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  1. Amongst 16,000 sound effects the BBC have just published are 14 recordings taken from the 1966 FA Cup Final Everton v. Sheffield Wednesday including delights such as "frustrated crowd", "infringement" and "near miss". They're free to listen to or download for non-commercial use and can be found on page 11 at :- http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk
  2. It worked for a bit...about 20 minutes and then packed in. I emailed them to complain and they replied with they've checked and it's fine try clearing your browser's cookies. They're not interested in the fact that it's clear the problem isn't confined to one person. They're just interested in placating you and avoiding acknowleding there's a genuine problem with their shoddy service.
  3. Haven't posted in this section...in fact don't post, but of all the games I've been to the home leg to Kaiserslautern was awesome and has some long lasting memories. Fantastic football and the noise was terrific but when their fans started setting off the red flares and Leppings Lane lit up, you knew it was going to be something out of the ordinary. Still have the ticket stub!
  4. I've just tried to visit Wednesdayite.com and I'm also getting an alert that the website is compromised. My anti-virus program is reporting its infected with the Fraggus Toolkit and there's an attempt to launch a virus from another domain called iritirlast0.co.cc
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