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  1. or he'll be on the bench.
  2. Aga-New New New Push Pineapple shake the tree Aga-New New New Push Pineapple grind coffee To the left, to the right, jump up and down and to the knees Aga- New New New with a Hula melody.
  3. 7 hrs 24 minutes to go ……. till happy new year!!!
  4. Maple Staple

    Bullen in the Bruce era

    It was a good time to play Boro and Preston. The next game will be more of an accurate bench mark. New manager, new broom, no sentiment, no problems. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Maple Staple

    Jos banned mushrooms

    Glad you're both battling through. Dad's doing ok, has to go in for an operation in the New Year. Couple of days in hospital.
  6. Maple Staple

    Bullen in the Bruce era

    Is it Bullen, or the new manager effect? People want to impress, contracts up at end of season. Our best finish under Brain Laws was when most of the team's contracts were up. Anyway, a win's a win and better that losing …….. long may it continue.
  7. Maple Staple

    Jos banned mushrooms

    Merry Christmas Trev, how's things going?
  8. Maple Staple

    Jos banned mushrooms

    No mushrooms ……….. get it sau-teed DC !!
  9. Maple Staple

    Lloyd Owusu

    Only Lloyd Owusu can bring that up ……
  10. Maple Staple

    Caption Competition

    I know it's in there, give me back my chewing gum!!!
  11. Maple Staple


    I was going to do a Liam Neeson joke ........ but they've all been taken.
  12. Maple Staple

    Squirrel on the pitch

    "WTF ref, I can't be off-side, I'm in my own half"
  13. Edmonton, Alberta - Breakfast kick-offs for me.
  14. If he'd arrived this season: Titz fear drop
  15. Maple Staple

    Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    John Beswetherick ........ I haven't quite got the hang of this game yet.