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  1. Good point. But to do that, we need to cut down the moaning at the refs, and accept that they’re doing their best in difficult circumstances.
  2. Is it fair to assume that when the third round draw is made next season there won’t be the regular calls for a “big team”? We never get top teams at Hillsborough. We always get [email protected] draws. We get a top team and many can’t be arsed. Talk about disrespecting the cup. Nothing to do with managers concentrating on the league when there’s fans like ours about.
  3. When the N is full the concourse can be a bit crowded, but it’s nowhere near as bad as many away ends: Leeds and Villa spring to mind. If anywhere is dangerous, those two are.
  4. The EFL, yeah them, should introduce a rule to ban any loan payments (including wages) for “youth” players under 25. Why should poorer league clubs pay to develop rich prem club’s players? But without a strict rule clubs will compete and take the gamble and, over all, waste money.
  5. Probably agreed a nominal fee, and promotion and future transfer add-ons.
  6. Yesterday’s goals were our first from open play since Forest. Last two at Forest, both at Stoke and v Cardiff, from corners. And a pen v Bristol C.
  7. Don’t underestimate Reach’s role in that goal. Yes, Bannan’s perfectly weighted pass made it easy. No need for a controlling touch. Just look up and pass. Yes, Nuhiu being the only player in or near the box made the decision making easy, and his perfectly timed run made the pass relatively simple. But... Reach is the nearest we have to Bannan in “seeing the move unfurl in his mind”. Had it been Harris or Murphy on the left the likelihood is that they wouldn’t have been ready for Bannan’s pass and it would have either rolled out for a goal kick or Bannan would have turned and passed back to Borner. Harris and Murphy: speed and ball control. Reach: anticipation and vision.
  8. Today was the third time that we’ve “defended” a one goal lead by scoring an injury time decider.
  9. I think a goal in the first minute of his debut suggests otherwise.
  10. Reminded me of Bannan - Pudil - Wallace. 1-0 v Arsenal.
  11. Can you imagine the meltdown on here 2pm Saturday... ”playing at home and only Winnall up front, ffs!” ”negative Monk, why can’t we start on the front foot for once. Get at the oppo.” I agree with you mind.
  12. I prefer the deathly silence when such people are called out to name the team they’d select. Still waiting...
  13. That is true. But virtually every week on MOTD, Shearer or some analyst is castigating someone for allowing a tap in through failing to track back from the half way line. Slackers are to be seen everywhere, even the Prem. It’s so easy to switch off. But bog standard, oft criticised, championship player Fox didn't switch off or slack, sprinting virtually the length of the pitch. And it saved a goal. It’s worth flagging up and praising, because to be sure, he’d be getting criticised had he been jogging back 20 yards behind play as it was tapped in.
  14. Back on this “Palace will pay his wages” comment. I know it was probably a misread tweet, but I’m sure I read, a couple of years ago, that Palace’s loan policy was to pay the player’s wage with the club only paying if he wasn’t selected to play. Palace took the view that their player gets game time, or the club get some cash. (Seems like Liverpool and Chelsea want both). Not sure if Palace’s approach is still the same (or I’m imagining it all) but for Wickham we would get a quality player for little outlay whilst Palace get their player match fit ready for next season or in the shop window. If he spends most of his time out injured it’s no loss (financially) to either club.
  15. I think it’s more like Chansiri 1 - 10 SAG etc But hopefully the “1” is start of the greatest comeback in football history.
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