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  1. It’s not brave mate, I just can’t sit back knowing I could help out and didn’t in some way, shape or form just like yourself and many others
  2. I’ve spent last few days getting kit together as I leave for Warsaw tomorrow morning and hoping to be In Kyiv by early hours of Sunday, you’ll be lucky to get hold of body armour mate! I know vestguard still had a few left In stock at the beginning of the week but it may be weeks until they are available again, I had to travel to Essex yesterday to grab some. Have you got a just giving page or anything we can to donate to buddy?
  3. It would be shocking wouldn’t it a 18 year old kid earning a week that soldiers in war zones earn a month
  4. Me either mate but I’m sure someone on here will have have some idea
  5. Amazing mate! People just don’t think like you nowadays, Mr Owlstalk can something not be put on here to raise money to fund something like this? Not just for people on here but for people actually struggling to feed themselves and their kids at Christmas, I’ll happily throw in and we all know you’re not short of a Bob or two
  6. He shats blades leave him alone, you’d be unhappy having his condition
  7. No offence mate, I don’t wanna upset anyone but comments like this are unacceptable and out of order, millions of men and women died fighting for our past, present and future. You don’t realise how lucky we are to have people like that fighting for us and our families
  8. Reminds me of the Tigris with bodies swelled to twice their size floating by, certainly makes you realise growing up in a country like ours that we are privileged people! Hope you managed to shake that stuff off mate and you live in peace now
  9. It’s a different world ain’t it mate, some people don’t realise how lucky they are to not see the carnage of war, I bet Bosnia was a eye opener. Them Serbs was heartless definitely on par with the nazis!
  10. My great granddad fought in ww1, my grandad fought in ww2 and Korea, my dad fought in the falklands and I did Iraq and Afghanistan. I saw some crazy stuff but can’t even imagine what ww1 and 2 was like, them guys was pure heroes!!! Lest we forget
  11. Darren Moore is one of my neighbours, am gonna shat on his door step after this!
  12. It’s nothing to do with anyone else mate, we’ve had runnings with the law civil or criminal! You shouldn’t justify yourself to him or anyone else! Fair play for pointing out Dave Allen and co’s wrong doing though
  13. Scum bags a better description? 100% a copper or ex copper! All pi55 in the same pot and cover each other’s backs!
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