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  1. We paid roughly £9m for him (I think) which is spread over the period of his contract, if we sell him today the rest of what we owe would be due immediately.
  2. abbeydale picture house/picture house social do a big open air screen i think.
  3. I had never seen this before. Brilliant! Mad cvvnt. Always liked him.
  4. Pilky

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    My girlfriend used to work at Sheffield Hallam and one year the Varsity game was called off due to poor weather conditions and she was tasked with letting the football team know. A lot of them cried... third year university students, men by all means. She told them right before the team photo was taken as well, I don't think that this was done on purpose but i'd love to see that photo.
  5. Loads were looking at him in Jan and their chairman apparently was quoting at least 6 mill. Bit steep for a striker who's only scored goals in the pub league but he is only 23. Peterborough seem to have a conveyor belt of attacking talent, who's their attacking coach/scout?
  6. Barney the Owl looks like hes been hitting the gym hard.
  7. Because people will find it interesting, you nobber.
  8. I dont remember a time before them. They are often a prompt for atmosphere, do we pay them? If not, keep them. At least until we have safe standing areas, though i fear with our history, in our stadium, that may never be the case.
  9. Pilky


    Start Matias and Nuhiu next league game. Play together well, did it against championship opposition, not scoring many with the current league set up and Nuhiu is a cult hero. I love him. If he had got a hat trick last night I think there would have been 15k fans on the pitch.
  10. Pilky

    Pudils Instagram story

    Should have been 11 red and white bottle(r)s
  11. My very basic understanding is that you have around 3 seasons to spend what you want and if you make it to the promise land, your books balance and if not, you're hit with some form of sanction. Wolves are somewhere near the beginning of this time frame? I don't know. P. S BARMYARMY 2010 - Everytime i come on here, i try to zoom into your profile picture. Who is it, can we see a bigger picture, asking for a friend...