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  1. 2 hours ago, Binky Griptite said:

    If (and its a big if) the footballing side was a success the vast majority would be ignoring all the other foibles around the club.


    This stands out from the rest of your post for me.


    Of course we would. However in my opinion this argument's invalid. Without being entirely reliant on luck, this circumstance is nigh on impossible. Long term, you just cannot make all the mistakes he's made and see success on the pitch. It is because of all the other foibles around the club that on the pitch we're in this plight. And as the man at the very top, every single one of those foibles is on him.


    After his initial gamble failed he should have changed approach and started to plan for the long term. Heck, even if his initial gamble had seen us promoted to the Premier League his immediate focus should have turned to planning for the long term.


  2. 2 hours ago, TaxiMark said:

    I have no problem with taking a season out, the club are taking thepiss out of us, its about showing the club for me.

    This wonderful club is being ruined by someone who knows fk all about it or Sheffield people.


    I cannot agree more with this. Counter-productive to the needs of the club it may be, especially given our P&S situation, however as a kind of 'personal protest' I've not renewed my ST. I just cannot bear to give the current chairman any more of my hard-earned money.


    We're treated like absolute mugs.


    Lied to - "Would you rather continue to pay the current pricing in exchange for a higher quality of player or pay cheaper prices and see the youth played?" Fizz off.


    Taken for granted.


    All whilst the club deem it unnecessary, for whatever reason, to engage in any sort of communication with the fan base. I don't feel connected to the club. I don't feel a part of it. And I don't feel my loyalty is rewarded in any way whatsoever.


    The man is horrendously mismanaging this football club. How long are the fan base prepared to put up with it?

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  3. Saw this happen. 80 year old guy fell heavily, face-forward, down 4-5 steps with his head hitting the concrete floor of the concourse. Was a really upsetting sight and I spent much of last night laid awake hoping that he was ok.


    He didn't seem to have any friends or family with him but he was conscious and responsive when the paramedics arrived, which was obviously a good sign, but I'd really like to hear that he's ok if anyone knows him.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Pacifier said:


    We created absolutely nothing. 


    For me this has been a recurring problem this season. Teams come to Hillsborough, sit back, and we have absolutely no idea how to break them down. There's no link between our line of defence and the attack at the moment. Midfield is non-existent so we either play it backwards or just hoof it from defence to attack. Without Hooper no one drops short from up top to receive the ball. Today it looked like we were playing 5-0-5

  5. 1 hour ago, lenney said:

    Reports in Barnsley chronicle that he was involved in a car crash earlier this month 


    He was involved in a car crash on the Woodhead Pass after the Leeds game. Ended up being taken to A&E at the Northern. Not sure on the extent of his injuries, if any. Other party involved suffered serious injury.

  6. Hi jimi, you can buy the poster here.

    Once you are taken to the SWFC store via the Gallery, you can browse othe products under 'Official Gallery' on the left menu.

    Thanks :-)

    Excellent, cheers very much! Think I may have to buy the south stand one as a poster to frame and one of the others as a canvas

  7. Have to say Harkes who score the memorable goal at Derby. The Goal won goal of the season and was one of the few occasions that Wednesday was on equal term with the big clubs.

    happy time as we went on to be promoted and won the cup.

    Agreed. Definitely the stand out goal for me

  8. I know pal, I feel the same. Nothing against the Op, but as soon as I read "not seen this posted elsewhere" the first thing i do is look else where & usually its there.

    You know what? I did a little detective work....... and I found it mentioned elsewhere :ph34r:

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