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  1. First sentence, I agree. Second, no. A Spurs cast off MIGHT be top level championship, but could just as easily be an average league one player, or worse. On the evidence of last season, Onomah is unlikely to be our star player. Iirc our last Spurs loanee was John Bostock, a different era admittedly, but where did he end up?
  2. If this was summer 2015 I might agree with your suggestion that getting Onomah would be good business. But our ability to spend is much more constrained than it was. We need to spend what we can with much more care. Whilst every signing has an element of risk, spending millions on a player that might succeed in the premier league, whilst the evidence in our own backyard suggests he might not even succeed at championship level, would be somewhat wasteful.
  3. I agree with most posts on Onomah: disappointing at best. Talented, but all to infrequently shows it. Id be concerned if we spent any more than a nominal sum. Even £350k is pushing it.
  4. Being linked with and the club being interested are totally different. Even if all the rumours and speculation are genuinely club led, they don't necessarily signify that Bruce doesn't see Palmer as first choice RB. It could be that the club are just "encouraging" Palmer to sign, or maybe Palmer has already indicated that he's likely to leave so we need a replacement. It's not the same as replacing him because Bruce has judged him as not being good enough.
  5. And whenever he has a good game, Owlstalkers can post in unison, "Bidwell from Birdwell did well."
  6. Yes. There are turnstiles to the North Stand at the Leppings Lane end. And you can get out that way too (not sure if that applies when we play the piggies).
  7. Wanting a team to lose isn't exactly the same as supporting the team they are playing. Otherwise in addition to Wednesday, each week I'd be supporting different teams, i.e. the team Pigs play, and the team Leeds play and quite a few others.
  8. Two observations: "drains very easily". Really? Why no mention of the pig farm?
  9. The role of captain is over stated. You don't need to be captain to organise and motivate. Indeed, apart from youngsters at the start of their careers, it should be a basic requirement of all players to be able to organise those around them and to motivate, encourage, cajole.
  10. I think he's only played once, under Carlos: unless there's more than one O'Grady in the U23s. I saw him in the cup game at Cambridge and was very impressed, but that was nearly three years ago. Presumably many players just stagnate and don't improve, and he's one of those.
  11. Last time we only brought in two. One became player of the year. The other, didn't. I hope it's more quality AND more quantity this summer.
  12. So, is the river still the official boundary between Wadsley Bridge and Hillsborough/Owlerton? And where's the boundary between Hillsborough and Owlerton?
  13. On the wages they'd demand: no. On sensible wages: still no. Stoke are getting rid for the same reason that we're having a clear out.
  14. Sorry to be negative about our player of the year, but he's not premier league standard. And he's in the last year of his contract: nowhere near worth £3-5m. Hector has had a good season for us, but that follows a number of seasons being "meh" at best. He would be a key signing for us, if we get him, but we need to stop over paying for players, especially when we have little room for manoeuvre. If Chelsea insist on £3m+ we should walk away. If other clubs offer that amount, so be it. But Hector also has a say. He can refuse to go to Cardiff or Forest or wherever, regardless of how much they're willing to pay. I can see the attraction (for him) of Fulham, but does he like it at Wednesday? And in Sheffield? Is he settled here? Or is it just words, and he'll go where Chelsea and/or his agent tells him to? If Hector genuinely likes it at Wednesday, he will put a value on staying here. Whether or not that is enough to counter big/better offers from other clubs only he will know. He's had a good season for us, is settled with Tom Lees and Bruce's playing style, and a result is valuable to us too, but we shouldn't let that sway us into paying over the odds.
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