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  1. Hector as DM, like many have called for, or 5-3-2?
  2. One problem is that our academy has only recently been invested in to a reasonable extent. So only in the last year or two have good kids started coming through as quality youths and potential first teamers. But we've still been penny pinching as evidenced by fairly short term contracts. Our better prospects need to be signed on longer contracts so that, if they become "too good" for us, we can sell and we can avoid Clare / Hirst situations.
  3. Be an upgrade on Matt Penny!
  4. Tamworthowl


    Four goals in six games since Jos left. None in two with Agnew in charge. But I agree with other posters; the problem is creating chances. We cant judge the forwards on their inability to score a hatful if we barely create a decent chance all game.
  5. Tamworthowl

    luton game

    After yesterday's showing, surely some rotating is a must? But tbf, I'm struggling to think who we could bring in.
  6. Tamworthowl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Westwood - 5. A good save early on, think he could have done better with first and third goals. Penalty: Dawson would have been castigated had he given that away. Fox - 5. Ok. Lees - 3 . Poor for the third. And generally over run by a superior opposition. Hector - 5 . Poor for the third. Slow on the ball, possibly due to lack of movement ahead of him. Palmer - 6. Poor start, but kept his side reasonably secure. Hutch - 6. Some robust challenges, but did little to protect the back four or going forward. Bannan - 3. Has he had a worse game for us? Gave his all, as usual, but mainly to try to recover a misplaced pass. Reach - 2 offered nothing going forward, nothing defensively. Matias - 3. Ran a bit, but nowhere useful. Fletcher - 2. Didn't get a chance, so can't be critiseed for not scoring, but lost out on every header, lost possession consistently. No support was part of the reason, otherwise would have rated a 1. Boyd - 3. Disappointing after recent improvements. Can't point to any obvious errors, just not in the game at all. Nuhui - 4. Improvement on Fletcher, even fashioned a shot on goal, but still poor. Winnal - 4. Ran around a bit, fell over. Looks like he hasn't played for 18 months and is struggling to identify his role in the team.
  7. Its more than 20 years. In addition to Hull's third, Wigan's third on the opening day was down to our throw in. Probably other examples too. Other than when we've had a long throw specialist (Spurr etc) we have consistently created more problems for ourselves than for the opposition from our throw ins. I dread us winning a throw in in our defensive third. Can't blame Bullen, Jos, Carlos, been going on for decades, even before the throw in to the keeper was outlawed.
  8. Tamworthowl

    Why the urgency?

    Got to disagree with this. Tom Lees never got anywhere near as far forward as the half way line from the moment the ref tossed the coin. All bar Fletcher must have spent 90% of the match in our half.
  9. Tamworthowl

    Fans Today

    OP is well off the mark. Support was vocal from the start. It has been better, much better, but the support was encouraging. But to keep it going, the fans need something too. The first half performance: I'd describe as attack v defence, knocked any enthusiasm for six. The goal on half time just about killed what was left. The second five minutes into the second half certainly did. The players did nothing for the entire 90 minutes to get the fans cheering: I appreciate that the OP implies that one leads to the other, but the first half support roused nothing in the players, so any support at 0-2 was unlikely to succeed. We were all cheesed off and wanted the final whistle, so second half support was minimal, a few Sammy Hutchinson chants and one for Winnall. Hardly surprising and not something to determine the typical level of away supporter greatness. PS Support was way better than at Hillsborough last week.
  10. Two years ago we brought in Winnall and Rhodes. Whilst half the fan base were jumping for joy, the rest were like FFS it's the supply we need, not more strikers: Hourihane not Winnall/Rhodes. Two years later...
  11. Wide men? We have wide men?
  12. Tamworthowl


    Take a spare bottle top because they might confiscate the one attached to the bottle.
  13. Tamworthowl

    Press Conference

    Hate to put a dampener on the mood here, but if you check the archives (I cba) I'm sure you'll find a great deal of positivity after the first press conferences of both Carlos and Jos. Only after things started to go pear shaped did the press conferences go a bit weird.
  14. Tamworthowl

    Any credit to Chansiri?

    I agree that there are many negatives in Chansiri's time, but your list is a bit blinkered and biased. You did, however, miss the Radio Sheffield debacle. If sacking Gray is a negative (I agree) and appointing Carlos is also a negative, then surely sacking Carlos and then Jos should appear in your positive column. Appointing Katrien as Chief Exec is bad? What has she done wrong? I'm not sure what she does do, but just because she made mistakes elsewhere doesn't make her appointment a bad thing. To beef up the pluses: how about... catering improvement? A long way to go, but cashless has reduced queuing, and choice has improved. a Wednesday pub? a fan park? Well it's a start. the best two seasons since mid 90s? some of the best players at Hillsborough since late 90s. To me one of his best decisions was setting up his advisory committee. But one of his biggest mistakes was getting rid of that advisory committee. Remember Glenn Roeder, and Owlstalk in meltdown because he was "lining himself up for the manager job"? Committee didn't last long. Was this because they were in conflict with the "advice" coming from Doyen? If only we'd had something to temper the influence of Doyen over the last 3 years... Its certainly been a roller coaster since Chansiri took over, but I think, considering where we were, he's well into positive territory. Although I suppose how you're affected by pricing swings opinions.
  15. Tamworthowl

    Steve Bruce Giant Flag

    To to the tune of Rio, by Duran Duran. His name is Steve Bruce, and he's got a massive nose. We're on our way back, But to where, nobody knows.