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  1. Absolutely fuucking brilliant. We'll done Wednesday.
  2. Always love the comments from people saying it's a shiit team selection and so on, as if we've got another 15 world class players in the squad but we've decided to give them all the day off to go shopping at Meadowhall. We really do have some fuucking lunatic supporters.
  3. The game against Bournemouth in League 1 when he played Potter and O'Connor in central midfield with Tommy Miller and Giles Coke sort of on the wings.
  4. One of the biggest reasons was down to them removing concession tickets, so a child's ticket cost the same as an adult's and no reductions for OAP's.
  5. The way we absolutely shat ourselves after going 2-1 up I'm actually amazed we managed to hold on for a point.
  6. Totally ruined a pre Christmas drink/football combo. Cheers Sky!
  7. They weren't much better though. Heard a few of them on the tram talking about how we celebrated a draw as if it were a win. I was one of them. Went mental when we scored, hugging strangers and all sorts. Fuuck it. Love moments like that. We deserved something from the match and enjoyed letting some frustration go when we scored. Fuuck it.
  8. Even by your standards, this is absolutely terrible.
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