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  1. Jones (Brad) Johnson (Reda) Jones (Rob) Johnson (Michael) Jones (Daniel) Johnson (Jermaine) Johnson (Jeff) Jones (Ryan) Jones (Mike) Jones (Kenwyn) Johnson (Tommy)
  2. True that. But I’m not sure there’ll be many neutrals paying £15, and a fair few regulars of the two teams won’t either. There are a lot of people whose jobs are on the line. As a comparison, do you know how many Wednesday fans buy weekly Ifollow? I’m guessing it’s not a lot.
  3. Sky tried PPV many years ago. It was quickly scrapped due to low take up. Times change, but I think there’s less appetite for PPV just now, not more.
  4. What you’re suggesting, for if we’re chasing the game, is more 2-5-3 than 4-3-3. I think we will keep the back three and move to 3-4-3. Kachunga on for Luongo.
  5. Is anyone still waiting for their shirt to be delivered? I’ll give it a week before chasing up, but wondered if it’s just me or not.
  6. I’d be interested in viewing, but only if it’s free. I wouldn’t pay unless it gained a reputation and I felt that I was seriously missing out. And if it becomes swamped with adverts, I’d be out. Other than that, it’s down to content. Keep it current, keep it interesting and original, regularly updated, and I’ll “follow”, but then that’s all down to personal choices and you/me/we regard as “interesting”.
  7. For a few years now I’ve been thinking that whenever we get a throw in in our defensive third, we should deliberately take a foul throw to hand possession to the opposition. We defend their throw ins better than our own. Only time we look reasonable at throw ins is when we have a Tommy Spurr type who can send it some distance.
  8. Do we now have to refer to Colin as Neil? Or is it Neil who’s Colin? I keep getting those two mixed up.
  9. I’m hoping that irrespective of FFP that there will be clubs without an owner prepared to dip into his deep pockets such that the lack of match day income results in a few going into admin. Hopefully, it’ll be the lower end clubs and -12 points will put them below us in the table. Mass admin could be our get out of jail card.
  10. A quick look at Wiki identifies South Kirby Wednesday (1905 to 1936) and Abergavenny Thursdays (1927 to 2013). I don’t think the Wiki list is definitive by any means, but I cba to trawl the net for more. Considering the background to our own “Wednesday”, it would be most surprising if there were no other clubs back in the 19th century with similar names. Whether any pre-dated The Wednesday FC, I don’t know. That’s why I added the question mark.
  11. Are you sure about that? Im sure I’ve seen that in the early days of football there were a few “Wednesdays”. Were we definitely the first?
  12. He’s the type of player big Ron brought in for the 91 promotion push : Steve McKenzie, Steve McCall. Brunt will be a bit part player for BC in their push for top six. A good addition to their squad, but I don’t think he’d fit in to a bottom end team low on confidence and struggling to develop a style of play. And we couldn’t waste a wage of a player getting 20 minutes here and there. Last season, maybe. This season, no.
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