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  1. Chris Adamson was the worst keeper I've seen - but I don't blame him - he was obviously playing above his level - apparently had a good season later for a lower league club
  2. owlfandbg

    Time for an Experiment?

    I would quite simply not play any player with any injury in these last 3 games unless absolutely necessary. So I expect there may be some players in who would not normally get in. why risk Bannon for instance if he has any sort of niggle. We need to look to next season and not let anyone else get injured in 3 almost pointless games (at least pointless to us).
  3. owlfandbg

    Ray Blackhall

    Bolder Blackmail Grant Smith Pickering Jo hnson King Mellor Leman McCullough Curran 1979
  4. Why the obsession with Ipswich? Can we please have a Sheffield Wednesday kit . Blue white stripes and black shorts. Is really quite easy And no I will not be buying this or last seasons shirts
  5. owlfandbg

    5 and 6 in a row

    It does look like a highest attendance value doesn't it? This is more accurate http://www.worldfootball.net/attendance/eng-league-one-2011-2012/1/
  6. owlfandbg

    5 and 6 in a row

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C._records Enjoy
  7. The day Ian Knight had his leg broken by a horrendous and unnecessary tackle .
  8. owlfandbg

    Bitter on Tap

    I have been amazed in the last 24 hours how many people do not know the offside rule properly. If the player is nearer to the goal line than 2 of the opposition players at the moment that the ball is played foward to them then they are offside. It is any 2 opposition players . One of them doesn't have to be the goalkeeper. Oh and it has never been the case that one of them has to be the goalkeeper. It is just usually keeper and one other as the keeper is usually last man. Ie 2 opposition players have to be between you and the goal if it is played forward to you
  9. owlfandbg

    Hat Trick Heroes

    thanks, It was a cold cold night but still enjoyable. Seem to remember the mighty Larry May played that night too - what a treat
  10. owlfandbg

    Hat Trick Heroes

    I was at Maine rd about 1986 when I seem to recall colin walker (the bin man of New zealand) got 3 vs Stockport County. There were onlt about 2000 of us altogether in the enormous ground (it was like a reserve match) and we won 7:0. Does anyone have the stats for this - did another play get a hat-trick too - so long ago :)
  11. Laury Madden tuning full width of pitch to "tackle" Peter Red. I thing Reid landed on the running track and bounced a few times. Reid had been dishing it out all the game until that moment.
  12. Every tackle Brighton players are diving at the ground.
  13. owlfandbg

    MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Out of interest - do you have a goalkeeping coach? - most clubs have a 40+ year old ex pro just dying to play just one more game. I see stoke dug one up last night :) I see you do - http://www.mkdons.com/team/staff-profiles/ Paul Heald . Bring him on !
  14. owlfandbg

    MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Seems a bit unprofessional to me - they should have invoked the 7 day loan rule - got in cover and then perhaps appealed. Unless they have another even younger keeper available they would surely have been allowed. Still - if they want to risk having to put an outfield player in goal that's their bad! Wonder what Cardiff fans would feel like though if they did and Wednesday scored a hat-full (I've been a support too long to expect it to happen but it could). ho-hum