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  1. Palace and Wednesday are the 2 clubs where he's spent most of his football career.
  2. Maybe they were all the Wednesday fans that were too afraid to go dressed in blue and white.
  3. spot on Grandad. the question should be how may more tickets were sold than normal. The number of season ticket holders not turning up is irrelevant.
  4. Oh, and how come his trial was after the season ended, whereas Ched's was a few games before. It's a disgrace.
  5. Thanks to Owlstalk, the week leading up to the Wycombe game was the most exciting that I can remember in 37 years of being an Owls supporter. Thanks Neil.
  6. If you are using IE or Firefox, create a shortcut to this on your desktop. Then right-click and select Properties. In the box called Target add -private at the end like this: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -private When you double click on this shortcut it will open up a private browsing session. It will also make things a bit quicker if you set your home page to be this voting page. So when the browser opens you just have to click on the Home icon and then vote. After each time you vote, you have to close the browser and open a new one using the desktop shortcut that you just created.
  7. Jesus, some of those stories on that Megastore page are from 2009 !
  8. Are the pigs going for Grade 1 status ? The job adverts on their OS home page might indicate that they are. Presumably they would have plenty of free rooms in that hotel to house them.
  9. On the official site it now has a story about WednesdayWorld having all the action from 2011 - 2012, including full 90 minutes of the Wycombe game. Has anyone seen the coverage ? Does it do the match justice in terms of crowd shots, volume of noise, etc. I don't subscribe to WW but that could just tempt me to get the wallet out.
  10. If we get promoted again next year Milan said he'll rent us a sunlounger each.
  11. I agree absolutely. Not just the "floating" support, but also the next generation of youngsters that are deciding who they'd prefer to start going to watch.
  12. Although i lived in Wath, it had a Sheffield postcode, so I reckon that entitles you to support a Sheffield club of your choice :) Main reason I chose the Owls was that at 9 years old my uncle, who was a season ticket holder in the North Stand, took me to all the home games that season. We were relegated from division 2 that season (1974 I think) and my uncle stopped going, but despite being relegated it was now in my blood. Another interesting snippet is that the very first game that I went to was against York City. we lost 3-2 and my next door neighbour, Ian Holmes, was playing for York.
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