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  1. MBMitchell

    Rotherham Press Conference

    Yes of course and I agree, but equally it doesn't make me a pig or an idiot, which is how this all started
  2. MBMitchell

    Rotherham Press Conference

    The tattoo comment was to show that my love of the owls, I showed by having their images permanently on my body I haven't been all season. Does this make me less of a fan??? I have followed us to 46 away grounds in the past, but obviously we don't count for that in the abuse hurled to fellow fans I have to pay marital debt and maintenance of 1/3 of my wage which leaves after general living costs not much, and definitely not enough to warrant wasting 39 quid watching a game of football plus the fact that 2 kids tickets on tops. I suppose I could stop the payments and not see my kids ever again and then I can m afford to come to the games and be seen as a real fan again I got dragged into this as I negged abusive comments by posters on here. Due to my work I stopped posting on here in 2008 mainly but still read it and like to agree with posters when they post good comments. I just think abusive comments to other posters is wrong just because you disagree. WAWAW don't make me laugh.
  3. MBMitchell

    Rotherham Press Conference

    So if they have money issues or other commitments and can't go then we aren't Wednesday fans??? I'm a bit disappointed if that's true, I shall go to the tattoo removal place on Monday and get all my Wednesday tattoos removed then and I shall dispose of all the Wednesday clothing and items I've accumulated over the years. Sorry if I or my other fellow can't go for whatever reasons ex Wednesday fans have caused you true fan ™️ any upset
  4. MBMitchell

    Rotherham Press Conference

    So you've got upset because I've negged you. Yet you think it's OK to call Wednesday fans idiots and blades and yet get upset that I've put a down arrow on your post. That's really bizarre??? I am looking at the bigger picture. Take our recent form and use it for the next set of 7 odd matches, it's relegation form. If we lose Maybe it will get him sacked and us actually get in a manager who isn't pants. Maybe not who knows at this club Also you want me banning hahaha. I'm sure you can be banned for abuse to other users not for negging. I can assure you I'm all Wednesday
  5. MBMitchell

    Jos out

    I agree 100% If we'd won 10 nil I wouldn't have backed him, as it was Marco was brought on too late as for the first time tonight we looked dangerous Jo's out for me, he can't take us any further and only backwards imo
  6. MBMitchell

    The goalkeeping situation

    Maybe it could be down to the coaching this year. I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up yet in all these threads that we keep getting Rhodes was very well thought of in the goalkeeping coach ranks. Ive never seen any other goalkeeper coach have a five minute slot before a live game
  7. MBMitchell

    Standing ovation for Rob Staton

    Well done strappers It'll be a loss to radio sheffield
  8. MBMitchell

    What does this achieve

    Tbf I can understand his tweet In my profession I am the most qualified at work, but am not the most seasoned and we have 'banter' about it, but if I was ranked higher (if it existed in my trade) then I'd rub know it all John's nose in it..... Don't blame him for it as he doesn't rate himself as 3rd best and a good way of letting his bosses know how he feels......
  9. I could be wrong but I think pressmans wife used to come on here and was kp nuts???
  10. MBMitchell

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    Congratulations strapon I did say 15 odd years ago with shaun when you bragged about radio nightingale that you wouldn't make it.....ooopppppsssss it seems I was wrong for once Seriously well done mate..... let's all do the stay-ton x
  11. I don't think it will be long till it's every game. If you see how far its come in 30 years or so. To see Wednesday on terrestrial tv was a rarity. I remember one game and mark smith jumprd on the actual netting when we scored. I remember that goal as games were rarely shown live and it's my first memory when i look back on that era The fa cup was on hours before the game actually started now it's just another game.....
  12. MBMitchell

    The I-Follow Service Thread

    No problem for the first 40 mins then kept stuttering and then going fast to catch up then stopped again. I kind of lost interest due to this Saying that he kept going to a pretty red head in the weds crowd so that was a plus
  13. MBMitchell

    Sad but true

    He is behind his team . The grunters
  14. MBMitchell

    Sad but true

    Cool story bro