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  1. Stainless

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    If true £3m for a player who has missed 50% of last two seasons priorto this through injury is a no brainer. A quality player but injury's do count.
  2. Stainless

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    What I want I the person that is less than 2 yards from the incident to make the decision rather than relying on the bloke 20 or 30 yards away looking through a crowd to guide him. I agree the right decision needs to be made but all to often we are waiting for a ref who has the poorest view.
  3. Stainless

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    So why not fit them in the stand and make it clear only the ref will make a decision? No point in having them if they can't influence the game by making a decision to assist the ref
  4. Stainless

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    This is my point. I'm not talking about refs I'm talking about assistants/linesmen there to assist the ref but never make the simple decisions sometimes even checking to see a ball has crossed the line with a bloke 40yards away looking through a crowd. I agree it's refs don't give the decisions but they don't have support from those around them either
  5. Stainless

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    Consistency I all you ask and the assistants are supposed to assist with this. Events they can clearly see they should step in and make decisions/provide guidance. Otherwise let them sit in the stand
  6. I've seen and heard the refs getting loads of stick recently and in some cases it's fully deserved. My biggest issue though is with those running the line. In some cases they are either total inept or under clear instructions not to give decisions till after they are given by the ref. Come one watching the ref before signaling for corners, throw in's and offside decisions. Grow a pair and give a decision if the ref overrules fine but at least make a decision and earn your wages
  7. Stainless


    am I missing something or is that a 2 man midfield so 3-2-3 or do bannan and hutch count as two men?
  8. Stainless

    Patience required

    This for me and we've not had the easiest of starts playing some strong teams (even though some such as stoke are struggling). We are still only 6 off top sport and have some of the theoretically easier games to come
  9. being a leeds fan he's probably not bothered about that game
  10. Stainless

    QPR restricted view

    Sat on the front row before and all you can see are the players boots
  11. from the Kop clear red studs up and high. followed through had to go. Any appeal would be frivolous Interesting how this one looked very different from around the ground through
  12. Stainless

    Something changed

    played well last night and the youngsters fitted in well. big game on Saturday as another result against Ipswich will make the start to the season look much more solid and give us something to work from.
  13. Stainless

    Saturday forward line

    3 4 1 2 give fessi the freedom of the park behind dave and joao
  14. Stainless

    3 players...

    Andy Pearce JJ Giles DeBilde
  15. Stainless

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    It all comes back to trust from the coach/manager which baring 4 or 5 untouchables wasn’t there under Carlos