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  1. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    Going unbeaten doesn't win you promotion.. Too many draws and you end up well out of the reckoning. Need to get out of this habit of drawing games.
  2. Alexa

    Is this one of these AI bots that are gonna overcome humanity? I dont trust em. Like Google assistant, it's not getting enabled on my phone. No Sir.
  3. Honest opinion on the derby

    Smash the edit? Sounds like an 80's dance hit.
  4. We will hammer United

    Hubris comes before a fall. Never assume a win.
  5. Van aken

    Yeah I can't think of too many Prem players who can do what he does, never mind Champ players.
  6. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Wouldn't be acl. That's alot longer than 3 months
  7. Cardiff ratings

    The most transformative effect I remember Hutchinson have was Brighton away 2nd leg 2 seasons ago. Like the Alamo for 35 minutes, then he came on and it turned into a stalemate and we easily got the draw. So I think yr right. But I have the feeling Carlos still sees him as a first pick when fit.
  8. Cardiff ratings

    Jones is a better midfielder than Hutch in my opinion. Apart from physicality.
  9. Cardiff ratings

    Agree about the Lee wide role. He needs to be in the middle.
  10. David jones

    He was excellent but he should also take the ball off bannan for free kicks. Because bannan's set pieces are bobar
  11. Van aken

    I can see a top 6 team coming in for him in the summer. And we won't sell unless they bid silly money. He just oozes class.
  12. Westwood

    Credit that he saved it, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he tried to knock it wide but he didn't catch it right. Just one of those things. So fecking gutting though.
  13. Van aken

    Crazy thing is he looks the best passer in the whole team. From centre back! What a trick to have up our sleeve. As the weeks go by, strikers will be straight on the shoulder as soon as he gets the ball, knowing that there's a good chance he will ping the ball through.
  14. One thing holding us back

    Funny you should say that because he is exactly who i thought of. He is the one player you needed when it was backs to the wall, to carry the ball up the field. That said we have Joao. He is the only pace player we have left and I'm not sure why we don't use him more.
  15. That one goal dropped us 6 places.