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  1. Ross Wallace - Injury

    You see worse than that every week in Casualty, and they're all fakes you know.
  2. Not surprising at all. He's due a bonus if he get another international cap and the FAI can't afford it.
  3. Sam Hutchinson - "I enjoyed that!"

    Including the manager apparently.
  4. If we have a fully fit front line (plus Winnall) I'd let Rhodes go until Jan. Hopefully come back with a few goals and some confidence. But I'd rather we bought a decent winger with pace to give Rhodes better service.
  5. Team for Preston

    Don't change a winning team. Boyd seems to be getting some flak and I agree he looked slow and leggy going forward yesterday, but he did the defensive role well. A game with the U23s and Bannan sub again if needed. Otherwise saved for a start at Sunderland. A game with the U23 for Forestieri and he might make the bench for both games. I doubt that we will see him for either. He has been out for 7 months and needs more than one reserve game and a few weeks training to be first team ready.
  6. Tweet of the year goes goes to this man...

    Be more impressed if Bannan tweeted a reply along the lines of "post a pic or it won't happen".
  7. Feeding on scraps....

    Two goals (the third came after six minutes extra was announced), injury to Pudil (great tackle, rescued Lees), injury to Hutchinson (reckless tackle, thought he'd done himself a bad one), Wildsmith booked for time wasting, four (?) substitutions. Five/six minutes is what I expected. But surprised that with Nuhiu's goal celebration, another substitution, and the faffing around with the last kick free-kick that we didn't go much over six minutes.
  8. Dave and Who

    I find it surprising that teams don't have similar routines more often. Two simple passes and the ball was with their centre forward, behind the defenders in the wall and well away from the defenders at the back post. One on one with the keeper, easier to score than miss. Credit to Wildsmith, but a perfect freekick routine was let down by atrocious finishing. Reminded me of our free kicks under big Ron with Worthington running down the side. Not the move, as such, but the variation, simplicity and effectiveness. I reckon it'll get them a few goals.
  9. Dave and Who

    Even without the goals yesterday, Nuhiu showed what half the fan base have been seeing all along in his all round play. But yesterday he added the goals that the other half think are essential for a forward to be regarded as anywhere near decent. So finally, I think we can all agree on Nuhiu MotM and a 9 or 10 out of 10 performance. I've always been a fan, but whilst yesterday's performance, and recent decent performances make him a certain starter for the next few game (rest and rotation aside) he has a long way to go to be first on the team sheet in August with a fully fit squad.
  10. Dave and Who

    Think that might be difficult. Isn't he at Carfiff now?
  11. Next season

    We need someone with pace. Preferably two, in case of injury. We desperately need that alternative outlet that CC ignored. Winger with pace would be my first choice, but midfielder, forward, whatever, anywhere.
  12. Next season

    Getting rid of deadwood is a big if. How successful we are at doing so will determine how positive we can be in recruitment.
  13. Mick McCarthy

    Because managers pass through Leeds faster than a vindaloo passes through me, so Hecky must be due the sack in the next week or so.
  14. Mick McCarthy

    Wasnt there some mention by Chansiri of Jos being a disciplinarian at the Steering Group meeting? I'm sure I read that recently. Also comments (some from players) about being on time for training, meetings; eating together; non-match day players having to be at the ground on match day. Just stuff like that. Could add double training sessions too.
  15. Unusual Hillsborough food/drink.

    A few more (mostly) Wednesday snacks... Des Walkers crisps. Older fans may remember Mark Smiths crisps, and there's John Tudor crisps (only available in bacon flavour). Terry Currant bun John Richtea biscuit Dennis Leman sorbet and not forgetting Wee Willie Henderson's