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  1. I’d like to see Dawson get a chance to prove himself too. But the problem with that is that by the time you know he’s not up to it (League 1 or playing in front of critical Wednesday fans) it’s too late to get a decent replacement. So I think he will start as no2 to another prem loanee or an older keeper with top level experience on a year long deal. Or else he’ll leave.
  2. I took my daughter to her first match years ago. We were in the grandstand. Di Canio scored in the first minute. She hated the noise and wanted to go home. I politely told her to shut up and we’ll go home when the match finishes. She’s not been to a match since. Her brother, on the other hand, complete opposite.
  3. The issue mentioned a couple of seasons ago was crowding on the concourse. We’re all a lot fatter than we were in the 60s so it’s now a bit unsafe when all seats are sold and we all up for a pie/pee at HT, apparently. So we have to limit numbers. Logic would suggest a solution of closing the front or back two rows across the length of the stand rather than one block, but no, SAG think all the fatties tend to the LL end. Or maybe they’re being disingenuous.
  4. I cba to do any research on this, but I’m sure there was a thread on this a few years back and in football’s early days there were several “Wednesdays” and even a “Thursday”. Maybe I dreamt it?
  5. If the aim is to increase megastore turnover… …we all know that the atmosphere at away games is vastly superior to home matches. Why? Because a much higher proportion of fans have been on the booze for hours, but also because a large number are off their heads on coke. The megastore should seize the opportunity and set up a counter selling a range of illicit drugs. Could have a mobile pop-up store set up each fortnight outside the away turnstiles.
  6. We did ok in the summer transfer market, nothing more. A couple of signings worked out well, a couple showed promise, most flopped or delivered infrequently. But if you put it in the context of the situation last summer: recent failure to pay wages, relegation, a demotivated squad (what was left of it), a distant chairman with questionable commitment, and a transfer embargo, then we did well in the transfer market. If we bring in the same quality of players this summer as we did last it would be viewed differently.
  7. Brennan is a right footed centre back. As a young player stepping up it would have been a risk too far to play him on the left where Johnson played. The difficulty of playing on the left of a back three was highlighted by Johnson as a wing back: he had his best run of games when he had Gibson and / or Palmer behind him. Any other player, especially Hutchinson, failed miserably to form a decent partnership down the left wing.
  8. Can you, hand on heart, say that an hour before kick off you haven’t once had a thought along the lines of “it’s going to be a long afternoon”? Perhaps you go to every game so don’t post, I don’t know, but the vast majority of match threads that I’ve read have been over whelmed with “I can’t see where the goals are coming from” or “that defence…eek” or “square pegs…”. Despite the negative views on the team selections we've only lost 10 games. We did well despite having to play, for example, Johnson and Paterson in the back three.
  9. I think you’re oversimplifying and missing the point. Consider the two extremes… 1) ALL our players suffer long term (Windass / Iorfa style) injuries early in the season leaving us to play U23s. Would you agree that finishing 4th in such circumstances is “overachievement”? 2) Chansiri splashes the cash and signs the best 11 players from the championship for our league 1 campaign. I’d agree that finishing 4th in such circumstances is seriously under achieving. But in reality we weren’t at either extreme. We were somewhere in between, but we were much nearer scenario 1: a demoralised and demotivated squad, a chairman whose commitment and ability to fund the club was uncertain, a transfer embargo limiting us to freebies and rejects. In such circumstances, finishing 4th is an achievement in itself. Adding on the serious injury list, finishing 4th was better than we could, realistically, expect. 4th in league 1 is nothing to brag about or put on the honours board, but in the context of last summer and the following months, we overachieved.
  10. Finishing 4th in Div 3 is an embarrassment to a club of our stature and aspirations, and it’s nothing to brag about, but based on where we were and our expectations 12 months ago, it is an over achievement. Unless, of course, you thought that Moore could build a top two finish from the dregs of last season's demoralised relegation squad amidst the chaos of a transfer embargo and recent non payment of salaries. Nah, we overachieved against any reasonable expectation this season.
  11. …I was wondering whether or not we’d have a club to follow in the coming season. And if we did, I was worried that we’d be facing a struggle against successive relegations. The first issue soon disappeared, and we started to sign new players. Freebies, Stoke’s 5th choice forward, loans, Burnley’s 4th choice keeper, and Prem academy rejects, Adeniran. Some players I’d never heard of were lauded on here as being pretty good (Shodipo). Soon we had enough players to make a team. Enough to make a squad. But whilst we had numbers, it was still a mixture of misfits, rejects and those who performed so badly and without passion as we got relegated just a few weeks earlier. So thoughts of successive relegations dispersed to be replaced with a bit of optimism: 8th or 9th. Then Windass was injured. Out for at least two months (season ending would have been more accurate). I probably thought bottom half at this point but the blind optimism of the fan pushed me to stay with comfortably top half. 9 months later and we’ve finished 4th. To me, that’s overachieving. True, we messed up in the play-offs and we’ve conceded way too many late goals to lose points. But we’ve dealt with yet another massive injury list along the way. We’ve produced an entertaining style of play, plenty of goals, and a home record we’ve been dreaming of for years. A year after being concerned for the future of the club, I’m optimistic for next season. Another rebuild, but this time from a solid base. Moore did well in the transfer market last season, considering both hands were tied behind his back, and I’m confident that he’ll do as well this summer. He needs to address the tissue of beating teams that park the bus, especially away from home, and “putting games to bed” when we’re ahead, but with decent defensive recruits, a commanding keeper, and help for Gregory (a fit Windass might suffice) I’m confident of an improved league position next season. Bring on pre-season.
  12. I appreciate the integrity point, and the desire to avoid undermining the authority / respect of the pitch referee, but the process dictates that VAR is always reviewing and checking and to give the pitch ref the final say, to save face, is, for me, a pointless waste of time. If VAR thinks that a “clear and obvious mistake” may or may not have occurred but is not sure enough to “overrule” the pitch ref, then it is not “clear and obvious” and there is no need to review on the monitor. But if VAR is certain that a “clear and obvious” mistake has been made, then equally there is no need to review.
  13. I don’t know what your personal opinion was before VAR was introduced, but the vast majority wanted to eliminate incorrect decisions. And that’s what VAR (usually) does. The impact on the fan in the stand was clearly predicable, and I argued against VAR consistently, but we got what we asked for. If we abolish VAR, fans will soon be moaning about conceding a goal that was “miles offside”. And you can be sure that Sky will highlight the “offside by a toenail” incidents as well. On the issue of time delay for VAR reaching decisions (not offside reviews, but penalties, red card issues), I don’t understand the point of the pitch ref using the TV monitor. The VAR is a fully qualified premier league referee having a stint in the studio, so if VAR says to the pitch ref “I think you’ve made a clear and obvious mistake” that should be it. It’s not as though VAR is a trainee Sunday league ref and his query needs to be reviewed on the monitor by the more experienced pitch ref.
  14. Or you could argue that, at a time when a team of freebies and loanees were gelling and the defence was decimated by injuries, those draws at Cambridge, Cheltenham, and at home to Lincoln, Shrewsbury etc gave us the vital points that put us in the play offs instead of just outside. Looking back at our injuries and all the changes last summer, it’s surprising that we’ve lost so few games.
  15. Which square pegs are in which round holes?
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