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  1. First time going to L**ds

    20/25 mins to to walk it via Whitehall rd (rear of station) or a cab from the back of the station, via same route will have you there in 10! Just to be safe, I’d cover up until you get there.
  2. Lost your memory for a sec then.......
  3. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.
  4. On the plus side it’s the strongest bench we’ve had in months!
  5. can’t help but admire Jos’ bravery. Literally no shits given!
  6. So refreshing to hear POSITIVE news and see FANTASTIC performances from our youngsters. Its been a long time since we have brought a batch of upcoming youth players through the ranks and implement them into the team. Im really excited about the future if this continues and can only see it as a win/win for both club and players. I Just hope the powers that be recognize the importance of tying these talents down to longer deals. Even if it comes to nothing, its a down sight cheaper than paying over the odds for players who might not even be up to the task anyway. I think the professionalism shown by the youngsters especially Thorniley and Clare has been second to none! To conduct themselves in the way they have done, especially if the rumors are true re. frozen out etc, should be admired and rewarded. Well done lads!
  7. Conor O'Grady

    I know his Auntie, Lily Savage
  8. Caption Competition

    'Av got a gun ya' know'!
  9. Backroom staff

    Ja! Das ist Gut!
  10. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Dang! Well, he should atleast be making the bench for future league games.
  11. Backroom staff

    Will be really interesting to see what the state of injury's are in the future, if and when he brings his own staff in.
  12. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Sean Clare has so much potential. He's quick, big, versatile and got some reight goals in him. We'd be daft to cash in. Id be amazed after current performances if he doesn't get some game time today. Exactly what we need at the moment.