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  1. absolute dive by their player in 5 mins of non existent extra time
  2. I saw the game and Liam was not to blame for any of the goals - Perhaps the Manager should have played him Left back and the crosses from that side and passes may have been stopped at source. The commentator kept mentioning him but as far as I could see he was the better of the defenders .
  3. Fox in - Palmer back to Right Back - Goal Machine Iorfa in Central Midfield, frighten opposition before game even starts - sorted
  4. I personally feel sorry for Joe Wildsmith . Played so well last year. Jos didn't even consider trying him when Dawson struggled. Don't get me wrong. I don't think Dawson did anything other than his best and was superb at times . However in goalkeepers ,experience counts and Westwood has that. Now that he is back involved with the 1st team he can get back to helping the younger keepers too.
  5. Sorry but I have to disagree. Jos does not appear to know what he is doing - Do you think Stuart Gray would mess the team around like he does ? Would he be dropping people after they play well? - There is a talent to coaching and managing a team and Jos just doesn't seem to have it.
  6. I was there tonight. I was baffled by the changes and by Lucas j playing. worse than that jaou wad not up alongside nuhiu. The pass out from Dawson to players at the edge of the box was like u11s football. doesn't work and QPR got to pressure the team in our own half from goal kicks. Tactically some very odd stuff.
  7. not quite but the foot that got the ball was chest height and it was at least dangerous play. the ref waved it away and even when he did stop play he shook his head and gestured Pudl to get up. until he got closer that is. Ref thought it was overacting! I saw Pudl having it out with him on the pitch afterwards as well
  8. red should be struck off refs register for the pudl incident
  9. Nuhiu has been like a single striker at times. seen him try runs etc but they were too busy tippy tappying to pass it forward. I would put on Fletcher for Lucas j. give the players a proper target. QPR are not good. we can beat them if we would only pass forward
  10. Chris Adamson was the worst keeper I've seen - but I don't blame him - he was obviously playing above his level - apparently had a good season later for a lower league club
  11. I would quite simply not play any player with any injury in these last 3 games unless absolutely necessary. So I expect there may be some players in who would not normally get in. why risk Bannon for instance if he has any sort of niggle. We need to look to next season and not let anyone else get injured in 3 almost pointless games (at least pointless to us).
  12. Bolder Blackmail Grant Smith Pickering Jo hnson King Mellor Leman McCullough Curran 1979
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