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  1. Tamworthowl

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    I think you're being a bit optimistic to think that there are 20,000 people willing to fork out £20 for a 1 in 20,000 chance to have their name on the team shirt.
  2. Tamworthowl

    So that survey

    As we voted to keep paying through the nose, I expect us to keep paying our high earners so I expect minimal change. It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect one biggish signing coming in for each high earner leaving. Overall, transfer fees and wages, I expect us to remain about the same. Not that we ever know the truth of transfer fees and wages.
  3. Tamworthowl

    So that survey

    There's already a thread covering this. My view hasn't changed. I expect upper mid table, 10th ish.
  4. Tamworthowl

    Clare rejected us??

    If we are offering such derisory contracts to Clare, and by association Hirst, surely we have done the same with Thorniley. Yet he has signed. Either, Thorniley has low expectations for himself; or We've offered him more than the other two. But why would we?, or We've offered all significantly more than the numbers quoted above. I think the latter is most likely. Then there's the other youngsters that have recently signed (can't remember which ones). Have they all accepted £750 / week or thereabouts, even those with first team appearances?
  5. Tamworthowl

    Clare rejected us??

    Villa wont be changing their style to accommodate Clare, even if they do have a bit of a clear out. Vila will have him as "one for the future", same as us, except we might give him a few more games. I can't see anything for Clare but a return to U23s or a league 1 loan if he moves to Villa, especially if the get promoted. So why? £££ I think it more likely he will aim for a two year deal at Charlton, if he wants to develop and to play regular first team football. However, it's probably more to do with the money.
  6. Tamworthowl

    Harrison Reed

    But crossing is a weakness. We need to get the ball in to Nuhiu, Rhodes, Fletcher. On that basis, I'm not overwhelmed.
  7. Season of re building. Expect midtable next season. Hope for top six. Season 19-20 is our time: we always change division in a season ending ***0.
  8. Tamworthowl

    Westwood Going

    My comment that Westwood might go to Rangers was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. That said, and I know nothing of Rangers and their financial situation, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bit (and I stress the "bit") of Souness in Gerrard's appointment, I.e. players crossing the divide (sectarian and border).
  9. Tamworthowl

    Westwood Going

    I very much doubt the OP too.
  10. Tamworthowl

    Westwood Going

    Off to Rangers. Part of the Gerrard revolution. imo.
  11. And Honeyman at Sunderland. Or was that an unreasonable source, I forget where it originated?
  12. Tamworthowl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Two nominations from the media darlings Fulham. Kevin McDonald. Thug, pig, moaner. Stefan Johansen. The antithesis of all the stylish play Fulham are meant to be. Every time I've seen him play he chops down an advancing forward with a cynical foul deserving of a red but he get no more then a yellow. Another grade A moaner too.
  13. Tamworthowl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Henri = Henry = Harry Harry from Enfield it is. I second this proposal.
  14. Tamworthowl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    ...or Sheffield Wednesday. Heaven forbid!
  15. Tamworthowl

    #SWFC Vacancy

    Clear ears, Nasal reec?