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  1. Tamworthowl

    Villa Highlights from Sky

    There was a better goal in the same fixture last season.
  2. Tamworthowl

    Bristol City Away.

    Some people prefer the 10 points.
  3. Tamworthowl

    One person to blame tonight.

    Without the benefit of hindsight, what was wrong with the selection? Changes from Stoke game: Palmer (one of our current scapegoat) rested and replaced by promising youngster who's done little wrong so far, Penney rested replaced by arguably our MotM. Fletcher replaced by Nuhiu. As expected. Rotating because neither can manage two games a week. Pelupessy replaced by Onomah. Maybe Jos read Owlstalk and made that change for us fans. As it turned out, Onomah was poor, but his selection wasn't surprising. From a team that's won three, drawn one, what other changes could reasonably be made? Boyd, Jones? Rush Hooper back? Nothing wrong with team selection. Just too many players didn't turn up.
  4. Tamworthowl

    The role of the 3 in the 4-2-3-1

    Reach and Matias are making runs. Usually they are not being seen and the opportunity missed. First few minutes yesterday: Fox across to Baker, down the channel to Matias, disappointing cross, but wins a corner. They (and Joao) do/did more runs, and the fullbacks get free out wide, but So many of the opportunities are missed and the long pass into the channel missed, even by Bannan. I agree, our front four are way too static, but when runs are rarely picked out it must limit the enthusiasm to make the next run. Its what Jos commented on after Saturday: other players than Bannan need to take responsibility to make the play.
  5. Tamworthowl

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Peter Grumitt Bennet. Left back. Can't remember his first name. But he was rubbish.
  6. Tamworthowl

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Tudgay Changed the game in Forest's favour last time we visited them and failed to win. 3-1 up when he came on.
  7. Tamworthowl

    Playing Wednesdays and Saturdays

    Ignoring the complexity of Friday and Sunday games (which are irrelevant to the OP and our games this week) all teams play Saturday-Midweek-Saturday. Assume we (and our opponent that week, I.e. not Villa) are the only team to play on a Wednesday. First Saturday: all teams have had equal rest. Midweek: we and our opponent both have Sat-Wed, so equal break. Second Saturday: we have Wed-Sat rest, our opponents Tues-Sat. We are at a disadvantage. Next Midweek: both us and our opponents will have played Saturday. So equal. Third Saturday: As second. Playing regularly on a Wednesday, as opposed to Tuesday, is a disadvantage. Small disadvantage, but disadvantage nevertheless.
  8. Tamworthowl

    Playing Wednesdays and Saturdays

    No we don't. Forest played Saturday, as did we. Same period of rest for both.
  9. Tamworthowl

    Next 6

    Last weekend, of those six, four drew, (two courtesy of late equalisers), one won and one lost. So they are hardly smashing the league. Nothing to fear: they are all winnable.
  10. Tamworthowl

    Front 4

    Fletcher Forestieri. Hooper. Reach
  11. Tamworthowl

    Front 4

    Who would you play?
  12. Tamworthowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Lees 6 Thornily 8 Penney 6 Pelupessy 6 Bannan...9 Reach 6 Joao 7 Mattias 7 Fletcher 7 Nuhiu 7 Onamah 6
  13. Tamworthowl

    We were very close

    There were a few boos early on yesterday. A disappointing start, and struggling to get into the game, but booing at 10-15 minutes for a misplaced pass! Jeez! We do have some fans quick to moan.
  14. Tamworthowl

    What does this achieve

    I'm sure one of the FIFA generation will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure I read that the FIFA skill ratings are compiled by a fan of the relevant club. So the ratings could even be compiled by an Owlstalk poster! So the ratings could be as accurate as a Potter corner. I prefer to take Jos' judgement.
  15. I'd pay the Forces and NHS staff a decent fair wage then they wouldn't be reliant on (nor expecting) discounts wherever they go.