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  1. Peacock-Farrell - 6 - i dont like a keeper who punches, but i prefer a keeper who punches well and confidently to a keeper who either doesnt come out or flaps. Upgrade on both our others, did what he had to do well. Hunt - 7 - loved seeing him back to be honest, solid defensively and swung a couple of decent crosses in, welcome back Jack Iorfa - 7 - so good to have him back in the side, stay for please. Stockley will be one of the better target men we play against this year and both CBs handled him well Hutchinson - 8 - MOM for me, defended, covered and organised well, his distribution was good too Palmer - 6.5 - didn't do much wrong, and had a shot which is more than most people on the pitch managed Adeniran - 7 - like the look of him, industrious and good on the ball and not afraid to put his foot in. Promising Wing - 6 - just didnt click for him today, he will come good Bannan - 7 - typical Bannan for me, equally skillful and underwhelming. Shame he didnt tuck that chance at the end away as he worked so hard to get there. Needs to get a hold of his temper as he is going to be a target in this division all season long. Green - 3 - wasteful, slow, zero threat. Still waiting to see something from him other than a bang average, injury prone player. Hopefully will be nowhere near the team whne Johnson and Corbeanu are up to speed. Paterson - N/A - get well soon Brown - 5 - he isnt a winger and is obviously filling in until others are fit. Think there is a decent footballer in there and looking forward to seeing him play at LB. Subs: Kamberi - 6 - some promising glimpses without any threat, his movement was good and tried to hold the ball up. Johnson - N/A* cant give him a.mark but the two crosses he put in were better than Green and Brown managed all game. Cant wait for him to be match fit.
  2. Love the videos brother, keep them coming
  3. I saw him play a few years ago for Eastleigh against York City. Reda Johnson was his CB partner. Both were run ragged all day by an obese, 38 year old Jon Parkin. Sign him up.
  4. Reading about Danny Baath on here every week used to provide mild irritation
  5. Bottom of the league and sinking, in terrible form and allegedly not paying our players on time with well documented off field issues. I'm firmly of the belief that this squad isn't good enough to stay up, but I'd be staggered if we can attract players better than those that we can manage to offload (which will be difficult anyway) given the situation we are in.
  6. According to Wikipedia he is still playing in the Italian 14th Division at the spritely age of 41. My question being, if he is still playing then is he the last active footballer out there who represented us in the Premier League?
  7. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/195262-a-career-in-pictures-guylian-ndumbu-nsungu/?tab=comments#comment-4528179 Everything you need is here. You're welcome x
  8. Steven Rumbulus Harkness. Created out of clay and meat and fur by a wizard. Made 11 appearances for the mighty Owls, every single one bizarrely against the Republic of Ireland. And all resulting in draws. Has the honour of being the only Wednesday player to have his shirt directly applied to his body, the hallowed blue n' white stripes being tattood onto his loose, flapping skin by the ghost of Patrick Blondeau. The Chupa Chups logo and club badge were drawn on later in lipstick. After being bitten by a rabid Danny Sonner in training he retired from the game and the pair now live together in a small flat above Thomas the Bakers in central York, eating misshapen flapjacks from the bins and selling neoprene Scott Oakes masks online.
  9. Strangest squad number I ever saw was Jon Beswetherick wearing the number 3 shirt for us. This implied that he was not only a left back, but more importantly, a footballer.
  10. The club rejected my idea for half time entertainment - ‘Pressmans Pick’ Kevin sits at a small tressle table and tries a different breakfast cereal every week, marking them out of 10 to crown the winner at the end of the season. If we dont do it, someone else will.
  11. Q: Who was a Halloween footballer for the Sheffield Wednesday? A: Jon Beswetherwitch
  12. Q: Who was a Halloween footballer for the Sheffield Wednesday? A: Chris Adamson (Face)
  13. Q: Who was a Halloween Footballer for the Sheffield Wednesday? A: Niclas Draculalexandersson
  14. Q: Who was a Halloween footballer for the Sheffield Wednesday? A: Lloyd Owusooooooooooooooo (pronounced like a ghost noise)
  15. Q: Who was a Halloween footballer for the Sheffield Wednesday? A: Pumpkim Olsen
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