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  1. Tom Lees

    He must be dropped. We have a player ready to step in - Venancio. (who predictably hasnt had a single game) Performances like that must not be rewarded.
  2. Of course he is right. Many have been saying all along that Carlos refuses to have a plan B. Teams know how to play and know how to defend against us and we don't adapt to that. That's why he is a poor manager.
  3. Right...Team for Saturday

    .......... Westwood Palmer Venancio Loovens Fox Abdi Jones Bannan Matias Rhodes Nuhiu Give that a go
  4. In possession - a weak 3-5-2

    Defo a weak 3 5 2 with someone like hunt getting forward. Such a frustrating player I really can't understand why he is considered undroppable. Even when he gets a rest and we win with palmer, he still gest back in next game.
  5. Right...Team for Saturday

    Drop Hunt butters Rhodes Hooper fox reach Lees wallace Keep 3: Hooper Bannan Loovens
  6. The Enigma Adam Reach

    Another one of the undroppables.
  7. Missing Forestieri

    Only problem is carlos stopped knowing where to play him as soon as he signed reach. So it'll be the same problem when he returns.
  8. 40% of the season gone.....

    I honestly think we could get relegated if we stick with Carlos.
  9. Problem is that two of those are carlos auto picks. Undroppable however they play. I think palmer deserved to play after his recent performances but doesnt matter what happens, carlos will not evolve the team. Venancio will not get one game unless Lees gets injured.
  10. Here we go again. Really wish i wasn't going on saturday now.
  11. And the same every game. Dull and predictable.
  12. Wonder if Carlos will mention the Loovens let off when he compiles his evidence against the ref tonight.
  13. Leon Clarke anyone?

    That's right I remeber now. Someone once said i was part of a 'triumvirate of doom' with Big Guns and The Realist. Always stuck with me that
  14. Leon Clarke anyone?

    Now then if you remember rightly as soon I realised it was affecting you i stopped immediately. And it wasn't just me. But I apologise.