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  1. Cabbage sales would go through the roof at Hillsborough green grocers
  2. Unbelievable. Ashley must have found some loophole in our contract then. Are we about to be screwed over again?
  3. Hes frustrating to watch, ability is obviously there but its almost as though he gets the ball, passes it and stops playing, as though hes done his bit. Bruce had a word with him at half time and it would have been interesting to see what effect that had but he was brought off after 10 mins of the 2nd half. Just a friendly so maybe motivation wasnt there. Opinion would probably be slightly different had that shot gone in as well i guess.
  4. Only positive of Steve McClaren being appointed would be Wednesday featuring on Athletico Mince and a Bob Mortimer song about Chansiri.
  5. They were talking cricket, (had Lamby on the phone) mentioned Steve Bruce was favourite for Newcastle job but also that Steve Harmison was an outsider in the market. Just nonsense chit chat really, hopefully the Bruce rumours will also turn out to be just that.
  6. They're all skint after spunking their pensions on the plane and banner last season.
  7. Came here for transfer news, stayed for the drama.
  8. you need to close some of your tabs, will likely be slowing down your connection speed.
  9. Not a classic but i think there's room for an Icelandic Thunder clap, replacing the OOOH with Bruce. That skinny bloke in the kop who never has his top on could start it.
  10. Wasnt it Huddersfield in the Play Off semis that he refused to take a pen?
  11. I remember reading somewhere to make an academy cost effective you need to be developing and selling players regularly, otherwise they're a bit of a money pit. Cant find the article anywhere now though, didnt Huddersfield recently lose theirs?
  12. I swear it was something to do with him cheating on that Geordie scrubber, newspapers went to town and everyone else jumped on board, he was a brilliant footballer. Same as John Terry, shagged his teammates (not forced to be mate) ex girlfriend (not wife) and everyone hates him. Mad really, all football fans are saints, must be right?
  13. I think Bruce demands respect and can control big personalities. I think we lack a bit of character so hopefully he brings in a couple, is allowed to pick from the whole squad and we can kick on and hopefully finish above the scrubbers down the road. Our previous manager couldnt manage a cat.
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