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  1. They should make 150 or just 1 for Karl to keep or auction to charity
  2. Is the white kit ditched then? Seems a bit pointless now
  3. We miss Jeremy helan. Im being a bit mischievous with the above but in carlos' first season we closed / finished a number of games with his type of player.
  4. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Maybe he is just injured. Maybe By the time he is fit, hooper or fletcher might be out of form / injured. Don't lose to much sleep over it. It is not a lifetime ago we was playing Barry corr up front on his own with little other options in the squad
  5. Dave Jones

    Thinks he has done alright generally since coming to the club. Doesn't sit as deep as Sam which I think do think helps overall
  6. johan djourou

    Seem to a bit bougherra-esque. Reasonable pace, not afraid to come out with the ball, good physical attributes but has a mistake in him. Of all the options discussed over the summer I think he is one of the better ones in terms of standard of player against overall package expense.
  7. Next season kit

    Surely we can get 50 kits at least for the players. i can understand a delay for the mass production but if we cannot manage the above it is unacceptable. however I remember when we beat Brighton at the Amex in the first game a few years ago, we didn't have a picture of the away kit we was playing in till the day before. Still time yet!
  8. Do you think reading or Huddersfield want to play us?
  9. We will e playing Fulham 3tines in a row. Hudds and reading will throw next week to avoid us both. Fulham will change full 11. So will we but will get a point at least
  10. Looks like the tally to reach the playoffs is gonna be a fair bit higher to
  11. Wednesday v Fulham

    There is always live games. I sat and watched Middlesbrough v Brighton last season knowing we played the loser
  12. Wednesday v Fulham

    Have sky selected their live games for the last day?
  13. Fletcher

    Any better or worse than winnall tonight?
  14. RIP Stevie Adams

    I am not really one for the minute claps but this guy did a lot of work on behalf of Wednesday and the local community
  15. Carlos out of his depth?

    Some would argue we was as hit and miss with transfers last season.