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  1. Got us at 66/1 to go down with Barnsley.
  2. Simply take the table at the half way point, maybe 25th Dec and then forget about all other games played. Seems fair to me as everybody will have played each other once. Also because we can’t play the playoffs simply let the third place team go up. Wonder who was 3rd on the 25th
  3. Wonder if we have a new sponsor to go with it?
  4. Got mine but not got my sons yet. Emailed the club this morning so hopefully someone will get back to me before Saturday...
  5. My plan was to watch it in the watering hole on Perranporth beach but decided to head down on Monday instead of Sunday so I'll be at the match :)
  6. Anybody know if the club shop is open tomorrow?
  7. Anybody know if it restricts you from buying and Adult ticket using a child's season ticket number. My kid can't go but a mate can.
  8. Looking at getting the 3 year ticket but does anybody know if it's possible to pay a deposit up front with the v12 finance in order to reduce the monthly direct debit amount.
  9. Which muppet would close a road when you have near on 20k people descending on the local area. There is no reason why the road could not have been closed after 10pm tonight with little impact on the planned work.
  10. So bought online for collection as it was "in stock" turns out the delivery of shirts is not coming into the store until Monday. Hope the delivery isn't delayed because that's never happened :) Glad I didn't pay special delivery. Oh well bought a nice t-shirt for the lad so not a wasted journey.
  11. Shame home kit has been delayed until 1st Sep now. Well mine has according to the email from sportsdirect...
  12. Got to laugh at this article that appeared today on the swfc website : http://mobile.swfc.co.uk/news/article/the-wall-of-colour-1781028.aspx If only we could buy the shirt...
  13. Pitch inspection at 10:30 according to swfc twitter.
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