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  1. To be talking about a potential Wednesday v Leeds Playoff final? Genuinely don't think I could cope if this happened. Thoughts?
  2. That's what I thought but if u click on the Chelsea Peterborough game which kicks off at same time, there's links to it.
  3. Yeah seen it on there but there's no actual stream for the game.
  4. Regardless of whether it rains or not, it's still gonna be pleasant. I'll be wearing shorts and my Wednesday shirt. The forecast for Sheffield looks similar to Wembley for today and it's warm and have seen no rain. It will be fine
  5. I've been after this seasons shirt in a medium for months and had no luck. Literally not seen one anywhere. If anyone wouldn't mind 'lending' me one i'd be very grateful
  6. Depends how sales go tomorrow, can't see there being many though gotta be honest. Thousands will be eligible tomorrow
  7. Are you sure you're eligible for tickets this morning?
  8. If you really wanted a ticket then you could have got one. I had no points at all, got my tickets yesterday after joining Foundation.
  9. Correct. You both need to be a member in order to get tickets today
  10. Any idea how many we've sold today, or how many we're expected to sell?
  11. They'll definitely make general sale, whether it be 15,000 i'm not so sure, i'd probably guess more around 7,000. Wouldn't care if i got a ticket and sat on my own anyway really, even though there's 17 of us going down. It's just as much about the actual day, not just the match itself.
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