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  1. I said he was shít and wouldn't play many matches for West Brom.
  2. Was it designed for a massive fat bloke with a tiny head?
  3. He absolutely revels in negativity. Loves it when things go wrong. Absolute twàt.
  4. Grown men losing their absolute shít because we've lost a league game really need to go out and experience other things in life and calm down. It's happened hundreds of times before and it's going to happen again. Chill the fúck out.
  5. Shít happens. It's not like we're not used to it.
  6. So the defence isn't at full strength but I like the look of that team overall.
  7. Arsenal are going to boss the Championship next season.
  8. Didn't realise he'd been in an accident, rivalry aside I hope he's ok.
  9. Wahay, kiddies socks McBurnie is coming on.
  10. Chuffing hell, I had a couple of things to do, just turned it back on and it's 3-0 Might turn it off and check back in around half 9, hopefully they'll be 7 down by then.
  11. I would píss my knickers if Arsenal were relegated.
  12. Turn telly on. Within 10 seconds West Brom score. Lovely.
  13. Like the look of that team. 3-0 defeat incoming.
  14. If you don't know what Big D is up to by now, you never will
  15. Play Byers in the deeper role and push Bannan further up the pitch, we were so much better when we changed to that formation.
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