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  1. Starting with Kieran Westwood in the net next season, we will stay up. FACT
  2. Well, if you’re right, then all the talk about up to 21 points deducted is incorrect as the Punishments are practically unlimited, including expulsion. Sobering thought. 21 points doesn't seem so bad Vs expulsion.
  3. No mate, don’t think I do. Overspend = Up to12. Aggravated circumstance (ground sale) up to 9. If we are guilty on the aggravated circumstance Which is essentially what we are on the stand for then if we are guilty of that, we have to be guilty of the overspend breach. If we are not guilty of the aggravated circumstance, we’re home and hosed because the accounts show we made a profit.
  4. I seem to recall that, but when I read up on it, how the actual punishment was divided up, didn’t mention the embargo specifically. You can be punished up to 12 points depending on the over spend. They overspent by 13 million so that was worth so many points - can’t remember exactly what the amount was. They then saved themselves another point With a guilty plea. But then they were Given another three because their “we are sorry, won’t do it again, plans in place etc” was called BS by the panel, so they finished up with 9. I think the three points chalked off might have been in reference to the embargo but the rest was for breach of FFP
  5. IF we're found guilty, it'll almost certainly be more than nine points. Brum overspent by 13 million (a lot less than us) and they got a nine point deduction having pleased guilty to the charges. If we're guilty, imo, we're going to get hammered.
  6. But Sibon was signed as a premier league player and he was gash. Like his mate De Bilde.
  7. Can you imagine if Derby cut some sort of deal next week by changing their “plea” to guilty and taking 12 points now so they start afresh next year...
  8. As part of my job I speak to lawyers every day. Some of them are sport lawyers. So, yes I did. And I was just passing on an opinion. I've not said the case is over / on-going or anything like that So, off your high horse pal.
  9. It's 9 for the breach and up to an additional 12 if aggravated - which if we've been found guilty, I think will be applied in some way
  10. I spoke to a sports lawyer earlier this week. They have nothing to do with this case, but being a football fan, taking an interest in proceedings. Their informal opinion is that if we are found guilty, we'll get the full 21 points deducted, but 6, or perhaps 9 suspended in case we breach again.
  11. Imre Banana Eric Cantaloupe Ryan in vitamins and Lowe in fat.
  12. Dear fellow wednesdayites, Apart from being an avid Wednesday fan, in my spare time, I volunteer as a football coach at Aston Swallownest FC. Recently, our club received some very sad news. Harrison, one of our Under 14 players, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, an aggressive kind of blood cancer. On the 28th July his family, friends and Aston Swallownest FC are organising the #harrisonkicksleukaemia Sports Day at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield. There will be five-a-side football, a fun run and loads of other exciting activities to join in with. Best of all, every single penny from the day will go to helping Ward 6 at the Children's Hospital! As well as raising money for Ward 6 at The Children's, volunteers from the Anthony Nolan Charity will be there to take mouth swabs and add as many people as possible to the Stem Cell database. We know that not everyone will be able to attend the sports day, so a Just Giving page has also been launched to help raise funds for the wold Class Sheffield Children's Hospital, Ward 6. I know the members of this forum often gets asked to make donations and your generosity is unrivalled. It's the first time I have had to make such an appeal and I'm hoping that my fellow wednesdayites will help us get towards the ambitious target of £3,500 for the wonderful Children Hospital. I have attached the URL link below. Please take a look at this appeal and if you're able to, we'd be very grateful for your donations. Remember, every penny will go to helping Ward 6 at the Children's Hospital https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/harrison-kicks-leukaemia?fbclid=IwAR2KnSaEx9oPaCPFdupSUlxBUBoSYqyoF2wYmAttLjRYMeYZzVIfEVHy4s4 Keep up with everything that is being planned on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through #harrisonkicksleaukaemia Thank you to everyone for your time and reading Harrison's story.
  13. Would be good to see Various Vegetables on the playlist. Probably the best Sheffield band you've never heard of.
  14. Unless my ears are deceiving me, I quite like Phoebe’s contribution at 24:20.
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