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  1. Stocksbridge 3505 (no idea what the area code was)... which sometime mid 70s became Sheffield 883505.
  2. Sorry to be pedantic, but as I’m now defined (by Neil) as a dummy I need to point out that you have avoided answering the first question. Being “less attractive” is not the same as being “a barrier”. There are circumstances, more applicable to Hillsborough than many other grounds, where an ACV does make investment less attractive whilst not preventing that investment. On the second question. Who/what do you consider to be the “local community” and how will you seek to get their support? Will you be out canvassing all the residents on Leppings Lane, Vere Rd, Middlewood Rd etc or wha
  3. “The ACV doesn't necessarily add anything to the planning process that isn't there already.” That isn’t what the Trust Q&A says. Rather, it’s the opposite. I appreciate that @SWFC Trust is taking this point away for clarification, but it’s fundamental to the whole discussion. What does an ACV do? Surely there should be absolute total clarity on this or any other issue members are consulted on.
  4. From the Trust Q&A, first post on p3. “What extra legal protections are given to an Asset of Community Value? An asset of community value is subject to extra legal protections surrounding the development and ownership of the asset. ... • Material planning consideration: ACV status is a material consideration in a planning application and can be used by the local planning authority and Planning Inspectorate as a factor in refusing planning permission for full or partial change of use or demolition. ACV status prevents the use of the asset been changed for certain types
  5. But what if Tesco offer a lot of money that could fund a shiny new stadium with all mod cons? With an ACV in place, Tesco would find it much harder to get permission to build a shop. So the value of the ground/land is reduced and consequently Chansiri (or whoever) can’t raise sufficient funds for the shiny stadium. And we’re left with a stadium that isn’t fit for purpose.
  6. The Trust are not trying to prevent any move to a new ground. I’ll take your word for that, but it could have been something that the Trust stated explicitly in its Q&A for the purpose of transparency. But what if the Asset of Community Value does actually become an asset of value to the community. If the Trust and the club start to exploit the ground’s facilities for the benefit of the local community, what then? If/when plans, sound plans, are put forward for a ground move, so good that even the Trust like it, but it requires the sale of Hillsborough for funding then the comm
  7. Apologies. I posted before reading your long explanation to members. It seems that the intent is covered by this bit... ”What is the Trust’s motivation for applying for ACV status for Hillsborough? • Practical: A meeting with the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme on the 1st December 2020 brought to light that Hillsborough is under-utilised during the week with lots of space going un-used. ACV status is a prompt to the club to make this space available for the betterment of the local community and its people and to support the excellent work of the Sheffiel
  8. If ever the club and ground are owned by separate people we’re on the slippery slope to moving ground. (Not that I’m against that). A new owner (of the club) will probably want the ground too. If it’s sold to the community, he may well look for a new site and the community will be left with an expensive white elephant.
  9. Good point. If a multi millionaire business man struggles to keep up, how will a group of working class supporters manage?
  10. Fair point, both are relevant. All depends how desperate he is to sell and how keen someone is to buy. If they (that might be DC and the community) don’t find an agreeable amount the sale won’t go ahead.
  11. It means that if the owner wishes to sell, he has to give the community (not sure exactly who that means) time (6 months?) to put a bid together. The trust can have a bucket collection whilst Scarborough Holdings raid their reserves. It’s symbolic. In practice, virtually pointless.
  12. What it was sold for last time is irrelevant. How much will Chansiri want, assuming he ever wants to sell? That’s how much the community will need to raise.
  13. Can the community afford to buy the ground? Indeed, can the community afford to maintain the boiler?
  14. Would an up and coming player in the Turkish 4th tier get a work permit?
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