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  1. Dawson - 8 Palmer - 7 Iorfa - 6 Borner - 7 Fox - 9 Hutch - 6 Bannan - 7 Luongo - 8 Reach - 7 Fletch - 7 Harris - 6
  2. Under Monk, won 4, lost one, against teams in the bottom 8. The other bottom three teams in the bottom 8, all beaten under Bullen. We haven't beaten a team (currently) above 17th in the table. Only picked up two points all season against teams (currently) 16th and higher. That record will be put right on Saturday.
  3. First half there was another injury right on the 45 minute mark, so ref would have added a bit more to his "minimum" of 5 minutes extra.
  4. Maybe. But then I thought he was on the verge of a comeback before the international break! Monk said something the other day about players being out for more than two weeks needing behind closed door games or U23s. And Lees is back in full training. So I'm guessing he was hinting that Lees might be due a few minutes for the U23s.
  5. Why wasn't Dawson's performance worthy of a 7/10? What is your criteria to differentiate a 6 from a 7? For me, every player enters the pitch on 6/10. If they do something good, they're up to 7, something negative, down to five. Clearly, it can't be that black and white, but despite looking a bit indecisive Dawson did more good than bad. Definite 7/10 for me. And that is how I differentiate between our two immense centre halves. Both get 8/10, except that Borner's goal pushes him to a MotM 9/10.
  6. What gets me is how did Warnock think they could get away with this? Clearly something they've been working on. But virtually everyone thinks it was offside, blatantly so. So why practice a routine that is almost certainly not going to be allowed. Imagine a perfect freekick into the bottom corner disallowed due to the centre half doing exercises in an offside position. Cardiff must have been confident it was going to stand. Why? Conspiracy theorists would say the ref was bunged a few quid. Or maybe Warnock spoke to the ref before the match, told him the plan, and the ref said no problem. Cardiff knew the goal was going to stand. Either the ref is bent or seriously incompetent. Not just a mistake in the heat of the moment, but a mistake with time to think about it in advance. Id like there to be a more innocent explanation, but I can't come up with one.
  7. They? Who's "they"? As above. Tut tut. Learn a lesson from Costello 77... Its "we" or "us" ffs.
  8. Or maybe the world has lost its ability (or willingness) to emphasise with others and it's all becoming me me me. I'm having a good time and if you don't like what you see or overhear, tough. Perhaps women and kids and those of a different ethnicity or sexual orientation should, if they are of a sensitive nature, think twice before going to football. You know (or knew) what to expect at a Jim Davison* show, but society has moved on. Football fans should too. * Just to clarify, Jim Davison was an excellent comedian. He gave people what they wanted at that time. He is often unfairly judged by today's standards for what he did years ago.
  9. If its "beyond" you to understand why some folk find certain things offensive, why do you persist? And how can you then say "it's not offensive", if it's beyond you to comprehend what is and isn't offensive? Surely if, unintentionally, you've offended someone through your words you make a mental note not to repeat those words or phrases. Don't you? There are many times, particularly around racist comments, where I think "how is that offensive?", but it is, to some people, so I don't use those words. Despite relentless changes in society, there are still many (even in football crowds) that find swearing offensive, or at least are uncomfortable with it. And similarly with songs that relate to massive [lets see how the swear filter copes...] *****, or "boobies fanny and Wednesday". Whilst it might be difficult to eradicate long standing offensive songs, surely we can avoid creating new ones.
  10. I agree that we are some way off defensive solidity. Despite a decent goals against stat, we look like we could concede at any time. For different reasons, defensively we mastered both Fulham and Middlesbrough, yet in both games we conceded due to shoddy defending. I didn't see the Hull match; was that the same? Wigan could have gone the same way too. We have some way to go before we are "solid in defence".
  11. Middlesbrough will not finish top half. If they keep Woodgate, they will join Barnsley in League 1 next season.
  12. Westwood 8 Palmer 7 Moses 6 Iorfa 7 Borner 8 MOM Reach 7 Luongo 6 Joey 7 Bannan 8 Harris 7 Fletch 7 Lee. 6 Murphy 4 Nuhiu 6
  13. What doubt? How do you know that the Lino wasn't sure, in his mind, that it was definitely offside? Even you yourself, eight posts before the one I quoted said "He does look slightly offside". Don't you have it within yourself to accept that perhaps, just maybe, the Lino got it right.
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