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  1. I was going 5 at the back with reach as left wing back. But is palmer or odabajo in midfield? Wild guess as can't work it out but maybe Westwood Odabajo Lees Borner Jva Reach Palmer Luongo Bannan Patterson Windass
  2. Can't work this one out is it 442 with palmer and JVA at full back or is it 3 at back with palmer or reach at left wing back and the other centre mid
  3. I'm in awe of the blatant cheek of parry to try and sell this as good for the EFL. Immediately there are 2 EFL clubs who will be pushed out of the league structure to enable this yet its good for all 72 efl clubs? From a long term perspective the big 6 take control and this then enables a situation where its easy to control and close shop if wanted. Why not add a veto to the voting rights for the other pl clubs and an efl representative? If the Premier league truly belive in the structure of the English game then the should interact with it. I would like to see Parry
  4. Who would you play for the other half of the season when hutch is in the treatment room or suspended?
  5. Was there statement from the PFA advising their members not to agree a federal or freeze without their agreement? Sure I saw that somewhere just can't remember where.
  6. was the timing seen as a natural break with both being out of the team? Maybe not the best timining maybe not the right way to do it.
  7. I'd have to agree with this. The issue is not that they are injured now but that they are consistently missing large chunks of every season through injuries. How many times has Westwood for example pulled up in warm ups and missed the next 3 or 4 werks over the years. Are they the players that would make the difference who knows. Is Monk the right man man for the job not sure.
  8. I'm going 4 2 3 1 with da Cruz or windass trying to link up to Wickham
  9. Not only is there the question around officials being held accountable but what about the Blackburn players over reaction which would have potentially affected the refs decision
  10. Not setting the bar low at all. I look at it with half a season left automatic is 10 points off. If we go on a good run we can hit that. For me though changing the manager will not help that as a club we must get some stability prior to Christmas the fan base was raving about monk now he must be sacked. I'm happy for promotion either auto or thrpught he playoffs. We set the bar at the end of this season and must improve next. Year on year progress not lose one week.(dreadful performance included) and change everything. Constant change does not make for improvement
  11. Some people just love to moan and complain. The playoffs are realistic still. Start of the season people where just wanting the season to still be alive and us safe from relegation after the Bruce affair. Monks done well he needs to sort the inconsistency but give him time he's had less then 6 months and no transfer window
  12. That simply doesn't make sense. What's the agenda here that the chairman affects the performance of the players is rubbish. If he had spent nothing and we had an understrength team that was incapable of winning I could understand blaming the chairman.
  13. Yes we didn't turn up and who knows how the game would have gone with 11 Vs 11. The fact we was none existent as a team though doesn't excuse inept officials. We didn't deserve anything and after that performance in any other job the players and officials would be lucky to get paid never mind keep their jobs. There was a number of examples of extremely poor officiating including the "elbow" incident and the foul by nuhiu when he came on. My particular favourite was the you can't take a quick freekick as winalls putting his boot back on quickly followed by yes go quick whilst I give
  14. How far was the walk from the car park?
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