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  1. Old programs.

    Keep at least one per season for a bit of nostalgic reading, perhaps first and last of each season. Then any special ones, beamback game, play-off final.
  2. BDM My first proper derby (ignoring county cup games) and best Chrismas present ever.
  3. Bolton Away - just 160 ticket remaining

    Best get in quick. Still a chance to bunk up your TPPs and break into the closed shop.
  4. Trains from Bolton

    I've no idea where Victoria is, but if there's a free shuttle to Piccadilly and it's quick and frequent, that should be ok. I'll give it another thought.
  5. Trains from Bolton

    Victoria's no good. I guess most Wednesday fans want to get to Piccadilly, so will get the 17:26. If I don't get on the 17:26 (I know the station is two minutes from the ground) I'll be cutting it fine for the train from Manchester. There are few options unless I want to pay double.
  6. Trains from Bolton

    Thanks for this info. Im guessing it'll be the same Saturday. My concern is if a bit of control is put in place to prevent over crowding on the platform, and on the trains. This might mean waiting an extra half hour at Horwich to catch the later train (putting on extra train for football fans? as if that's a priority!) meaning I miss the train I need out of Manchester. I think I'll drive.
  7. This Saturday in Brum

    Despite being a Mackem, Mark is clearly very knowledgeable about the early days of football, and with Clive's comprehensive research on Fred a great story was put together. I'm sure they could have carried on all night but we had homes to go back to. Mark said they're doing it again at Hillsborough on 11th Nov. Anyone with the slightest interest in the early days of football and/or our earliest star should get along. And I reckon many non-Wednesday fans would find it interesting too.
  8. Priority Points. Becoming a closed shop.

    TPP is as good a system as you can get. Any system where demand outweighs supply will have problems but this system has few. When someone lets their account be used by others it has three downsides: queue jumping by the person getting the ticket; missing out on TTPs by the ticket buyer, which might be critical for the game where the mate with the TTPs wants to go too; queue jumping at big games by the person who has unfairly built up their TTPs through the efforts of mates. The answer for me, at least part way to a solution, is for sell out games to attract zero TPPs. Or maybe zero points for those that don't reach general sale. Hence there is no way some people can build up points whilst others are frozen out. Anyone buying a ticket with a view to selling it, but keeping the points, would risk not selling (if not sold out) or having the hassle for no TPP benefit. You'd still get mates helping mates, but it would (unless tickets sold at a profit) be a selfless act not a selfish one.
  9. Wildsmith or Westwood

    Wildsmith will hopefully become a long standing first choice keeper, but his performance against Leeds wasn't error-free despite a clean sheet. A number of times he was slow and hesitant coming off his line for a ball beyond the central defenders. It causes confusion and could have led to a goal. For now Westwood gets the call.
  10. The Top Six

    Villa, Wolves, Cardiff, Norwich, Fulham, plus one other...
  11. England Quiz

    Mervin Day?
  12. Abdi

    I'm not sure Abdi would see it as "best for us all" if we cancelled his contract.
  13. Thoughts on these two?

    I thought Donnelly was a class player, but never stayed fit long enough to develop the strength, confidence and understanding with team mates to deliver consistently. Hence he often frustrated. O'Donnell was more of a work horse. Bit like Dave Jones. I remember he had a decent spell at left back when, somehow, he was fit and all other options were out.
  14. So where's De Bilde? And FJ9? Daily Mail. Always confused as to why anyone with two brain cells bothers reading it.
  15. Fox socks, Joao's Mouse House, Hunt's c... nah, wouldn't sell, Marco's polos. Reach beach towels.