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  1. Cheers mate. After a few attempts at guitar plectrums and owl staues at college I just did a quick Google search for 'STL Sheffield Wednesday' and this thread cropped up. I wouldn't even know where to begin designing that atm.
  2. That's amazing. I've just started to try my hand at 3d printing as part of my Btec. I don't suppose you could share the stl file with me please.
  3. Jaws is the only film to have a lasting effect on me and I wouldn't even class it as a horror film. The sense of no escaping a random attack from a cello playing shark makes me think twice before going in the sea anywhere in the world.
  4. North Wales 03:00, straight from a nightshift-> Ecclesfield, crash on a mates couch for a few hours, shower->Wembley 09:00. Gonna be bloody knackered!
  5. Would anyone be willing to swap my adult ticket in 139 for one in 232/233 area, obviously I'll make up the £12 difference. Pm me if interested.
  6. It might not look cool but try sitting with the guitar in a classical style position facing a mirror, lower your so elbow so there is a straight line running from your barre finger down your forearm, It also helps to position your thumb in the middle of the neck behind the barre finger and squeeze/clamp the finger and thumb together this should eliminate any buzzing. Other than that it really is just practise, hope this helps and let us know how you're getting on.
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