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  1. 2nd goal at Norwich came from a run into the box we haven't seen enough of.
  2. If we'd got the win we deserved on Saturday we would have been in the play off right now
  3. Happy enough as I saw this as a draw anyway. Must win next 2 and see what situation is
  4. Is the draw a decent result on the whole? Burnley are doing alright in the table as well aren't they?
  5. Thought I saw him in the warm up and after the game. If so, was this the first time since the loss of his wife? Thanks to him if this is correct and has been a great servant in what must have been a tough time personally for a few years
  6. Poor to he him booed when team read out. Especially bear straight after the cheer for westwood.
  7. Just needs down sizing. Should never have been 1000 attendees anyway.
  8. Would rather he just Did something with the local press / radio (not direct club media). Can only see a direct fans meeting worsening the situation
  9. Can’t get my head around some of these scores, The dross we have watch at times in the last 20 years (some as little as 6-12 months ago) and we are handing out scores of 5 and below for last night. The first half as a contest was played at a fantastic pace and although leeds had the better chances we played some decent stuff. Second half needs some praise for effort and bravely. Finally with the keeper I get the feeling some want Dawson out so they can just say I told you so. Not his greatest game but a massive over reaction
  10. We went right back down to league one; but Milan dragged us back up; carlos took us all to Wembley; before it went t1ts up; chansiri turned to a Dutchman; who’d made his name in Germany; his is name is Jos Luhukay; back on our way to the premier league; wednesday, Wednesday Wednesday To allez tune
  11. Board probably think if they can get rid of him in January it’s still 500k off the books. They are probably saving on appearance / win / clean sheet bonuses etc in the meantime. If they bring him in now they have to drop a young un and then re instate them if they can offload him in January. Personally I would have played him from day one and if he was sold fine. But I don’t know the issues, so I am not going to bleat on about it. It looks like a descision has been made. If it changes great. If this descision has contributed to B.B, LJ and FF staying then it’s a sad but correct descision
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