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  1. Does no one remember the passunet letter a blades fan sent to Wycombe the mind the gap season or am I making it up?
  2. Just wondering if anyone is going to write a heart filled letter to Wycombe? It worked really well for the blades last time out . "LET ME TELL YOU THIS" it's got to be one of my favourite things to ever happen Related to football. If anyone was to write a letter to Wycombe what would it say this time round convince them to just roll over and let Wednesday win?
  3. Think you have your wires crossed. I have said anything about abuse. I dont agree with any personal abuse aimed at anyone. But in football to expect everyone to agree on someone or accept what you say or think is right is pretty much not going to happen.... kind of like now you don't agree with me even though it wasnt the point I was making.
  4. He doesnt need to really make it though. If we signed Messi there would be people saying we should have signed Ronaldo. You will never please everyone. His job is not to worry what people say what we should do but to run a successful stable football club. If he isn't capable of that, then take advice of professionals that know not Bob, Steve and Harold on twitter saying we should have signed whoever. He is worrying about something he can't change and the fact he has sniped at fans..sorry bad customers in the past of course when he makes passing comments like that he will get picked up on.
  5. Our best chances falling to a RWB who hasn't scored for Wednesday in 130 odd games big indicator in why we are not scoring. Frustrating as playing really well only team looking play. 2 shots on target and they score both. We have wasted so many chances.
  6. To say 3/5 of the defence would line up on the front line for most teams they did very well defensively. BPF made a few decent saves without being too harsh thats the level that should be expected but still MoM. Attack... was there one?
  7. Did Patterson out pace someone or was it a trick of the light?
  8. My take is they have done this full well in the knowledge the majority of people will have to buy their season tickets in the new year. That way the club can say they did freeze the tickets but most people will buy them around the same time as they did the year before but have to pay 50 quid more. The club make more money and no one can throw you upped the price because instant response they were frozen just buy it earlier. I would argue is it any better for people that can afford it its still money out of your account a month earlier. What is that going to help the club. I'm unsure about cash flow because as DC has mentioned the fans money pays for nothing. Long story sort my opinion club trying to pull wool over eyes of fans by claiming prices are frozen when really it benefits no one.
  9. Nearly as satisfying as the piggy wide guy for Tudgay's goal at the lane.
  10. Plymouth fans asking to play us every week and singing you f in shiz. What a time to be alive.
  11. That was the best scissor / overhead kick I've seen since James O'Connor.
  12. In his pre match interview Darren Moore said we will play free flowing attacking football. We attacked once... on a counter attack...at home.
  13. I've never understood it either. Successful managers stay at clubs that the success matches the stature or expectations, Sean Dyche at Burnley even if they go down the bloke has performed miracles for them. However in the world of manager merry go round he is never touted for bigger things I wonder why? Pep at City will stay whilst ever he is winning things, same with Klopp. Although when klopp was doing really well the likes of Madrid and Barcelona were circling. Would he have gone? Probably. Even the bus driver after all his success and god like stature at pigs still came unstuck after one poor season. Ironically the season where they didn't perform above expectations. It is incredibly rare to find a manager that fits the club and their level of skill matches the expectations that the club and fans see as success. I dont beleive you have to wait too long to find it. Its even rarer to find a manager that can be successful at multiple clubs.
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