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  1. It was me a protest vote he was on least amount of time. None of the above would have got my vote, I then option was there.
  2. I wish in the press conferences the players and coaching staff stop mentioning they will keep fighting. I've seen zero fight in any of them all season. Talk all the clichés they want but pack it in with we will keep fighting. That's just p155ing up everyone's back
  3. Please chansiri of you don't sell up dont release this lot to sign them back again in January. Every single one of them can do one. Not even surprised by this result. Just a shame the fans never really got to tell this set of losers to get out of our club.
  4. He did really well, always seemed to try something looking fro a forward pass but knew just to get rid when he sensed danger. Not bad for a first game.
  5. What gets me the most with DC is the fact he goes on about losing money. Yes I was there with 40000 other Wednesday fans at Wembley desperate for the players to turn up and get over the line and get us into the Premier league. The difference between me,40k others and DC would be only one of us would be seeing £200,000,000.00. He was the one truly winning if Wednesday got promoted and in the end we all wanted that. I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to this obsession this habit this addiction, to a game of football, to my club, my team. When or if Wednesday go befor
  6. How far away are Wednesday from actually looking like a team that can compete rather than just hold on? I mean this in general, from kick off we had our 2 chances and 1 on target and didn't really look that threatening before of after it. The games that proceeded it were the same. So I ask again how far off are Wednesday from being atleast a team that opposition teams need to worry about.
  7. Joke of a ref again wheres the Swansea manager when you need him that must be personal too
  8. More like tents attacking than our strikers doing owt.
  9. I'd say they arent fit to wear the shirt but Chansiri has done well to make the club a joke, so these set of clowns probably the perfect fit for the shirts
  10. It will be 9 games minimum to get to positive points under Monk. 12 points needed just to get to 0 and its taken 7 games to still fall short to add we are a further 4 points behind 21st. This rate we need a further 7 games to get to 4 points. So if it continues 14 games gone on 4 points we might catch Wycombe in that time of we are lucky. I really want to vent but lile the players I dont have the energy and the passion is dwindling. Monk has to go. His record is abysmal his excuses are running out and his ability as a manager are proving to be as good as chansiri being a f
  11. Would love this to be true, very good defender. Solid and dependable.
  12. Sums up Player of the Season , people discussing a 6 game or so purple patch and deeming it worthy of the award. None of them deserve it this year. We could have player of half a season or player of a few games since lockdowm. Maybe player who looked like they gave a throw.
  13. Every manager says that about every team frustrate the home fans or keep them quiet for the first 15 minutes etc. I dont think Wednesday fans are any worse than others in that respect. I went to a Blackburn game when then Venkys took over and the fans that boxing day were poisonous and as bad if not worse than at Hillsborough. I've been to Old Trafford last year where the moans and grumbles were almost exactly the same against the players. The problem at Wednesday is the recruitment has been terrible for years bar a few couple of gems. There hasn't been many players with the char
  14. Not read the whole thread but didn't Forestieri go down in the box in similar circumstance his back leg was clipped as he slowed up. Can't remember who is was against now but was one of his last games before being injured. In that game commentators said he was looking for the contact so it wasn't one.
  15. Hope you told him to take those sun glasses off his collar he might strain his neck
  16. May have missed this but didn't he renew last year. I'm not knocking him his performances recently have been exactly how i hoped he would be since his debut against qpr,but he wasn't complaining about not being loved when the last extension was offered. Edit. Really should just look up the page.
  17. I have said the same for a while. After today though if you saw such a corrupt display in any other walk of life the perpetrator would be in the docks before long.
  18. I left after the 3rd goal. It's not like I was leaving my army squad facing certain death and deserted them to save my own butt. I was angry with what I saw and rather than venting for the following 45 minutes I took myself away from the situation. I was annoyed with myself as I got to my car as this was the only the second time I left early. First time was also this season a mere 30 seconds before the final whistle. I paid my money and chose to see half the game. If I was at a restarant I would leave what I didn't like on my plate, I don't see much difference. Except when I leave food I don
  19. I believe that in the near future we will discover that some of the referees are taking a back hander, there has been so many poor and frankly bizarre descisions made across football not just at Wednesday for it to be a coincidence.
  20. How is this season's high priced tickets working out for a promotion push this season. People keep saying that teams that spend a lot don't guarantee promotion. Fans spending on high tickets doesn't mean we will watching high quality players. I have a season ticket have done for over 10 years but I don't see how a survey that appears to give you one choice will clear anything up as the statement of pay a lot doesn't mean you will get a better product especially in football
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