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  1. Tamworthowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    The kind of player I'm talking about doesn't cost an absolute fortune. How much did we pay for Antonio's first season? Probably just wages as he was on loan from Reading. And JJ? Wasn't that 100k? If you re-read my initial post, I added the caveat "even with limited other abilities". Pace + talent = Sterling or Sane and costs an absolute fortune; a fast player with the ability to shoot or put in a decent cross, say 1 in 4, would still change the opposition set up and hence our play too, but it wouldn't cost the earth, and shouldn't be too difficult for a half decent scout to identify. You mention Joao, Matias and FF, and your original point, I.e. playing our best players. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but weren't MM and FF playing until they got injured? And MM was back on as sub as soon as he was fit again? Joao too gets game time. It's just that he's infuriatingly inconsistent and doesn't warrant a regular start. Either way, none of those three could be described as quick.
  2. Tamworthowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Absolute must? No. Nice to have? Yes. If, as appears likely, transfer funds are limited, it is pace that is required first and foremost. Having someone in advanced positions with pace would force the opposition defence to set up deeper allowing Bannan and Reach more space to operate. It could transform our game. But a new right back will just shore up one area of defence. An improvement, but not transformational. Unless you're thinking right wing back, rather than full back, with exceptional pace. Maybe there's another Antonio out there.
  3. Tamworthowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Not really. I'm hoping that Forestieri repeats the form he had before injury that saw us rise to sixth in the table. I'm hoping that Matias...as above. I'm hoping that the defensive back three are retained and take confidence from Friday's match and build on it. For whatever reason, we seem to be back where we were when Jos arrived in January. Literally, at Bramall Lane, but also in that we have a team low in confidence that can't defend. I'm hoping that the game at the lane is a turning point again. Regarding an influx in January: only a forward or attacking midfielder with pace. Even with limited other abilities, a player with pace is the one factor that could transform our team. I'm not hoping for a massage influx; just one will do. And a few exits.
  4. Tamworthowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    ................................... Westwood (but as he's not played for a year, I'm not sure he's still the best) ............................... Lees, Hector, Thorniley.............. Baker (or Palmer. Much of a muchness)..............Penney ...........................Bannan, Hutchinson ............Reach................................Forestieri, ..................................Fletcher So at most, just two of my "best" players are not regular starters.
  5. Tamworthowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Actually it reminded me of the semi final in terms of one sidedness. That was even at 90 mins. And there was a league draw at Bramall Lane about the same time: we thumped them 1-1 (iirc). It it wasn't humiliating last night. The players put in a spirited performance. Bannan and Reach were disappointing, which is why we didn't get going forward, but Fletcher and the defence were excellent. Proud of them after all the doom and gloom and zero expectations of last week. They fought for the shirt. They fought for the fans. What irks me, and keeps me away from Owlstalk and elsewhere, is the glee with which some posters criticise. It fair enough to acknowledge that we were seriously second best, and to discuss the serious issues at the club, but the joy and enthusiasm with which some posters do it is embarrassing.
  6. Tamworthowl

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Seemed quiet and respectful to me except for the confusion between last post ending and the minute's silence starting: although it seemed a short minute. Only the helicopter overhead breaking the silence.
  7. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
  8. So we moaned about Carlos and his undropables. Now Jos drops an underperforming regular and some are up in arms. Good call Jos. Although I would have persevered with Palmer, Baker isn't a bad change to make.
  9. Tamworthowl

    SWFC U18s 1 v 3 LEEDS UTD U18s

    50 years a fan, today was the first time I've been to Middlewood. A few observations. Firstly, I agree that Wednesday started the better and Leeds hardly left their half until the first goal, but in that first 25 minutes, Wednesday created few opportunities. Overall, I thought Leeds were bigger, stronger, faster and deserved the win. O'Brien looked good first half. Similarities with Fraser Preston. But he struggled a bit second half; he looked knackered and that affected his control. Good penalty though. Hammoud was a bit disappointing, considering the hype. But on reflection most of our decent chances came through him, including the penalty (although I thought he'd overrun the ball when he was needlessly brought down). He is very small compared to the defenders around him and you'd think that would go against him in the long term, but he's stocky and powerful. I was trying to work out who he reminds me of: best I could come up with is Mifsud ex Coventry and Malta. I was impressed with the number 5, Henri (forgot his surname). Looked composed at the back. Barely made a mistake, except, I think, the foul for the Leeds second.
  10. Tamworthowl

    If Championship teams were TV characters

    Sheffield United: Phil Mitchell. A thug, thick and uncouth. Likes to think he's in the same league as his bigger, better, brother who doesn't really give a throw about him.
  11. Weren't Villa above us when we played them? And Forest below us? I agree that we've had a fairly easy start, but it's not as simple as looking at the average league position today. What was the league position when we played teams, and what was their current form? Have we been "lucky", i.e. opposition affected by injuries/suspension?
  12. Tamworthowl

    After the horse as bolted

    I've been saying for years that there should be a cap on loans to try to limit clubs hoovering up all the young potential. And stifling a lot of it.
  13. Tamworthowl

    Well done owlstalk

    Is it as mad as "Brad Jones plays for Liverpool"?
  14. Tamworthowl

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

    106 pages of this in the Trivia and Quizes section. Some way to go to be Thread of the Decade.
  15. Tamworthowl

    Barry Baninio

    Banito Barboni? or How about Bim Bonk?