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  1. Trams at the back of the South Stand

    If only they could work out how to line them up at Middlewood. Cant be too difficult.
  2. Carlos - A question

    Pythagoras' theorem is baffling... ...to an eight year old. Similarly, Carlos' tactics are baffling... ...to those that don't understand football and/or can't reason and analyse.
  3. I'm surprised that the ref didn't stop the game quicker. I missed the immediate incident, following the ball, as maybe the ref did, but the player was flat out and motionless. Ref had a glance and played on as Brentford were attacking. Not good refereeing.
  4. Advertising hoardings

    Isnt it always the case that being behind one goal you have no idea if a shot crosses the line at the other end unless/until the net ripples? Especially if at a low level. I wouldn't put that down to flashy advertising boards, although it might make it worse.
  5. Advertising hoardings

    I hardly notice them now. North stand, row 37.
  6. Adam Reach

    From when he first arrived I thought his best position (in a Carlos team) is full-back with an attacking remit. But he started to nesh a few tackles, and his heading is a bit suspect, so I had a few doubts (he also put in a few decent displays up field too). The last few games he's been much better and, overall, won his battles against pacy wingers. But he does need protection, like all full-backs, and he often gets exposed due to Bannan being out of position. Bannan's running is phenomenal. A few times yesterday he was out wide right, Brentford switched play to where Reach was one on one, but Bannan was over in a flash. Not always the case though and this makes it almost impossible for Reach. Credit to him, that he's managed these situations well (with the aid of JVA).
  7. Kit Fiasco

    The right and sensible thing would be to keep the kits* indefinitely (just the sponsor changes) and stop this unnecessary annual (although not this year) money grab from the fans. * But that would mean no stripes for quite some time. So maybe one more change then stick with it.
  8. Kit Fiasco

    Kit Fiasco was an actor in Knight Rider. He played the car.
  9. Forest's bogey team

    Until about two years ago, we did the double over Norwich four years in a row. I think.
  10. Man of the match

    Hunt. By a distance, despite many other good performances.
  11. My understanding, based solely on what I've read on various forums and club comments, is that the Sondico contract was terminated, i.e. ended before it was due to end. As a result, normal timescales went out the window and the club was at risk of supplier sharp practices and/or contractual risk. The club could/should have envisaged these problems. Maybe they did, but thought the risk was worth taking to be able to dump Sondico, as demanded by a vocal set of our fans. I suspect the club wish they'd stayed with Sondico and ignored fans' complaints about them.
  12. We went to the Mercedes suppliers after the Sondico contract was pulled, (presumably because Sondico were breaching the quality terms in the contract). This was about Christmas last year. Already way too late for Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro and others. They would all have declined to quote. They demand best part of a year turnaround. We had to go to someone new to the market, which has its risks. Or stick with Sondico and accept the moans from the fans. As as someone that regularly obtains quotations, you will know that when you are up against an impossible deadline, and the regular suppliers are out of the game, and you're scraping around for a supplier, you can't go dictating terms and conditions. The Mercedes suppliers clearly put in a place a price escalator term to cover them for unknown costs, which as a new entrant to the market was wise. The club presumably had to accept this or worse from other possible suppliers, or go back to Sondico.
  13. Isn't the issue that we were tied in with Sondico, an "established manufacturer"? Weren't many fans complaining long enough that Sondico are poo, so Chansiri dropped them? But it was already late in the day; too late to go to other established "football" kit manufacturers to step in, who need best part of a year to produce replica kits. So they found the Mercedes people... With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps the club should have stuck with Sondico.

    Two cbs who can bring the ball up field and pass would be good. Two cbs that can also defend set pieces in our defensive third would be superb.