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  1. As the acronym 'HMRC' implies, their concern is to police matters affecting company and personal tax, customs duties and VAT (plus these days such ancillary matters as enforcing the minimum wage and investigating false furlough scheme claims). So I agree that if there is a possible 'creative accounting' attempt to circumvent VAT regulations leading to a VAT repayment HMRC may be interested. I still however maintain they have no interest in policing audit requirements and whether or not a non resident owner can put millions into a company.
  2. HMRC have nowt to do with policing audit regulations nor are they interested whether or not the owners of a company can afford to inject funds into the business. The only time HMRC will be interested is if the company goes into administration whilst not being up to date paying over their payroll deductions.
  3. It's a problem with semantics. HMRC require a company to file a return. A return does of course include the accounts but not just the accounts. If the company only sent (filed) the accounts to HMRC they would not be accepted as being a return and HMRC would send them back.
  4. I've went once, to Ayresome Park which was to their previous ground, and saw us lucky to get away with only an 8 :0 thrashing. The only player I remember from that game is Souness who must have impressed. I can't bring to mind any of ours on the day.
  5. I saw MM a dozen or so times in the late 70s when my memory is of an 'old fashioned no nonsense' centre half for Barnsley. I liked his approach then and I like his approach to management since.
  6. Just heard Barnsley v Derby off - failed pitch inspection. Makes a win today almost certain to get us out of the bottom 3.
  7. These OMDTs from his Lordship are the only thing that can be relied upon to bring a bit of a smile on matchdays.
  8. Having watched the Owls from the late 1950s and regularly from 1961, in the early 1960s Peter Swan was certainly an international class centre half. Powerful, commanding, technically first class and hard when necessary, Peter was the most commanding centre half I've seen for Wednesday. (I didn't see very much of Des Walker having moved away from Sheffield in 91). Also my memory is that he wore shorter shorts than were usual at the time .
  9. Ariel's ? How great is his knowledge of other old motorbikes and could he fix an old Francis Barnett?
  10. I've been to countless non memorable 26 December matches since starting to watch the Owls in the early 1960s but one I do remember is away at Sunderland 26 Dec 68. Having made a late decision to drive up there I regretted it by the time I was half way there and it started snowing. Pressed on and got into the ground with about 5 minutes gone. The game ended 0:0. My abiding memory is of one of our forwards (was it Sinclair?) missing from a yard out by side footing a cross over the bar. The drive back to Sheffield took about 4 hours and feeling rather tired I went straight to bed.
  11. Agreed but the payments over and above the £7k are said to be the balance of the contractual payments so if there is a 'fiddle' that would be a very stupid way to try it on.
  12. People in a financial hole do strange things.
  13. I just hope that DC hasn't been so stupid to have bought what is claimed to be a legal tax avoidance method of paying salaries by some ********** firm of accountants. If so, whilst it may work in the short term, speaking as a retired Tax Inspector, the club is quite likely to find itself on the receiving end of a very extensive investigation, possible litigation and ultimately a massive bill for PAYE, NIC plus interest and penalties.
  14. Well I'm now 72 and we were in the same year at HS so could well be him.
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