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  1. I agree. It's great to see a player who looks as if he enjoys the game. Thinking back 50+ years, my then favourite player was another centre half - Vic Mobley - who memory says always played with a smile on his face.
  2. Not optimistic about tonight. Just hope it's not as bad as the last time I saw the Owls at QPR when I had acouple of years working down there. I think it was1973 (or was it 72) and it finished QPR 8 Owls 2.
  3. If you think that Dean Smith was the worst centre half we've had it means that you're too young to remember John Holsgrove in the early 70s.
  4. God I'm getting (got) old. Was it really 51 years ago that having been at the first leg draw I drove up to Leeds more in hope than expectation and celebrated Woodall's goals. As good as going home and away but sadly not the 3rd match against Crystal Palace. Those were the days when potg was affordable.
  5. The shots from that drone in Lestrade's post above remind me to thank my lucky stars that I'm never going to have to work and live in London ever again.
  6. In essence the club have been charged with avoiding EFL P & S rules by allegedly backdating the stadium sale in the accounts. If that charge is found proved by the EFL tribunal it would logically follow that the directors at the time could and would be charged by the EFL with not being fit persons to be involved with a football club. If the club can show that under proper accountancy rules the sale WAS properly shown in the correct year it would follow that there was no breach of EFL P & S rules so no case for the directors to be charged with an offence. Not being an accountant, like 99.99%+ of fellow Owlstallkers, I'm not competent to say in which accounts the club can recognise the stadium sale. No doubt the club's advisors/accountants think they can prove that accountancy standards allow the club to show the sale date as in the accounts and will so argue at the tribunal hearing. As a guess, the proven incompetence of the EFL might result in their tribunal deciding that although the club's date of the sale can be considered to meet accountancy standards, in their view it's 'not fair or within the spirit of the EFL P & S rules' and so apply some sanction. That would undoubtedly lead to a club appeal and further charges and counter charges.
  7. Torres Agreed. His distribution was terrible, clearances came straight back and he couldn't cope with their winger (who was a tricky player to be honest)
  8. It seems that Fred could be accused of being a bit of a reprobate but certainly NOT be accused of being a draft dodger All those joining the forces from 4 August 1914 when the UK declared war on Germany until January 1916 were volunteers. Conscription did not come in until January 1916 and then only for unmarried men aged between 18 and 41. From June 1916 this was extended to married men in that age range. The upper age limit was raised to 50 in April 1918 following the German breakthrough on the western front. Fred was born 25 January 1870 so he'd have been a few days short of his 46th birthday when conscription came into force in January 1916 so was not liable for military service. He would have been liable for conscription in April 1918 being 48 but if he was employed as a munitions inspector it's highly likely that he would have been treated as exempt from military service.
  9. I only went to the old M'boro ground once in (I think) 1974. My fading memory is that we were fortunate to only lose 8:0. That was not the best of times to be optimistic about watching the Owls away. In 1973 whilst working for a time in London I was able to see us play QPR. At least we scored 2 but unfortunately QPR scored 8. As for tomorrow - being ever the pessimist I think a draw would be a good result.
  10. Yes it's a fair question. The fair answer may/should be as explained in MKOwl's posting on page 5.
  11. Aarons hasn't had much first team football this season. Only played 2 full 90 minutes (plus 1 of 89) whilst in the Fortuna Liga - see attached https://www.transfermarkt.com/rolando-aarons/leistungsdaten/spieler/258188 It's a bit much to expect him to be fully match fit so I think the flashes of excellence are the best we should expect until he gets more games.
  12. Like Ibbo48 above I also went to all the 66 cup matches except for the first against Reading. Vic was never quite the same after the semi having hobbled himself into the ground to help the team. It was painful to watch let alone the pain he went through that day. My memory of Vic was that he played with a smile and looked as if he really enjoyed what he was doing.
  13. 20000 x 10 pounds is 200,000 not 2 million. Would need 20000 fans at 100 pounds for 2m.
  14. Jerry? Had to have a pacemaker back up and retired :-)
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