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  1. As a one off kit against Newcastle, it was a pretty bizarre choice
  2. Bonvin

    Kieran Westwood

    Is there potentially, more money to be made out of selling one of the young ones?
  3. Remember soccer am taking the p1ss out of Wednesday for running the ball to the corner against wolves, losing it and them going down other end and equalising. Nuhiu saw saw an opportunity and had the ability and confidence to pull it off
  4. Bonvin


    I think people are taking it as a foregone conclusion that we decide if he stays or not. I’m sure on a free, there will be a few championship clubs interested. Sure Derby was willing to pay 1-2 million a few years ago.
  5. Anyone heard anything? 3 weeks from the Birmingham game was what I thought. Should be due back soon but another one with no official update
  6. Bonvin

    Contract Issues

    Did we realise this halfway through the forest game and drag hooper off?
  7. Bonvin

    Jos needs two windows

    Maybe so, but if things don’t pick up sharpish he wont make the end of the season, his fault or not.
  8. Bonvin

    Ian Toothill

    Yep, minute’s applause not really my thing but more than deserved in this case, along with a picture on the screen of him with the flag with the daft badge on it. Epitomises the spirit and character of this football mad city
  9. Bonvin

    Pudil & Fred

    I’d take out fox, bring in Boyd. Reach to the left and the 3 Burnley lads in the middle together for now. Boyd has the legs to get up with front two
  10. Bonvin

    Please NO

    Whether true or not, it is a hell of an overreaction on here. Let’s be reyt, it is probably the first time in twenty years (if not longer) that someone who has: Managed England won a major domestic trophy reached a major european final won a foreign league title would show the slightest bit of interest in managing Sheffield Wednesday. He is not someone I am by any means clamering for but at this level i thought similar to Carlos, his first year derby team was fantastic and a great watch.
  11. They should make 150 or just 1 for Karl to keep or auction to charity
  12. Is the white kit ditched then? Seems a bit pointless now
  13. We miss Jeremy helan. Im being a bit mischievous with the above but in carlos' first season we closed / finished a number of games with his type of player.
  14. Bonvin

    Fernando Forristieri injury

    Maybe he is just injured. Maybe By the time he is fit, hooper or fletcher might be out of form / injured. Don't lose to much sleep over it. It is not a lifetime ago we was playing Barry corr up front on his own with little other options in the squad
  15. Bonvin

    Dave Jones

    Thinks he has done alright generally since coming to the club. Doesn't sit as deep as Sam which I think do think helps overall