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  1. Stainless

    QPR restricted view

    Sat on the front row before and all you can see are the players boots
  2. from the Kop clear red studs up and high. followed through had to go. Any appeal would be frivolous Interesting how this one looked very different from around the ground through
  3. Stainless

    Something changed

    played well last night and the youngsters fitted in well. big game on Saturday as another result against Ipswich will make the start to the season look much more solid and give us something to work from.
  4. Stainless

    Saturday forward line

    3 4 1 2 give fessi the freedom of the park behind dave and joao
  5. Stainless

    3 players...

    Andy Pearce JJ Giles DeBilde
  6. Stainless

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    It all comes back to trust from the coach/manager which baring 4 or 5 untouchables wasn’t there under Carlos
  7. Stainless

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    For me this rings true for both Nuhiu and Joao. Both players knew under Carlos no matter how well the performed next game they would be lucky to be on the bench. Under Jos they perform and they keep the shirt for the following week if fit. Breeds confidence and we are seeing this now. For me these are the players that Carlos said were not good enough and he couldn’t motivate them. They are good enough given backing of the manager and when confident.
  8. Stainless

    Hutch Role

    Hutch in cm leads the team to play deep and almost 532 with Hutch sometimes deeper than the CBs. This works with a CB that wants to carry the ball. If we want to play 442 then Hutch at CB will free the CMs to play a more attacking role. The only question then is who partners the box to box player of Lee. CB for Hutch for me. He also seems to pick up less bookings when playing at the back which means more game time.
  9. Stainless

    Lewis price

    Not seen him catch a cross yet or for that matter cleanly puch one. He's made a few saves that have looked good but have been more for the cameras. Doesn't fill me with confidence and if I was playing in a back 4 with him behind me it would put me off my game.
  10. Stainless


    Summed it up in one for me. we don't get up and support the lone forward. Listening to CC on radio this is why FF has been brought in to provide a link and get around the main forward.
  11. Stainless


    Boro played a lot deeper in second half simply because he was on pitch. He certainly worries them
  12. Stainless

    Kirkland NOT re-signing

    Good luck and needs game time. To be honest a big opportunity to develop our youngsters 6 month on loan for both wildsmith and Dawson and 6 month as our reserve. Both get experience that way.
  13. Stainless


    If we are to play with attacking fullbacks then Vermijl and palmer can push each other at rb and should suffice for a few years. Left back needed Helen can go past people but delivers his cross into the first row of the stand to often. Mattock doesn't cross the ball enough when the opportunity arises.
  14. Maguire has a tendency to slow player down and gives the ball away through trying to do to much. Last year he played in a more direct style. As for playing him up top we have tried this on multiple occasions to no avail and before anyone says different he has had a run of multiple games in this position
  15. Stainless


    With Drenthe and helan bombing on can mcgugan can be given more of an attacking role? I'm not sure.