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  1. More chance of shiitting in the Queen's handbag.
  2. This is me receiving betting info from my mate at the KCOM. Camera is shiit though, I'm not that bald.
  3. This is me...finally got to Nunnery Square and missed a tram by seconds. Fuming.
  4. Christ on a bike. I thought certain people in here were taking the piiss. Turns out they were being serious
  5. Either the OP is a genuine bellend or just a troll. Whichever, I'm just glad I'm not him.
  6. Danny Murphy talking utter horseshiit there. Do your fuucking research you cuunt.
  7. First time I went to Spiders I was warned about the drinks. Ignored the advice and drank 4 green monsters in about half an hour, then went into town and ended up hammered. Woke up the next morning having pissed and shat the bed.
  8. Not sure where we'll be drinking on Saturday but last year a load of us went in Cheese, Masters Bar and a few others near the station.
  9. LA's is long gone, in its place is a Hilton Doubletree. Spiders is still going strong though.
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