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  1. Sure you dont want to copy and paste one of your previous comments over and over again
  2. Different situation - bring Cook in now and he has almost a full season at keeping us up, their 12 point deduction came towards the end of the season, with only a handful of games to save Wigan.
  3. Paul Cook without their points deduction last season, accrued more points with Wigan than Monk who arguably had a better squad at his disposal. Wigan were the form team post lockdown and were very unlucky to be relegated and all whilst working under (likely) the only regime more batshi* than our own. Any manager that comes in now would arguably do a better job than Monk, he seems out of ideas and the squad look to have downed tools - a refresh is needed to get us out of this rut. None of this will happen because we have only just allowed Monk to bring in his
  4. Not sure Onomah was as good as the sky sports commentators were making him out to be. He scored a decent goal in the semi, they stuck it in their notes for the final and every time he did something positive they referred back to it. "fans have been calling him Josh OnoMAHRADONA" etc. In fact in the semis, post match interview, Parker said he was happy for Josh because fans had been getting on his back because he hasn't been performing at the level he should. He had a good performance for us against Bristol and hes had a decent couple of games for Fulham in the play offs this sea
  5. Its a no from me. Doyin in his name - albeit a different spelling. Dont want any Doyen players anymore
  6. MOTMs all over the pitch today, shame we couldnt nick a result but a fantastic performance and great to watch.
  7. I liked the line in the old matchday threads that said something along the lines of "Footwear: Studs, absolutely no blades"
  8. Havent we just sent Connor Kirby to Macc?
  9. Vydra had a couple of good seasons with Watford before Derby. By no means a one season wonder. Rumoured to be going to Leeds but then isnt everyone?!
  10. Were you the bloke who was queueing behind the kids at Lincoln to get a picture with players?
  11. Not really, just outlining how ridiculous that situation is, true or not.
  12. Can you imagine handing a transfer request in because you feel you are over valued by the club you play for? Embarassing. "Im not as good as you think DC but I'd like to go elsewhere because I'm better than this club."
  13. Cabbage sales would go through the roof at Hillsborough green grocers
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