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  1. Apologys in advance I'm on my phone and can't really get any info on if there's any tickets left for Saturday and how much they are? Any ideas
  2. Reports are he is due to be given the boot at Ipswich. What are the chances. And would people want him
  3. ive not been on here in a while and im wanting to sit on the south, but it appears i cannot buy tickets online for tomorrow on the south? has it sold out? or can i pay on the day? and whats the price to pay on the gate? many thanks in advance LB x
  4. You've not used correct names in the thread title. Tut tut
  5. You seem very concerned about the attendance. Big game for you is it?
  6. if we learnt by our mistakes surely we would be top of the premiership
  7. Im not a professional footballer, neither do i have anything to do with the professional game. But, when i first started playing football at a young age and i was being coached by people (admittedly not professional coaches) one of the first things we did was "two touch football." If anybody is not aware of what this is, its basically what it says on the tin. you take a touch to control the ball then make a pass. once you have made the pass you move into space so you can either create an opening for a team mate to receive the ball or you can once again take possession of the ball. Unfortunately for me i never made it as a professional footballer, but i managed to understand from a young age how to play two touch football. Why does it seam the players cannot manage to do this. I understand Mr Irvine tells the players to play the long ball over the top. but if a player receives the ball what is wrong with passing it along the floor (if it is possible). This would appear to be much easier than when i was playing because they play on pitches that don't resemble much to concord park! The amount of talent our squad has on paper should be more than enough to compete in this league. There are lots of reasons why I am not in the professional game, but why are we as a team not managing to get this right?
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