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  1. Where is the representation for true supporters who then get to decide who is a true supporters who can represent true supporters on the forum.
  2. I haven't even bothered putting the radio on today, that's how little of a fudge I give and I have had a season ticket for 30 years (and still do where's my refund), would rather spend the day playing with my little girl and not have my day ruined. Pulis out
  3. That will be a no from me, not good enough, never was is a dinosaur in football terms. Cut our losses get a forward thinking manager in and try to stay up but if not build for next year
  4. How about 20k freedom of information requests, that would keep them busy and remind them we are not just football fans but voters who they want to vote for them every 4 years
  5. I want my balls Blown by a big up front 20 year old but it does not mean it is going to happen. if it does no one tell my Mrs, scouts honour
  6. I was told about 2 months ago by a mate who knows someone close to the goalkeeping set up at Hillsborough that Westwood had been told to find a new club at the end of the season. I think it would suit all parties especially if a deal with Celtic can be done as Westwood gets a move to a club that will win honours and the chance to play in Europe. Wednesday get a fee if possible which will help FFP and one of the larger wages of books. Westwood would leave with a massive thank you from all the fans and we have two excellent young keepers to compete to be number 1 next season. Also another young
  7. I'm more concerned if he wasn't on the take because that means the standard of refing is that bad
  8. i can't see Cardiff going up if they can't beat a side playing a lad making his debut in a back three who is 7th or 8th choice,
  9. Butterfield wasn't even the first choice in the transfer deal we wanted another Derby midfielder who's name escapes me. I would have snipers at the back of the kop and if Butterfield runs backwards or turns when he has 10 yards of room to run into he would be taken out
  10. Jesus Christ, anyone who doesn't play is the next naymar, any one who does is the new Colin West. I am not defending some of our players performances but people need to buy a clue or at least borrow one
  11. This must come up on owlstalk more than the death of the head of the Catholic church who lives in Rome. The problem is evidence does not back this up, we have offers on tickets but we don't sell out except if it is a big game anyway ie play-offs. I can see the point of season ticket offers but our prices on this are not massively out of step with other clubs in the championship. Other clubs are happy to complain out our prices but then hike tickets when Wednesday come to town and this hasn't been only since we increased ours. I understand the argument that you want more people and pricing peop
  12. Give real ale back I'm with you, I am considering a Brian the Blade style car park protest until it's reinstated
  13. It must be the new nandos, I saw Matias in there with I think his dad a couple of weeks ago
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