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  1. Listen, if McGugan was half the player people though he was he would be in the team if his attitude was even half decent. Abdi was frozen out and forced his way back into contention, Carlos even publicly praised his change in attitude right be before reintroducing him to the side (I happen to think that was a mistake and a catalyst for us going on this bad run. Abdi is a very talented player but I don't believe he's right for our side and how we get our best results). McGugan could have forced his way in if he wanted to, he has had trouble everywhere he's played, though yes he has the ability to be of some use if he's not willing to earn his place and sacrifice his personal preferences to serve the greater good he can rot for me.
  2. No squad with three CBs is good enough for the top 2. The top two are the best two. I actually expected both Norwich and Villa to be right up there. both have excellent squads its just not clicked for them, much like we have not clicked. Yet some how we keep winning, I put this down to the manager
  3. No not stupid at all just a fact. We have been less effective as a team and results have worsened. I'm not saying he's not a good player what I'm saying is the majority of fans know roger all and that proves it.
  4. You mean like everyone had been telling him to drop Bannan for Abdi for months? Abdi the saviour, starts three games WLL. Maybe just maybe thats why the team was set up without him?
  5. Thing is Barry Bannan is playing through pain to keep in the first team, thats the desire we want from our players. What happened last time Almen started a game? he hobbled off half way through the first half after a little knock. making the manager have to use a sub and change his game plan far too early. If I was Carlos I'd have a tough time starting him knowing he could puss out like that too. Almen has looked somewhat decent in his cameo appearances but he's barely set the field alight. If he was the player everyone made him out to be he would be making more of an impression.
  6. He looked like he had an error in him in the first half, loves a pass back a little too much for my liking but a great ball for our goal and in the second half never put a foot wrong. I still feel we are light in that position but he's a good option for me though we need to get him in more so he is sharper and more settled
  7. What has Winnall done to get into anyones best 11? I cant grasp why everyone thinks he's so special, half a good season at this level within and over achieving side how many times have we seen that come to nothing. Don't get me wrong he's more than deserving of a chance but he's got it all to prove
  8. I'm of the opinion that Flectcher/Winnall and Rhodes/Hooper will be generally how those positions are picked
  9. Whats this obsession everyone has with Winnall being a world beater that everyone except CC can see? He's offered naff all so far and might have had a good first half of the season but he's untested on the whole at this level so if he aint performing then CC is entitled to take him off. Hes gotta be 4th in the pecking order now and its up to him to change that
  10. The fact of the matter is any team challenging at the top needs four quality strikers, we currently have 3. Fletcher, Hooper and I guess Winnall though he's not fully proven at this level. I like both Nuihu and Jao but they aint doing it, its been nearly a year since Dave got his last goal for the first team and Jao needs to go somewhere and play every week. something we can not afford to accommodate. JR is more proven than anything we have at getting goals in this league. We don't need him, by all means we could go up via the playoffs with out him. but lets be straight with the fact we stand a much better chance with him. If we don't go up but we start next season with those four as our strikers and add some extra quality at the back and on the wings with a Diame type attacking mid and we stand as good a chance as anyone of going up champions
  11. If you lead with your head you know you're getting a red! Not only is it very catchy it's the most nailed on red in the game. their man should most defiantly received a red too though he hits Fletch in the face with his clenched fist as he's getting up from the ground. There won't be any retrospective action though because the FA are useless.
  12. What happened last time Carlos picked him? He came off injured, yet people want to believe that some how Carlos is talking bobbar saying he's injured. I don't get it
  13. I can't get on Statto.com for some reason, probably everyone thinking the same. what did the top team have, does anyone know?
  14. Reach was excellent today. Everyone played well in fact.
  15. As title, I can only find complete tables but I want to see after 12 games how far behind the top two we were.
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