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  1. Guardian tonight - Sevilla make loan move for Aiden McGeady
  2. No vegetarian options either. rubbish.
  3. Unlikely to be viable on a permanent given my Reading mate heard he's on £40K per week - which was financed by their new Russian billionaire owner - the one who subsequently did a runner. Extension of loan really the only option.if true,
  4. not sure how much longer his Reading contract got to go - but he will not need to keep playing if he really doesn't fancy it - My Reading mate reckons he's on 45K a week - hence they are so desperate to get him off their wage bill.
  5. Completely agree. There are no signs at all this guy can bring financial strength and security to the club.All the signs point exaclty the opposite direction. Too much of a risk . Need to move on and quickly. . .
  6. Dear Milan, Lets stop this embarrasment now. Regards
  7. MM needs to move now and call this off. it's obvious even to us that t has to be brought to an end for the good of the club if nothing else. MM pretending otherwise will just make him look desperate for his £40m ................... or whatever he's hoping he can get now.......
  8. But it's still about the money..... it's an old story but unlikley to have gone away .HM 's main business has clearly very significant cash flow issues, and has defauled on contracted payments. You'd suspect that the money will eventually be found from juggling various balls but where SWFC rank in terms of HM's financial priorities none of us can possibly know. You'd have to assume that MM though has had firm assurances to agree to the delay.
  9. It's all about the money............... The statement reads as though everythings been done to get the deal done but Mamadov needs to find the money and that MM is hoping he finds it before the first game of the season. Given the Baghaln Group's emerging financing issues http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/04/02/fitch-downgrades-baghlan-to-rd-withdraw-idINFit69558720140402 and the total lack of transparency aound HM's finances who knows whether this will happen.
  10. Woudn't be surprised if Dave Jone's 'looking to bring in one more signing' is going to be a left back to put pressure on Reda.
  11. Stoke looking to terminate contract. Apparently we made a move for him last month. Could he be what we need for for the final 2 / 3 games? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/stoke-city/10004725/Stoke-City-make-moves-to-put-Jermaine-Pennant-out-of-his-misery.html
  12. Is Coke emerging as the surprise solution to our central midfield and as a more effective replacement for Semedo?
  13. Signal just dropped out totally now.
  14. Difficult to believe it's a footballing decision. Reckless by MM either way.Yes it's MM's club and clearly he will do what he wants. But stupid, needless, dispiriting, demoralising and wrong .
  15. Light frost overnight, bright morning with the sun now out. Should be a pleasant day out in Devon for you folks .
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