crosses. Bannan and Luongo offered the midfield options. We didn't need a wide man as we had two (plus Reach) on the pitch, but even so Odubayo was available. If you're after a conspiracy: the transfer window hasn't closed in Italy.
  9. Bullen 5-1 second favourite* after Rowett. We could be left with Zola and Pulis to choose from. Meltdown when they appoint Bullen. * Made up odds. But made up by me or by Sky Bet?
  10. I refuse to have a shower... ...until I get home tomorrow night.
  11. On what basis do you think "DC and his advisors" are thinking "this bloke [Campbell] would take us to the Prem."? There is absolutely no evidence to suggest SC is being considered by anyone at the club for the job as manager or head coach. Sky Bet and an Owlstalk meltdown DO NOT constitute such evidence.
  12. What opportunity? He's on a hiding to nothing with some fans. Win six out of six and it counts for nothing: "easy fixtures that any manager would have won. Let's see how he does against decent opposition." Someone even posted earlier that 4 wins would be considered failure. And let's not forget, however well or badly the team perform, it's on the back of Bullen and the academy coaches. How much better could he do with an experienced assistant and another quality coach?
  13. Westwood Iorfa, Lees, Borner, Palmer Hutchinson, Luongo, Reach FF, Nuhiu, Harris If fully fit: Bannan for Reach, and Reach for FF. Rest Fletcher for Luton. Consider Rhodes, but need the height of Nuhiu defending set pieces. Lee needs resting. Best to do so against more physical teams.
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