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  1. This is what parachute payments were supposed to facilitate. When we left the prem (and the divide between Prem and EFL was a fraction of what it is now) we were unsustainable. We had a bit of a fire sale, but couldn’t adjust enough. We never recovered financially until MM saved us at the door of the High Court. Parachute payments were devised to allow clubs time to adjust their finances according to their new circumstances. It gave ALL clubs time to bring in relegation clauses into contracts. Problem with them is that there was never an end date for when they would be stopped, so clubs got the contracts sorted (in most cases - some clubs were just too far gone) and used parachute payments as a “Premier League Return” fund. Hence the unequal competition.
  2. Dusty Bin was a character in the form of a motorised dust bin on the popular Saturday night quiz show, 3-2-1. I think if the “winners” failed in the final round they got the booby prize, a dusty bin. I guess a blue and white cuddly toy version must have been made.
  3. My impressions of Berahino was that he didn’t do a great deal. He did get a couple of half chances that led to nought. His main contribution, I thought, was that his presence in a forward central role took some of the attention of the central defenders away from Gregory which gave him more freedom to have an effect on the game. As a result we created more chances than in the rest of the game prior to his appearance.
  4. Next season. Proud official sponsor of Cameron Dawson - Owlstalk.
  5. Surprised that Adeniran is playing. He took a right battering at Morecambe.
  6. For those saying we should lose and get out of this cup ASAP, have you considered why academy teams are in this competition? For quite a few years EPL clubs have been pressing for their academies to play in the EFL. Uproar from most sensible fans, but the clamour got a bit serious a few years back (possibly, if memory serves, linked to premier league money filtering to football league). As a compromise (and possibly the thin edge of the wedge) academies were allowed into the EFL Trophy. Since academies have been in the competition (5 seasons), none have reached the final. If anything, this demonstrates how poor academy teams are when up against proper players. It’s silenced the calls for EPL clubs to be allowed academy teams in the league. Now if Wednesday, and other EFL teams, don’t take the EPL Trophy seriously academy teams will start to win it. This will change the situation completely and lead to more pressure to allow academies into the league. Wednesday should do it’s best to prevent this by stuffing Newcastle tonight.
  7. This is a great opportunity to give proper game time to players that need it. Sow and Corbeanu need to get minutes under their belt before getting a first team start. Gibson and Shodipo (if fit) needs to start to. They can be brought off if/when they start to tire. The rest can be our under 21s. Or we can give game time to Dele-Bishuru, Adedoyin. We should treat this game as a serious test for players that need time on the pitch. And let’s be honest here, for some of our squad, play-off aside, it’s their only realistic option of getting to play at Wembley. And if we do get to the final, who here will change their tune for a day out at Wembley?
  8. BPK Hunt Iofra Dunkley Palmer Byers Bannan Wing Adeniran Gregory Brown
  9. A few calls for personnel changes. Understandable, but do we risk disrupting, and possibly dropping points as a consequence, when coming up against a team we expect / need to beat? For me, the keeper, back four, and Bannan/Adeniran are must starts. Wing and the front three could be rested. We need to avoid dropping stupid points and get off to a solid start, so strongest team plays for me.
  10. If it wasn’t a save, and that’s what I thought at the time, then the ref should have blown for a free kick to us when Bogle touched the ball from the rebound. He didn’t, and it could have cost us a goal.
  11. It shouldn’t take 12 months, never mind 18. Rotherham (admittedly a large allocation by L1 standards) sold out at 540 points. That’s two STs and just eight games. How many home cup games in 19-20 season? Say two, plus Huddersfield this season. So only five games short if you’ve gone to zero away games. Go to nearly every away league game that your points allow (that’s most of them), add the PJ cup and you’ll have enough points by Christmas to get you in at the likes of Donny, Burton, Fleetwood, and probably even Wimbledon.
  12. I think that’s only partly true. If you only have points for two season tickets and a couple of cup games then you’ll be lucky to get to sell out games. But if you are prepared to go to the likes of Charlton, Plymouth, Crewe you can build up enough points to be in the second tranche for most away games and be more or less guaranteed a ticket for any away game. But you have to put in the miles / hours to start with.
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