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  1. its rare good get it bought. question neil did you and your bro stop the traffic so that poor women dint get run or.
  2. you know what nay ow i ant but..................................................................ave recorded it how sad am i.
  3. after the embarrassing display from Peterborough fan last week invading the pitch which i thought was very amusing singing "we are staying up" i would just like to point out no your not staying up you bellends he is a little video of the sad fans.
  4. what totally peed me of tonight was our defending from corners. what is the bloody point of having no 1 up front if we hoof it away there is no one to latch on to it. all that happen is that there defenders where crossing it back into the box.causing us more problems i was ready to bloody explode tonight i tell yer.
  5. i could win this quiet easily. all i need is a bag of these. and a mouth like this
  6. i let mine out bit by bit that way you cant smell um as much.tha knows what am saying kiddo. must admit got a bit carried away with this one the other night. lol
  7. he makes 1 mistake and he drops him.i think jones doesn't like llera.the first opportunity he gets,he drops him.hes done it before and hes doing it again.i love llera he gets stuck in he can pass a ball he can score goals and most of all he has passion.whats taylor got naff all i tell you naff all.its all about jones signings he has to play them. :angry:
  8. hes here hes there hes every flipping where semedooooooooooo semedoooooooooooo
  9. or maybe this picnic i cant decide.
  10. picnic or pecnik that is the question.
  11. me,oh and i might bring a packet of polo mints to freshen me gob up with the ale i shall me consuming.
  12. i can always remember in ( a view from the east bank) about the corners. it made me laugh, it said, 1 inch pass back to the goal keeper, that when we were really poo poo at corners then.
  13. what a great send of for gary yesterday.i have never in my life seen anything like it.it was packed to the rafters.everyone only just fitted in.just shows you what a fantasic fellow he was. the sky is blue the clouds are white that why your STILL a wednesdayite. r.i.p fellow
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