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  1. Tickets now sold to MichaelSwfc1867. cheers mate
  2. Having checked I can now say I have 2 tickets available at £30 each if you still want them. like I said I’m away at the moment and not back in Sheffield until Monday.
  3. I may be able to help you out mate but can’t confirm until Monday afternoon as I’m away on holiday at the moment.
  4. sparky74

    Season ticket cards

    From SWFC ticket office tweet last Tuesday- Season Tickets 18/19 will be ready for collection from 9 am tomorrow morning from the Ticket Office until Thursday 2nd August when they will be posted #SWFC
  5. sparky74

    Scrap season tickets

    It’s a good job you’re not running the club, we’re screwed as it is, just think how we’d be without season ticket income. stick to managing your bands.
  6. sparky74

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry for your loss. RIP Tinks Mum
  7. sparky74


    Go and watch Forest then.
  8. Agree about Thorniley but Jos has said that he won’t play U23 players in two games on the bounce
  9. sparky74

    Luhukay Out

    Seriously - are you having a laugh? Palmer is as bad as Fox whether you like it or not- but like the other fools you give him slack because he cane through the system “one of our own”
  10. sparky74

    A song for Carlos

    tugger tugger tugger tugger tugger
  11. sparky74


    Thats 2 of us then.
  12. Lee Bullen- yes he played in every position, but he was a very poor player.
  13. sparky74

    Tom Lawrence

    Does he track back? if not, then no thanks- we don't want attacking players in our team.