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  1. Pilky

    Trying to find a shirt - clubshop

    I have the yellow toffs wednesday shirt (above), its football shirt material, really nice but 100 percent polyester. Cant wear it because it makes me sweat like a fat cow in Beres.
  2. Pilky

    Jon Shaw

    I once asked him for his autograph but he hadn't got on that game so he made me wait until he ran a couple of laps of the pitch. I think it was a test to see if i was taking the wee wee. Anyway i waited and he signed my program, probably in the loft of my parents house somewhere. Followed him on twitter a few years back and he was selling Herbalife products which i think is a ponzi scheme.
  3. Customers? Its free mate, you dont have to pay for it. Maybe just dont listen to it?
  4. Pilky

    Leeds in for Batth

    Hes not really a Bielsa CB, usually goes for ball playing CBs or converts full backs. Dont think Batth fits that mould.
  5. Picture quality was good, just had 2 separate occasions where the sound dropped out for a minute or so. Commentary was otherwise great.
  6. Pilky

    Bazza Was Immense Tonight

    Hes like the Championship Kevin De Bruyne, picks out players with long balls (doesnt work every time but then it doesnt always come off for KDB), can score a screamer and runs midfield, hes a joy to watch.
  7. In the BBC gossip column today: A Turkish amateur club sold 18 of its youth players to fund the purchase of 10 goats, with the aim of using milk and meat sales to help fund its future. (Hurriyet - in Turkish) Maybe something to look into if we don't achieve promotion this season, as per DC's warning. Ds Dairy... coming soon
  8. Pilky

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Looks about right.
  9. I listened to this podcast the other day, along with a fine, if you fall under an 'official' transfer embargo, you can now be deducted points. Its depressing to listen to but its worth a listen all the same.
  10. Pilky

    Bannan and Forestieri

    Bannan, FF and to a lesser extent Joao yesterday looked to be the only players with that bit of ability to move us forwards. Without them we are very predictable which explains our poor run of form last season. Understand the FFP issues we have but would be terrible news if we sold any of them.
  11. They clicked the 'opt out' button. rumblezoids...
  12. We paid roughly £9m for him (I think) which is spread over the period of his contract, if we sell him today the rest of what we owe would be due immediately.
  13. abbeydale picture house/picture house social do a big open air screen i think.
  14. I had never seen this before. Brilliant! Mad cvvnt. Always liked him.
  15. Pilky

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    My girlfriend used to work at Sheffield Hallam and one year the Varsity game was called off due to poor weather conditions and she was tasked with letting the football team know. A lot of them cried... third year university students, men by all means. She told them right before the team photo was taken as well, I don't think that this was done on purpose but i'd love to see that photo.