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  1. Was good to meet everyone, looking forward to the next night out. Will be on our hols for the first few friendlies but the coach idea will be great for us once we are back. Forgot everyone's twitter addresses what are they all again?
  2. Il pop down for this, what's the secret greet?!
  3. The thing that I wonder most is if we go up, is that well done mandaric or would we have gone up in anyway? Likewise if we don't get promotion is that mandaric fault, did everyone think megson would get us promoted? Also would a different manager have got us doing better than what we have this season, compared to when megson arrived and players hated Hillsborough I think turning that around has been great. I think considering how high we are though we haven't played that well in many games. Unfortunately for megson not playing well in games has cost us in the early away games and now the more recent home games too. My honest opinion is I don't think we would get second with megson or someone else. Playoffs is then down to a bit of luck.
  4. There's loads of seats left just no tickets for them.
  5. The reason i didn't go to the valley. 1. We had already paid for trains and hotels to see that game and the england game. Sky changing the date meant that the leave that i had booked from work, the hotels i had booked and trains i had paid for became useless. I wasn't going to pay over the odds for hotels and trains when i could see it on sky and had already wasted my money on the previous date, i couldn't get more time off work without missing a following home game, and who knows if i had rebooked the train i needed may have stopped because of faulty signals or whatever your excuse is. Fact is this game hasn't changed date or time since July and you brought a very poor amount. Our game changed a few weeks before. Look at our away attendances and you can see that game was a blip and i think the missing 1000+ will have fallen in to similar issues to myself.
  6. I wish it was last year, i think we would have won and my dream of playing for wednesday would come true after mandaric signs an owlstalk 11. This year we would get smashed by the brute force of our team.
  7. Even when drunk, it still comes out that united are $hit and we are massive. Bar man is sober and thinking hes clever but all he can come up with is they have won fa cup 5 times, last time i checked that was 4 and over 85 years ago. I get the impression that the guy is clearly passionate about Wednesday, the bar man is one of the 15000 missing fans aka the tevez truants
  8. buxton will be a big player for us, safe in defense and brings alot more to the attack than semi or tav
  9. I have some that i could give you, i bought some in bulk and have ended up with duplicates. I wouldn't want any money though you could just have them, any dates that you are missing a lot of?
  10. I have the same as in binders but im a young un so only have the last 10 ish years with the rest that i have collected but not in binders they go back to the late 50's. I will put a pic up of the collection when i get chance. I wanted to do a sort of ebook of them all before and put them onto a website but there was some issues over copyright i think. I was going to do it just for interest really in the same way kivo does things, wasn't after a profit or anything.
  11. I cant believe there are wednesday fans suggesting that mellor is better than madine, madine is a real talent but has an edge to him. Yes there are better strikers out there, but for the football we play madine and either lowe or cog are the best partnerships going in our league. marshalls best games and moments have been linked with madines movement etc....
  12. genuine question, was miller playing the last 30 mins because thats all i saw and didn't notice him. Also from what i saw it was mainly hoofball and the only goal i saw was a highlight of a headed goal, which to be hones with our defense we don't concede like that up in the air goes straight back out.
  13. http://www.amazon.co.uk/We-Are-The-Owls/dp/B001IJX82Y/ref=dm_cd_album_lnk
  14. Just pay your money you tight gits. The £22 cut off is in that students typically go up to that point. There is always going to be someone who just misses cut offs such as 64 year olds for the pensioner prices etc....
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