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  1. If Derby are found guilty as well they will get the same as us. If applied to this season means they have effectively got away with it.
  2. No problems, 121 in queue, tickets booked in under 15 mins.
  3. My dad fitted some guttering on Jims house back in the day and took me along. Jim took me into the house gave me a drink and a biscuit, showed me his medals and trophies let me try on one of his Scotland caps. There was a big black and white photographs on the wall of him scoring in the cup final at Wembley. I was only eight, it was brilliant and he became my favorite player, was gutted when he went to wolves. Happy birthday Jim
  4. Tickets Bought last Wednesday Coach booked last Wednesday Email tickets Dispatched Monday Tickets arrived today Block 135 No drama i'm ready
  5. 83 was worst journey home ever, gutted and Ford granada blew an oil ring, limped all way up M1 in a cloud of smoke buying oil at every services on way. payback is a ***** ain't it
  6. Good bit of business Wednesday, ensures we will get a fee if we choose to sell him. Nuhiu has a role to play, most prolific strikers have played with a partner that can draw defenders to them and create space : Shearer had Sutton at Blackburn and Ferdinand at Newcastle, Lineker had Alan Smith at Leicester and Graeme Sharp at Everton, Owen had Heskey, Fowler had Heskey, Alan Clarke had Mick Jones on so on Nuhiu will never be prolific but he can be part of a game plan and help FF / Hooper / Joao get the goals we need.
  7. 217 seats left on the Kop and 86 in the Grandstand
  8. Pudil for me, considering he was up most of the night to see his daughter born, not trained all week and only passed a fitness test today he put in a cracking shift and popped up with a goal
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