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  1. He was providing the attacking width. As always our fullbacks start high up. Can't blame him for a Bannan giving possession away that deep.
  2. Don't know why, but for this game I was in the North, Lep end. Great game. And sadly, although early December, that was the last excitement of that season.
  3. Cc and josè

    Carlos has spoken with his mate Jose.
  4. So this new dawn

    When Mandaric was owner with Gray manager, we thought we over achieved and the next season would, if Chansiri hadn't arrived, have been back to the norm of relegation struggle. With Chansiri as owner and Carlos as manager, we think we are under achieving and the next move (whenever that might be) will be back towards a promotion challenge. If nothing else, expectations are different.
  5. Werent Carlisle in the first division then? I know they were round about then for one season. And we were dire back then.
  6. With respect, I think you're doing a good job with the stirring.
  7. WOLVES tonight v Brum

    No. 2. We have those too.
  8. Nottingham Forest - Boxing Day

    Update.... I've got mine thanks.
  9. This is really a bit worrying now. There will (hopefully) be meetings to finalise next season's kit going on. Chief Designer: we've got a nice plain blue one, or a lovely vertical striped one. Which one do you prefer, Mr Chairman? Chansiri: well I was thinking stripes, but all hell is breaking loose on Owlstalk with a pub logo having similarities to dem blades. They play in stripes, so let's go with the plain one. FFS Owlstalk, get a grip.
  10. Overpaid Pre Madonnas?

    But he didn't want to go to Chelsea, so he isn't all bad.

    Oldham "riot", trying to get the fans to behave. The trouble had all calmed down by then. Call to boycott the game at Derby due to rip off prices.
  12. Overpaid Pre Madonnas?

    So the OP referred to the first Donna. Could that be Donna Summer? She was also pre-Madonna, so satisfies both criteria.
  13. Pending Stadium Alteration?

    Could it be changes to the mega store? i've seen mention of Chansiri wanting to have a cafe area and toilets. What was the decision on the application?
  14. The kids aren't ready

    I assume that we have a youth team in the hope of getting players who are good enough for the first team. If not that, player who we might sell for a few quid. We shouldn't play them for the sake of it. If the coach thinks they're not up to it yet, that's good enough for me. Clearly not good enough for you, your opinion, and you're entitled to it, but I'd sooner go with the professionals, those that see the players every day than any fan. Regarding United's academy, aren't we all agreed that they were years ahead of us? We are still playing catch up. Just because their academy has produced some current internationals isn't justification for us to play youngsters in our first team. Play them on merit, and merit alone. Could it be that we don't have a "policy" to play crap players like Nuhiu, Pudil, and Wallace, but a policy of playing the best (or if you like, least crap) players available? It then boils down to who is least crap, again, I go with the coaches view
  15. The kids aren't ready

    I don't get the "we don't know how good they are, so play them and we can see" attitude. Id love to see Hirst given a game or two. And Penny, O'Grady, Stobbs: one at a time though, to see how good they are. But when we've lost those games, and we're all agreed that they're not ready you can't replay them with an experienced eleven: the point are gone. Of course they, or one of them, might be a success. But the coaches, not just Carlos, clearly think it's unlikely. So why the desire to see the proof?