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  1. Jacob Butterfield

    Lee - injured, Hutch - injured, Abdi - injured or not fit.... ....leaving Jones and Bannan in central midfield. Hoops, Fletcher, Rhodes, Forestieri, Nuhiu, Joao to choose from up front. With no further transfers allowed until January I think it's a good bit of business.
  2. Epic 10 timer

    '93 semi v pigs?
  3. I understand we haven't played particularly well (not all the time) and need to attack with more purpose, and I agree that Rhodes has not been given much of a chance yet, but I still find the negativity a bit OTT. What if we continue as we are and mangage to scrape a few unattractive 1-0 wins in the play offs?
  4. Watched the Leeds game on tv and was gutted as I always am when we get beat, very frustrating, but having just watched the extended highlights, did we really play as bad as people are making out?! The negativity baffles me. Ok we're not playing anything like parts of last season, but this is a time for support and loyalty. It's not like our season is over, far from it.
  5. A combination of the two maybe?
  6. I think everyone has been selling them since as they seem to go for much less now looking at other replies
  7. Sell it on eBay. I put mine on there a couple of years ago and it went for £150! Felt a bit guilty selling it but seeing as it's a bad memory... It was the last FA Cup Final replay before penalties were introduced which is why it's collectible