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  1. Superb night, I feel sorry those who couldn't be there in person - the photos and videos just don't do it full justice
  2. Finally got logged in having been in 'queue' since 9am, selected my 6 seats (3 ID's) clicked 'Add to Basket' and it sent me back to 2000+ in the 'queue'! North Stand was fairly close to fully red, except end blocks - mainly odd single seats and very back row.
  3. Lots of official and unofficial car parks around the ground, but be careful with parking on the residential streets around the ground - there are lots of 'residents only' permit zones (and very keen traffic wardens on scooters). You'll be lucky to make a quick getaway if you park near the ground - maybe look at parking near a tram stop a couple of stops away from the ground (i.e. in the direction heading towards Droylsden and Ashton, rather than towards town).
  4. Great deal - ordered! https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/603800?ref=conf-jp&rpi=104121662
  5. I'm thinking the same - Blue shorts with the double stripes shown in teaser 1 down the side. Shirt mainly blue, with pinstripe white verticals, plus double diaganol white pinstripes on the shoulder (as per Brentford). My guess at an expanded view of teaser 2......
  6. Years back me and a mate were waiting to cross Eccy Road (near the bottom of Knowle Lane) late one evening and Carboni cruised past in his Merc - one hand on the steering wheel, the other on his wife's (I assumed) head, which was 'resting' in his lap. I'm sure she was just having a nap whilst he drove her home
  7. I wonder if there'll be sufficient room between the touchline and the hoardings for Tommy to get enough of a run-up for his trade-mark 'as good as a corner' throw-ins?
  8. First vivid memory is being stood on the kop with my dad watching us play the pigs. Don't honestly remember the score, but distinctly remember a mass brawl in the middle of the pitch and Pressman sprinting all the way from his goal-line and diving into the middle of it all. Looking back, I guess it must have been the 93/94 season where we won 3-1, as I have it in my head that it was the last derby game at Hillsborough where the kop was terracing, which is a big reason my dad wanted to take me.
  9. Not sure if it was intended as a joke, but I just went to the site and manged to bag myself two in the Block S of the North Stand, so thanks! I'm assuming they had just uploaded a few returns
  10. Same thing has happened to me, so called the number above. The guy on the phone was very helpful and confimed that, as a season ticket holder, I should be able to purchase individual extra tickets for the home games against Newcastle and the Blunts (rather than the ticket bundles open to all other registered fans). Despite this, when I log onto the online shop it only allows me to buy the ticket bundles for these games, so he advised I try again tomorrow and, if it still doesn't work, I should phone back and they will do it over the phone for me. Still seems to be a few teething problems with the online shop....
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