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  1. Come on lads. Another 11 goals and we go 8th!!
  2. Time for Jones to justify his 500k a week wages!
  3. Some of the Mansfield players where a total disgrace. Fair enough, FF tackle was reckless but the sheer aggression in the follow up from Mansfield was discusting. All this about FF starting it is there way of justifying the retaliation. Now, I don’t know the full story, but whatever’s happened, it’s no excuse to act like Mansfield did.
  4. never said that. i quite clearly stated it was unsustainable running the club the way it was being run and In answer to the Embargo question, I merely answered that we are doing the sensible thing in trimming the squad and utilising the youngsters before adding to the squad. not sure how you came to the conclusion I was at ease with the Financial incompetences over the past 3 seasons to be honest. Im at ease knowing we are doing the sensible thing in trying to sort it out and not carrying on the way we where and still throwing everything at it.
  5. The way we where operating was unsustainable. Wouldnt surprise me at all if we've had a talking to, i mean, didn't Chansiri say last season we where in regular contact with the EFL about the situation anyway!?!? I feel much more at ease knowing the exenditure at SWFC will be reduced and the the kids are going to get a chance. It doesnt take an accountant or the EFL to tell us we needed to cut the cloth. Looks to me like the club is just operating sensibly.
  6. Every player has a price. The squad needs trimming and freshening up anyway!
  7. Really looking forward to this season. It’s a fresh start for everyone, fans, players and staff. We have basically just got a new signing in Winnall who is a very good player and without costing us anything and whatever’s gone off in the past should hopefully, as professionals, stay in the past. and........ we have our stripes back! all positives so far!!! UTO WAWAW
  8. 20/25 mins to to walk it via Whitehall rd (rear of station) or a cab from the back of the station, via same route will have you there in 10! Just to be safe, I’d cover up until you get there.
  9. On the plus side it’s the strongest bench we’ve had in months!
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