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  1. Even with those three players we are over reliant on Hutchinson and Bannan in midfield. Hence, our squad isn't as good as anyone else in the league. Add Lee and Onomah and I'll agree with you though. But they won't be back this season. Its a shame Sean Clare left. He could have been getting a lot of game time now, albeit mainly as sub.
  2. Whilst im not an accountant, I disagree the implication of your first paragraph. If the current owner puts the club into administration (partly because the potential new owner forces it that way) then the administrator keeps the club ticking over, bearing in mind there is no ex-owner putting money in, and looks for the best deal to pay off creditors. They, including HMRC, might veto any proposals, but that just forces the club into liquidation. HMRC will assess whether they are better of taking a share of liquidated assets or the potential purchaser's offer. Hence, this provides a steer for the potential purchaser's offer. On the last point, didn't Davies (?) give the club enough to pay off immediate debts, but not all of them? Anything not paid off at that time, or built up since, the new buyer might want to see reduced, either via the administration process or negotiation, but as you point out, HMRC rarely negotiate.
  3. Whether or not the new owner should get a 12 point punishment is down to the way he goes about getting the club. He will be aware of any other parties interested in getting the club (probably none) so wants the club as cheap as possible. By letting the club go into admin he can wipe out the debts. Provided that he offers the administrator (and hence the creditors) more than the club is worth bulldozed and replaced by a shopping/leisure complex then he gets the club without being hamstrung by debts. But people and businesses lose significantly, so there must be a punishment to deter potential buyers seeing administration as the preferred route. It should be a last resort.
  4. Why do people care about Abdi? Because we're paying him a lot of money to do sweet fa. I have no knowledge on what his salary is, but let's assume £30k per week. Very rough calculations: that's 60 season tickets or 3000 season tickets per year just for him to sit around doing nothing. So 10-15% of our entire ticket revenue goes to Abdi. No wonder were in the poo with FFP and no wonder we care. We should be fuming.
  5. Sorry to be picky, but the defence was more or less sorted by Bullen. The transformation from Jos to Bullen was immediate. Only blemish, a blip under Agnew at Hull. The main change that has given us goals is pace combined with wing play. Arrons is the focus, but Reach goes on the outside much more. When he doesn't, Iorfa or Palmer overlaps. Crosses from the byline, hard and low, or chipped to the back post, have created a few goals and more chances than we've seen for ages. But we also try to play the ball quicker: Hector's long passes into the channels for Reach, even Westwood tried a quick downfield punt yesterday. But wing play is the main factor. Wingers out wide take defenders out wide leaving more space for the forwards and centre midfielders to exploit.
  6. Our post-Jos form is played 16, points 31. So continuing that, another 8 games gives 15.5 points to put us on 70.5 points. Preston are already 2 points ahead and have better form, so heading for 73 or more. Villa 2 points ahead but hitting good form now. And Boro, on a dodgy run, but with a game in hand and an extra point, only need 15 points from 9 games, to reach 73 I can see at least 2 of these 3 hitting 73 points.
  7. I'll take your word for it, cba to back read all your posts, but you did blame him for the two goals which I think is unjustified.
  8. I did yes. Pleased to see that you accept that your reasoning to castigate Pelupessy is without merit. I blame Iorfa as much as Pelupessy for the goals. But as he isn't a scape goat yet, I'm probably alone in that opinion. Defensively, I thought he had a shocker. But a goal and an assist balances it out. Pelupessy overall, meh.
  9. Pelupessy has to take most responsibility because we haven't been cut open when he hasn't been playing. What ridiculous logic. Logic which would suggest Pelupessy is to thank for our first four goal match of the season. After all, it hadn't happened when he wasn't playing.
  10. Our recent run has been against mainly mid table and low end teams. The only top teams we played, we drew against. It's a reasonable assumption that we will find it harder against Villa, Forest, Preston, Leeds, Norwich, although 11 points does seem a bit on the low side.
  11. No. Im a season ticket holder and wouldn't care in the least if the last few games were a tenner each. Many would though. In my opinion. Remember the furore over the weekend only season tickets a few years back when some felt they were missing out? We have a significant fan base that doesn't like their deal being undermined by something better turning up later. You only need a couple making a vocal complaint to make the OP's suggestion "more hassle than it's worth".
  12. What you're forgetting is that there will be some of our season ticket holders arguing that a package like this undermines the value of their season ticket. Others will argue that they wouldn't have bought membership if they had known about this (and other) deals. And there will be those complaining that, for various reasons, they can only make it to two of the last four games. Why, they will ask, should I pay just two pounds less for their two games that the bloke next to them does for four (2*£39 vs £80). Nice try, but the devil, as always, is in the detail.
  13. Nuhiu has two MotM votes, and that's justification for not selecting him. But Hutchinson has only one vote... Hopefully, Steve Bruce is a bit smarter than to let MotM ratings have any influence over team selection.
  14. Shouldn't exclude Brentford. Three points behind us, but a game in hand.
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