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  1. Agree with the second bit. Forest were getting a bit petulant, whereas they needed to show some determination. That first one, just before half time, when the cross field pass was yards behind the winger, I can understand the ref taking no action. It wasn't dissent, you could argue time wasting, but at three nil down... The one in the second half though was deliberately whacked into the crowd. Couldn't see from where I was, but it could easily have smacked someone in the face. Definite yellow, possibly a red. (Remember Carragher's red for gently lobbing a coin back into the crowd? This was much worse.)
  2. Soz, but got to pick you up on this. Leeds weren't 3 up against 10 man Cardiff. They were 3 up against 11 man Cardiff. 11 man Cardiff brought it back to 3-2. Leeds 3-2 up against 10 man Cardiff drew 3-3. Apologies for being so pedantic, but it does my head in seeing (usually in the media) erroneous comments about how well/badly a team did against a side reduced in numbers.
  3. Bannan was so off his game on Saturday that I wondered if he was suffering a bit of flu or something. Seconds later he did a gut busting 50 yard dash to close down a defender, so that theory went out the window. Just an off day for him. He's allowed one or two after all the decent performances he's had. Unless injured, he starts Wednesday and Saturday.
  4. How can any fan have that attitude? The season is not over. It may be that a points deduction means promotion is out of the question, but that deduction may well put us in a relegation battle. Every win is important: the season isn't over. But even if it was over, firmly mid-table, last game of season, you still want your team to win. That's fundamental to being a fan.
  5. I think "it could have gone either way" is a fair point. The performance yesterday was no better than last Saturday. Second half we battered West Brom and were by far the better team, yet we couldn't score the vital second and conceded a stupid penalty to lose. Yesterday, we were by far the better team but were struggling to get the second, until we got a bit of luck with a borderline penalty. No one would have been surprised had the penalty not been given and for Charlton to race down the other end and score. It could have gone either way. But for a bit of luck, for a change it went our way. It could have been 4 or 5, but equally, on recent evidence, we could have lost.
  6. Iorfa, Lees, Borner. Back to a back three. Allows two wide men and three in the middle whilst keeping two up top. It's the way forward. Maybe not next week, but soon.
  7. Trouble is, whilst most on OT agree with that, there would be meltdown if we sold Iorfa and Bannan in January. "No ambition" "You don't sell your best players if you want to progress" "Settling for mediocrity". We all know that we need to sell, but few can stomach it if/when it happens.
  8. Fox had a decent game yesterday. A few clearances went to opposition players (not the only culprit) but he did the basics well. At least he won the ball back to be able to make a misplaced clearance. Can't say I noticed him having the problems like Obudajo on the other side.
  9. We do have players that can put in quality crosses. Yesterday, decent attempts on goal resulted from crosses by FF, Bannan, Harris, Reach. Only one wasn't from open play. In previous games, Fox has put over some quality crosses. The difference between yesterday and previous games that made yesterday's crossing better is that we had two big men in the middle. The "crossing" was no better than previously, but with two men up top finding space, getting ahead of the defender, it's easier for the attackers to get to the cross. Even a random cross, made without looking at the forwards' positioning, is twice as likely to find a target with two men waiting for it.
  10. Another booking inconsistency... I think it must have been the West Brom game where Harris got booked for not taking the short route off the pitch when he was subbed. Bit later, Baggies player subbed from virtually the same spot, but no booking.
  11. "Willie Henderson, with a nose like a blind cobblers thumb". Early 70s we always stood in the same spot on the kop behind the same group of older lads. They came out with some cracking one-liners. The only one that's stuck with me for nearly 50s years pops up every time Wille gets a mention. Not all that funny, but amused me at the time, and always makes me smile at the memory. As does the way he took the Palace defence apart. He was supposed to be past it when he left Rangers for us, but, other than Waddle, he's probably the best winger we've had.
  12. I agree that something needs to be done to keep footpaths clear for pedestrians, and especially for disabled, pushchair users etc. But is it just me that's noticed how many of the cars parked on the Penistone Road footpath from the kop to the sports centre (and elsewhere) display disabled parking badges? Does being disabled entitle you to park like a tw@t? Is disabled people parking inconsiderately to the detriment of other disabled people acceptable?
  13. After Bruce left, it took a long time for Monk to be appointed. It seemed that nobody that was available was wanted by Chansiri, but a downturn under Bullen forced action. So a "give it til the end of the season" deal is understandable. But eight games in, things are going as well as could be expected, fans are behind, maybe Chansiri is too, so it's likely Monk has been rewarded with a rolling 12 month contract and with the recruitment of his mates. I guess they too would be on a rolling 12 month deal, which is as good as any championship coach can expect.
  14. Sad state of affairs when a player wins PotM and some fans who disagree with the result can't just say "I voted for someone else, but well done" and have to argue why it's undeserved or a sympathy vote and he's not good enough, we need better. 35% thought Fox was player of the month (that's one month. It's not an assessment of his entire time at Wednesday, just how well he did this month). No one else got as much support. Well done Morgan Fox, well deserved.
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