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  1. Would prefer we went back to 4 at the back, and push these 2 into a front three.
  2. Fletcher certainly isn't static. Who should we sign instead of Marshall? Would signing him that bad a thing with our current squad layout.
  3. On madine, he used him when he needed to. On mcgoldrick, I can't remember this place being up in arms when utd signed him after a trial when he was released by Ipswich who went on to be bottom league. Turned out to be signing of the summer.
  4. The same chris wilder who signed Gary Madine and David mcgoldrick from same Wednesday team Ben Marshall played in under direct gary megson
  5. Just seen Cardiff and sheff utd get promoted with what people would class as having a number of bang average championship players
  6. 2nd goal at Norwich came from a run into the box we haven't seen enough of.
  7. If we'd got the win we deserved on Saturday we would have been in the play off right now
  8. Happy enough as I saw this as a draw anyway. Must win next 2 and see what situation is
  9. Is the draw a decent result on the whole? Burnley are doing alright in the table as well aren't they?
  10. Thought I saw him in the warm up and after the game. If so, was this the first time since the loss of his wife? Thanks to him if this is correct and has been a great servant in what must have been a tough time personally for a few years
  11. Poor to he him booed when team read out. Especially bear straight after the cheer for westwood.
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