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  1. Lucky omen.

    Not really but I sometimes am a bit superstitious about things i see before the match, like they are a sign. Like a swooping Owl that crossed the path of my car on the way to a match once and we won 4-0. Not seen owt yet tho. Get well soon pal. UTO.
  2. I never predict us to win a match. Not gonna start now.
  3. Half Time Score - 0-1 Full Time Score - 1-2 Goalscorers - Pig players, K Lee Sendings Off - Man Of The Match - K Lee
  4. Pigs haven't drawn yet

    Draw would be a bad result. We really don't want to become draw specialists. And the way we play, that is a danger.
  5. Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    It all works well and we can be good defensively as well as keeping possession. The bit where it falls down is our counterattack capability and lack of pace. Be nice to have a more direct plan B.
  6. Penalty taker?

    Hoops or Fletch
  7. I was one of the few who defended Clarke on here. Talented player and when he was up for it, almost unplayable. Lot of posters on here seemed unable to accept him because he arrived overweight. If he plays on Saturday, goes without saying he will be a danger. And I don't believe the rumour for one minute.
  8. Ffs all these threads predicting a win. Don't people learn that there is a principle at play in football predictions and you don't honour it at your peril.
  9. When we get a free kick and don't be letting that pesky Bannan anywhere near it. Are these things always worked out between the players? Does the manager have an input? Because i've noticed it's whoever grabs the ball quickest. Surely it should be who takes the best free kicks?
  10. Football Heaven Boycott

    I don't think it is biased anymore. It was when Seth and Paul were the presenters as they are both Blades.
  11. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    Going unbeaten doesn't win you promotion.. Too many draws and you end up well out of the reckoning. Need to get out of this habit of drawing games.
  12. Alexa

    Is this one of these AI bots that are gonna overcome humanity? I dont trust em. Like Google assistant, it's not getting enabled on my phone. No Sir.
  13. Honest opinion on the derby

    Smash the edit? Sounds like an 80's dance hit.
  14. We will hammer United

    Hubris comes before a fall. Never assume a win.
  15. Van aken

    Yeah I can't think of too many Prem players who can do what he does, never mind Champ players.