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  1. Might not be too far from the truth..........
  2. A honeymoon period win streak might just do it..........
  3. Whilst I wasn't a Pulis fan, I took some comfort in the knowledge that he wasn't a YES man and would tell Chansiri how it is I was willing to accept the awful football in the hope he would offer sound advice and help build the strong foundations behind the scenes to then push on when the time was right. The problem is, Pulis' found himself in a position where his record has been awful, as well as his brand of football. To then (I'm reading between the lines) tell Chansiri a few home truths, I don't think it is going to sit too well. I do wonder if it would have sat better if the results had been better. The main problem though is that Chansiri doesn't understand football or business, whatsoever, It's just all over the place. Whilst the sacking last night seems to be an amalgamation of circumstance, a lucky manager punt and some success on the pitch will only paper over the cracks at this great club. I do wonder what the atmosphere would be like if we were allowed back to the ground..............
  4. AGM Man!?! The master of deception, he fears no one, sorting it out from the inside, one day at a time......... The hero we deserve and defo the hero we need right now!
  5. To be honest, I'd take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself what the hell am I doing and where has it all gone wrong. If I truly believed I'd done everything in my power and spent wisely, yet was still failing, I'd give it up as a bad job.
  6. No wonder we're always injured when Massimo's beating everyone up! Crazy!
  7. Craig Rocastle - his falling over was never the same once he left!
  8. If this is before the main course i dread to think what's coming! Prepare yourself!
  9. There's enough cardboard cutouts in the team never mind in the stands!
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