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  1. Bonvin

    Another pathetic manager

    Can you sack a manager under A embargo?. I presume so, but aren’t you therefore attracting my costs that you otherwise would avoid
  2. Bonvin

    Flag Surfing Today

    Pure theatre. It had me gripped
  3. Bonvin

    Ash Baker

    Better without the ball than with it. Hopefully that side will come with time. Thought him and Pelupessy was too keen to pass the responsibility to someone else. Baker I can forgive for that.
  4. Bonvin


    Played without fear... that’s half the battle. Very positive
  5. Bonvin

    #SWFC Fanzone

    Tbf the fan zone was about at the back end of last season
  6. Bonvin

    More positives from #SWFC

    Used to love RU mine to the goals before kickoff
  7. Looking forward to it, you can go on about what’s gone wrong and mistakes been made, but there is no place I’d rather be come Saturday
  8. Bonvin

    Jack Hunt statistics

    10 in 100 odd games I saw the other day
  9. As a one off kit against Newcastle, it was a pretty bizarre choice
  10. Bonvin

    Kieran Westwood

    Is there potentially, more money to be made out of selling one of the young ones?
  11. Remember soccer am taking the p1ss out of Wednesday for running the ball to the corner against wolves, losing it and them going down other end and equalising. Nuhiu saw saw an opportunity and had the ability and confidence to pull it off
  12. Bonvin


    I think people are taking it as a foregone conclusion that we decide if he stays or not. I’m sure on a free, there will be a few championship clubs interested. Sure Derby was willing to pay 1-2 million a few years ago.
  13. Anyone heard anything? 3 weeks from the Birmingham game was what I thought. Should be due back soon but another one with no official update
  14. Bonvin

    Contract Issues

    Did we realise this halfway through the forest game and drag hooper off?
  15. Bonvin

    Jos needs two windows

    Maybe so, but if things don’t pick up sharpish he wont make the end of the season, his fault or not.