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  1. Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley Have you heard Tony Currie has VD. He said yes what a mess' so are the SUFC.
  2. No leave him at Derby. Then theres less chance of them sniffing around Forestieri again.
  3. I have stopped buying them this season after many many years. They're just to bulky to store now
  4. How many people will be saying good luck to the lad if he scores the goals to get Derby into top 6 & we don't. 10million wold be a pittance to them should they reach the Prem. And who says it's all down to Carlos whether we let him go or not .
  5. not very clued up but how would you sign up. to watch on a vpn
  6. I have about 5 of those. Originally it was quite rare for owls fans. as there was massive road works on the night and lots didn't get one as they'd finished selling them by the time a lot of our fans got there. When the Arsenal fans got wind of this they were appearing on selling sites quite regular. So there's probably more up North now than there is darn Sarf. Still worth a few bob but I doubt you will get the afore mentioned prices.
  7. Glen Murray has scored goals consistently whoever he plays for. But I seem to remember him saying he wants to stay darn sarf, hence the Bournemouth' Brighton' Palace' Reading moves.
  8. Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley Have you heard Tony Currie's got V D He said yes' what a mess just like the SU-FC
  9. So last season we achieved 74 points from 46 games = 1.6 points per game This season weve achieved 17 points from 10 games = 1.7 points per game So everything's on track upto now. Still a long way to go before we start getting carried away. In Carlos we trust. With the extra class players we have I think we should do it. If we have an October like we did last season' it would be amazing.
  10. Refs ought to be made to to do post match interviews. I seem to remember quite a few managers getting quite heavy fines for speaking their opinions straight after a game. I would love to see how some of these pratts try to justify their decisions. and try & explain the replays.
  11. Still needs a lot of choreography doing before the end of the season.
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