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  1. Tamworthowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    So, assuming all the memberships listed in the op offer the same or similar benefits, Wednesday's £50 (assuming it still is) represents excellent value by comparison. btw, I think the price/match discount combination should be set to give a break even at 5-6 matches.
  2. Tamworthowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    The most comparable with Wednesday, price wise are Spurs and Leicester. What do you get for your membership money at these two clubs?
  3. Tamworthowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Cba to dig out the old thread, but I seem to remember a common view along the lines of... good player for no transfer fee, long contract = transfer fee for us if we decide to let him go. good business.
  4. Tamworthowl

    Post World Cup

    I agree with your point about the wrong direction young English players go. But they are as naive as any young person. They believe that they will be the one to break the mould as progress to Chelsea's first team. They need protecting from being taken advantage off: by clubs, agents, whomever. I would also alter the loan system, to limit the number of players a club can send OUT on loan. It might limit how many promising young players Chelsea etc Hoover up and take a chance on if they can't get any income on them through loan fees, or other clubs paying their wages. Agents might also think that their client's interests are best served where they can ease into the first team and build up their value / earning power. In fact, I'd like to see more English youngsters move abroad. Not on loan, but as a permanent player. They'd not only progress better as players, they'd probably come out better people too.
  5. Tamworthowl

    Post World Cup

    I'd set a minimum number of English qualified players on the pitch (not lined up on the bench). Probably set at 5 or 6. But it won't happen. If the FA won't do it, I'd like the Football League to do so. I'd also set rules on employing English (perhaps relax this to UK) coaches. One of the reasons that I'm not over excited by England's current success is because I don't see our younger players pushing through into Champions League teams. Will Loftus-Cheek get a look in at Chelsea? Rashford, Stones seem to be on the fringe of their teams. Too easily dropped. Will the U-20s get first team games or be farmed out on loan across minor euro leagues?
  6. Tamworthowl


    You could have said it yesterday. where've you been? Ill be at home. Hopefully see the lad on tv. Currently he is in Leipzig boarding flight to Moscow.
  7. Tamworthowl

    That survey

    In the opinion of some posters maybe. But are you certain that the club, and Chansiri in particular think the same? I agree that many of the questions were badly set out and difficult to answer, but think of the context at the time. There was meltdown on here and it was worse on Twitter, with Chansiri and his family getting personal abuse, and some demanding season ticket refunds. Just a thought, because I'm not in the know, but perhaps Chansiri thinks the survey helped, in part, to cool the situation (I appreciate that sacking Carlos was the biggest part of appeasing abusive fans). Perhaps, despite the vagaries of the questions, the overall message in the results were, to him, a clear support for the chairman. Hence not a mistake, but possibly a success.
  8. Tamworthowl

    Sean Clare

    Does anyone know the current status with Clare's injury? I saw pics of him doing what looked like serious gym work months ago. If he's back fit enough to train surely any suitors would have come in by now.
  9. Tamworthowl

    Meaning behind the PRO-FIT shirt

    Slow? Continents move quicker.
  10. Yep. V.A.T. avoidance scheme.
  11. Tamworthowl

    Hands up if it's coming home

    Before the first game expectations were low. "Should make last 16. Might make last 8." What have we done to change opinions? Last minute winner v Tunisia. Thumped Panama. Lost to Belgium. Drew with Colombia. Needed penalties to progress. Nothing there to get too excited about. Expectations have changed, not because England have done well, but because the draw has opened up like never before. Sweden, Russia, Croatia, all ranked below England. So play to potential (and the opposition too) and we're in the final. And then a bit of luck? A moment of inspiration? Nah. I'm wavering, but I don't think we've got enough to win it. But I'll enjoy it whilst it lasts.
  12. Tamworthowl

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    I keep seeing stuff about a fan park in Nottingham. With OitP last weekend, I'm sure the club and council could have set something up with minimal extra work. Or there must be somewhere suitable in the city centre?
  13. Tamworthowl

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    The current screen is too small and not ideally located (for S stand). You'd need a screen like for the Blades beamback. That was located on the pitch. Maybe the groundsman might object to anything on the pitch this time of year.
  14. I thought the consensus was that we need to sell before we can buy. It seems with Hunt were getting a reasonable price for a player that missed over half of last season, is in his final year of his contract, is a high(ish) earner and is variously, mediocre, inconsistent, not good enough, fast but no end product. So why the panic? Why the doom and gloom? Presumably because there's a gap needs filling now. But back to the top line: we need to sell BEFORE we can buy. Personally, I think Palmer will leave too. £1.6m should get us Venancio and a decent loan signing that would allow gradual development of Baker as back up. But before we consider any new signing, we have in addition to Baker, Lee, Hutchinson, and possibly Boyd. So we do have options. Let's see what happens over the next week or ten days before getting the knives out.
  15. Tamworthowl

    Possible player exit?

    And... some people on here (the same ones?) say that all our fullback are rubbish? I disagree, but £1.6m for rubbish/mediocre in the last year of his contract. Good business for us.