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  1. https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2021/october/taking-on-the-owls-again/
  2. definitely Dennis Adeniran - another Gary Shelton / Kieran Lee run till they drop then run some more type of midfielder.
  3. Found this https://www.facebook.com/spflofficial/videos/10157372314343998/
  4. pink kit is awful - looks terrible - don't get the need to do such an ugly kit- other one is - well a kit
  5. I thought he put in a transfer request for unpaid wages - troublemaker he is!
  6. He has been club captain - deserves some respect and I'm sure will find a new team - unlike some of the others
  7. Not altogether surprising. Sad for Tom Lees as he has been a good servant to the club over the last few years - likewise Kieran Westwood. Adam Reach i just couldn't figure out his best position (though it's NOT striker Garry M). I think finance dictates some of this and others haven't done enough to warrant continuing. We move on! need some pace up front, proper full backs and perhaps some better luck with injuries on players. UTO
  8. fourth goalie today? And could Weaver be on the bench?
  9. These photo show it was not a red and not over the ball
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