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  1. I lost my Dad suddenly 7 weeks ago today. Today is bittersweet for my family but I know Dad would want us to try and enjoy the day as best we can. WAWAW
  2. 132 2 dolphins, banana, whale, football, beach ball, crocodile and mini paddling pool.
  3. Mind the gap, mind the gap said United Mind the gap, mind the gap they say Mind the gap, mind the gap said United We've been laughing since the 5th of May!!
  4. Pretty sure the "why you got tights on" chant was the year before when we lost 3-0. Only highlight of the match.
  5. I remember this. Did they end up being allowed a ticket? I really hope they got one. They deserved one just for keeping us entertained. It was freezing.
  6. So now we know Toytown are up and there will no doubt be a scramble for tickets for the NYS, does anyone know if the priority points from this season and last will be carried forward into next season?
  7. Put Sky Sports 1 on now. Playing our chants to cheer on the Leeds scum. It makes my blood boil.
  8. Helan. Without a doubt. He was playing brilliantly at left back.
  9. He's been poor for the last 2 or 3 games. He's stopped doing all the things that earnt him a permanent place in the team and replaced them with all the fancy dan stuff that hardly ever come off. He gives me the impression he's not a team player and it's all about him. I do feel for him cos he's struggling big time on the wing but that in no way excuses the petulance he showed when he was subbed. Wonder if he would have reacted like that if Gray had been on the touchline. He should be fined and told in no uncertain terms that the way he behaved won't be tolerated. Once Antonio or Maghoma are back I would play him in the number 10 role. I'm sure he will get back to his best then that saw him score all them goals.
  10. What kind of a question is that? Clearly if I hadn't I wouldn't have made the statement. I don't have a problem with him playing on the right of a front 3 but when we play 442 he should be up top not on the wing. I predicted it a few of weeks ago that he would be dropped after being played on the wing cos he's not effective and that's exactly what has happened. Very unfair on him considering his performances and goals turned our season around.
  11. My issue with them is using our songs/chants at the England and Leeds Rhinos games they play at and the fact they miss Wednesday games to play for them. The Rhinos fans now bounce and the other night at Wembley you could clearly hear them trying to get Ole going. It also bugs me when they play songs for players that we don't even chant. Da, da, da, da, da, Jermaine Johnson has never been one of our chants. Other than that I don't mind them at times and they can help the atmosphere.
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