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  1. Think your mistakin me for bizzle arnt u? But thanks for answering the question
  2. Spurr will start left back, not Jones.
  3. Is it unreserved seating, such as Grimsby tomorrow?
  4. Grant Spurr Beevers Purse Ostemobor Will definately be the back 5, as long as they are fit for first game.
  5. Of course it's not Grant. Why would he leave to be number 2 to Jensen.
  6. I would as i've seen 3 on facebook just don't know where he got them from.
  7. You get 2 wildcards this season. One which you must use between something like gameweek 21 to 27 or something. To mirror the transfer window I believe.
  8. You can change your team as much as you want before the start too
  9. http://fantasy.premierleague.com The league is up and running again. If you were in it last season just sign in and you should automatically join it. If you are new to the game then everyone is welcome.... the league code is.... 17844-7238 PS - GET IN CLINTON MORRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youl Mawene next please!
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